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I have recently been accepted into the Harvard University class of 2022. This means that I will be fully immersed in my academic studies and will have no time to engage in conversations with nonintellectuals. In simple terms, you are all peasants and I am a genius because I got into Harvard, like this picture bitch. #harvard #harvard2022 @harvard

So proud of this dignified man here, worked his ass off day in and day out since he was 7, now it paid of and he's Harvard bound, congratulations @joeisjew through you your descendants will be among the elites, and it will all be traced back to you, you have much to be proud of! #harvard2022 #elite #genius #hardwork #blessyou #koreanbbq

#Repost #fbf #collegegoals @the.little.man 🙌🙌🙌🔥🔥🔥🔥 #awesomesauce Can’t believe I got accepted to Harvard at 16 😭😭😭 #harvard #harvard2022 #united #worldwide @youthful_moments 🌍❤️

Hey guys 👋🏾 today's outfit is a #tbt from when I visited Harvard last fall! I love the mosaic pattern on this Aeropostale hoodie and I distressed the black jeans myself 😊 but the outfit wouldn't be complete without my classic high-top black Converse and my (backwards) Harvard baseball cap. •

Comment below your dream college! ⬇️ #fitsthatslay #fashion #lovefashion #styleinspiration #ootd #harvard2022 #converse #distressedjeans

I still don’t know why God continues to bless me so much, but I cannot be any more thankful. Strengthening my relationship with God is the sole reason why I have been blessed so much. From the disbelief and doubt I’ve faced to the disappointments and let-downs, He has always remained faithful. My parents told me that 2018 would be my year and it truly has. On Friday afternoon, I received a very special call from my admissions counselor. I am proud to announce my college acceptance to my dream school, THE Harvard University.❤️ #Harvard2022

Started from the bottom now we here 🎓 🍾 #classof2018 #allthewayup #harvard2022 #benniev

Creator of these shirts and admin of the account ( @riley_hoveland ) repping!!! Shirts are still available, link in bio :) #Harvard2022

Repping her new Class of 2022 tank top!! ❤️❤️ #harvard2022

Impromptu meetup!! #harvard2022

🚨Do you want to see my new video "How to get Full Ride Scholarships for College!! Scholarship Lists, Adivce, Tips, and More!!"?! 🚨LINK IS IN BIO 🚨 Also "like" the video and subscribe to follow me on my journey through college and beyond😊 #youtube #graduation #classof2017 #classof2018 #bettermakeroom #yale22 #unc22#ucla22 #spelman22
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ok i wasn't gonna say anything about this, but it's honestly the coolest thing that's ever happened to me, so... one week-ish later and it still doesnt feel real. there are too many of you to name, so i'll keep it short-- thanks to everyone who got me here. couldn't do it without you. now let's hope the financial aid comes thru and i could maybe be #harvard2022 ??? 🙏(swipe to see my extreme crustiness while writing essays lol)

Let’s not TOK about the fact that IB was founded in this country 🇨🇭

"home is not where the heart is, but where the heart longs to go" -- #harvard2022

ummmm.... is this real?????? #harvard2022

Congratulations Roman! Your reading rate went from 347 wpm to 590 wpm. How exciting #inspiration #readingcomprehension #harvarduniversity #harvard2022

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