Pt. 158: “What?” “Would you like to meet my mother?” #harrystyles #harrystylesimagines #harrystylesimagine #harrystylesfanfic #HSperfect

Part 4
Is anyone actually enjoying this?

Pt. 157: Y/n p.o.v. “Thank you.” Harry said firmly, stepping towards me away from Taylor. She huff, walking out of the room leaving just Harry and I. Harry smile at me, placing his hand on my hip. “Hey baby.” I blush, “Hey H.” He smile wider having his dimples pop out. “H?” I can feel the redness in my cheeks grow at my embarrassing nickname that I gave him. “Don’t be shy on me, now.” He lifts my chin with his finger to have our eyes lock. “I like the nickname. No one has ever gave me a nickname before.” He admits. “Why are you here? Not that I don’t mind.” I quickly change the subject. “I wanted to see if you want to have lunch with me.” He said. “Yeah, I would love too.” He smiles, kissing my cheek. “Good because my mother is joining us.” #harrystyles #harrystylesimagines #harrystylesimagine #harrystylesfanfic #HSperfect

Pt. 156: Y/n p.o.v.

Winter has come and the snow falls. Christmas is coming up soon and I still need to get my love ones gifts. “I need to go to the copy machine. Do any of you need anything to copy?” I stand up asking Cee and Becca. They both shook their head no, not paying me any mind as they work. I walk out of my cubicle to the employee break room, greeting an older women that is walking out. I place the paper in the copy machine and press the button. The door open revealing Taylor with a wicked smile on her lips and Harry.

#harrystyles #harrystylesimagines #harrystylesimagine #harrystylesfanfic #HSperfect

I love being Australian right now

Pt. 19
I waited anxiously at the door of the penthouse, waiting for someone to open up. Once someone did open it, I was surprised to see the same man from the day before. “Beth,” he crooked his head to the side, seeming a bit confused. “What are you doing here?” “Um, Harry, right?” I played off not knowing his name, like I hadn’t been watching them for days now. “No, Dylan, Harry’s the other clown,” he smiled. Most likely at what he said, not at me. “Oh, sorry, concussion and all,” I pointed at my head. “Of course, What brings you back? Change your mind about suing?” “Um, no,” I couldn’t stifle the small laugh. “I just couldn’t find my phone last night and I was hoping I left it here, otherwise, that would make the third phone this month.” “That’s a bit careless,” he mentioned as he let me in. “Quite accident prone,” I shrugged, an easy enough explanation. “Just, try to hurry. We have a meeting and I don’t want Harry to get distracted or-“ “Who was at the door?” The other man came into view, struggling with his tie. “Oh, Beth,” he nodded, with a small smile. “You came back.” “She lost her phone, she’ll be leaving soon,” Dylan announced as he walked over to him, helping him with his tie. “You mean this one?” Harry produced a phone from his pocket, handing it over. “I found it in the couch when I woke up to go to bed.” “Thank you,” I smiled, pretending to be appreciative. “I think your boyfriend was trying to reach you,” he mentioned casually. “Boyfriend?” “Yeah, Ivan, I believe his name was?” “Oh, no! Ivan is my brother,” I mentally smacked myself. In the midst of a head injury, I forgot to save Ivan under a different name. “Brother,” Harry nodded as Dylan finished his tie. “Yeah, he picked me up last night.” (Continues below).

You are so so so beautiful. Never forget how beautiful you are. You are unique, amazing, smart, and so much more so own that shit💕

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