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Are y’all happy now?? You guys finally got what you wanted Harry acknowledging blm. Yes I’m still pissed off because there are still people that are bitching about how harry didn’t take time out of his CONCERT to acknowledge the signs. Um if you remember his tweet, it talked about how there was so much love spread throughout the theater, so that implies that he did see the signs but he’s probably aware that blm is a pretty big controversial topic right now as well as probably being told what he can and can’t talk about. Just to clarify I fully,fully support blm I think it’s an issue that needs to be understood more but I also keep in mind that there are those who don’t feel the same way and I keep that in mind when I’m talking about it. So Harry is the same way more than likely. But what I’m pissed at are those who are calling Harry a racist, an asshole, saying that they are unfollowing Harry simply because he didn’t talk about it etc, etc. What pisses me off more is that fans say treat people with kindness, yet they can’t show harry the same kindness that he tells us to give to each other. How is that fair? How does that justify what Harry does for us on a daily basis? He sticks up for us, he defends us, he uses his own money to get us food and that if we are out side waiting to see him. He goes above and beyond for us, why can’t we do the same for him?? Keep in mind that he has to see the mentions, the tagging, the reposting, all that that people are doing, he has to see and deal with that how do you think he feels? Be grateful that you got something, be grateful that Harry DID take a picture of this he could have easily taken another picture at a different angle but no he decided to take it at this angle where you can see clear as day the blm signs. So if you want to unfollow me, block me, whatever you want to do go ahead, nothing is stopping you. But I’m going to leave you with this keep Harry’s feelings in mind, don’t make up anything until there is proof to back up your reasoning, I’m also going to say this TREAT HARRY WITH RESPECT AND KINDNESS!!!!!!! #respectharry #treatpeoplewithkindness #treatharrywithkindness #harrystyles #harrystyleslove

"if Britney can make it through 2007, you can make it through anything" -my therapist
Jk she didn't say that but here's to a few hours until I leave behind my 2007 kind of year!!!!!!

Long haired Harry has now become a distant dream..


I’m crying right now... in a cool way... THE EYES, THE HAIR, THE JAW!
just everything.
He is just perfect -Eloise
#harryiloveyou #harrystyleslove
#harrystylesisabeauty #harrystyles #iloveyou #weloveyouharry #likeforlike #harrysbiggestfans #harryweloveyounomatterwhat

just saw murder on the orient express and it was prettyyyy good (greattttt twist!)

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📌||The first Mode Show of Harry with Victoria's Secret in Shangai, China. He opening the Show with Only Angel and them singing KIWI.

In my opinion, I think this show is a good option for Harry to improve himself from others Show and from many people to love him a lot a lot a lot (such a like us). Many people said after Show that's is a bad idea 'cause him was been surrounded by a lot of beautiful woman's, appearance of Camille, Kenner, etc. It's stupid. Harry is our treasure, is so selfish thinking or talking about Harry like that. He is a Angel and he need's amount of love and love from his fans. I come to refer that none of this things happened, but I angry with people was dramatize (in a bad form) so much when something have relating with Harry's love's life. Is obviously, when someone talking about Harry's love's life I'm the first will going to talk, but never against him.
Okey, I'm from Spain and probably my English grammar is so bad but I hope did you understand me. The next text I will write in Spanish promise 😂😂😂

Harry is literally me
Just minding my own business and having the time of my life hahah @harrystyles

#harrystyles #harrystylesimagine #harrystylesedits #harrystylessmile #harrystylespics #harrystyleslove #harrystylesishot #harrystylescute

I don’t know about you guys but I’m also a Jb stan and isn’t this commercial cute!!! 😂💗

#harrystyles #harrystylesimagine #harrystylesedits #harrystylessmile #harrystylespics #harrystyleslove #harrystylesishot #harrystylescute

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