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Pt. 24
He walked down the halls, carrying bags from the dry cleaners, wondering how long this girl had lived here without him knowing. He knew about every move, did checks on every new tenant. No one moved in without his approval. How this girl slipped through the cracks was beyond him. As he approached the door, his curiosity grew. He wondered what her apartment looked like, if there were still boxes around from a recent enough move. He prayed she had no pets. Before he could run through his thoughts and finally knock, the door swung open, a skimpy dressed Y/N appearing in front of him with a trash bag in hand. “Dylan,” she pretended to act surprised, pulling out her earbuds that were not playing anything. “Beth,” he nodded once, “I brought back your lucky jeans, as promised.” “You said you’d be by at six,” she reminded, allowing him to step into the apartment. He eyed the place quickly, surprised that it looked so well put together. “Um, yeah, but you never responded to confirm and our meetings were done faster than we thought.” “Well, I was going to invite you to dinner, as a Thanks, but, I just started prepping. Where’s Harry, I assumed you two were a packaged deal.” “He had a bad day,” was all he offered, moving forward to the kitchen. “What are you making?” The quick subject change didn’t go unnoticed by Y/N, but she played along. “I was gonna go for a simple pasta, but that seemed so lame, so I was thinking of something Asian?” “So, you cook?” “Clearly,” she couldn’t help but roll her eyes, in a playful manner. “Let me help.” #onedirection #harrystyles #l4l #like4like #f4f #follow4follow #spam4spam #textingharry #harrystylesimagine #textingharrystyles #harrystylestextpost #dylanobrien #WITWH_WAMLADW

What I wouldn’t give to taste that neck. Damn. #harrystyles

Pt. 48: “See you around, Harry.” #harrystyles #harrystylesimagines #harrystylesimagine #harrystylesfanfic #HSsweetcreature

Pt. 47: “The women of the hour has made her appearance.” Zayn dust himself off. “Don’t you get tired of saving people? It must really be exhausting.”
“Don’t you get tired of killing people?”
“Just so you know, I will never get tired of saving people from your demonic cult.” You spat. “Get out of here, Zayn.” #harrystyles #harrystylesimagines #harrystylesimagine #harrystylesfanfic #HSsweetcreature

Pt. 46: “No I don’t.” Harry quickly deny causing Zayn to chuckle. “I mean, I understand why you would. She’s a beautiful girl.” Harry clench his jaw along with his fist which didn’t go unnoticed by Zayn. “Her innocence draws you in doesn’t? Or maybe it’s her eyes that catch your attention and you can’t look away. I’ve known her for a very very long time and gosh, do I wish I could have that underneath me.” “Shut the fuck up.” “Oh, did I hit a nerve?” Zayn fake pout. “Don’t like the idea of another man being with her?” Harry lean his shoulder back ready to punch him until Zayn’s body is flung away from him. You appear from the shadows anger filling your bones at the both of them, mainly Harry. “Always the pig, Zayn.” #harrystyles #harrystylesimagines #harrystylesimagine #harrystylesfanfic #HSsweetcreature

Pt. 46: “Bon Appetite for me.” The dark figure, Zayn, tease appearing in front of Harry. “I like a challenge usually but you give up so easily it’s really unsatisfying.” “Y/—“ “Ah ah,” Zayn tisk wagging his finger. “Why would you want to call her? We are having so much fun.” Harry gulped nervous that you haven’t came yet. “Oh I get.” Zayn continues, stepping closer to Harry. “You have a thing for her.” #harrystyles #harrystylesimagines #harrystylesimagine #harrystylesfanfic #HSsweetcreature

Pt. 45:

Many would call him insane for what he is doing but he wants her attention and this is the only way of getting it. Harry stood in the middle of the woods, arms out. “Come get me.” #harrystyles #harrystylesimagines #harrystylesimagine #harrystylesfanfic #HSsweetcreature

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