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Bueaty and the beast
Magnus looked at Alec with sad eyes ‘Fine I’ll leave if you don’t want to talk to me’ Magnus said bitterly. Magnus went to turn around and walk out the door
‘No!’ Alec half shouted pleaded, Magnus turned around to see the young boy staring at the floor.
‘I mean please stay. If… you want you don’t have to you can go if you want’ The young boy rambled Magnus stepped closer to him and smiled gently at him.
Alec noticed that Magnus walked to him and stopped speaking ‘Sorry’ is all that he could say.
‘It’s fine Alexander, there is something about you Alexander and I don’t know what yet’ Magnus spoke gently looking up at the younger boy, he didn’t realise how tall he was.
‘I’ll stay here if you want’ He looked up at Alec with puppy eyes. Alec blushed and looked down at Magnus, he licked his lips out of nervousness.
‘Okay sure’ Alec said nervously he walked away from Magnus he didn’t know what to say or do in the moment.
Magnus smiled from how cute the boy looked. ‘So are you going to talk about it? Or just sit in silence for hours’ hinted Magnus.
‘I-I don’t know...It just that...I thought...I’m sorry’ Alec looked down at his feet fiddling with his hands.
‘Sorry for what?’ Magnus inquired walking to the young boy looking up at him.
‘For what I said... You were… I thought it was my fault..and I didn’t know what to do’ Alec rambled quickly.
‘What are you blaming yourself for, you only said the truth’ Magnus heistaed not wanting to upset the boy anymore than he did.
Alec didn’t say anything, he didn’t know what to say.
What felt like hours Alec finally spoke ‘How did you get cursed?’ he hesitated he didn’t want to anger Magnus.
‘That’s for another time Alexander, there too much pain in that story and it's a long one, long story short I did something that I regret doing now, but there are things about that you don’t know’ Magnus stated grabbing Alec’s hands and gently stroking them. ‘You need rest, I’ll let you rest now see you in the morning Alexander’

Again with the bad edits 😂🤗 i just love making them so much and also it is an excuse for me to see malec they make me smile 😊 😊 .
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So I think the episode was great, we met a new character Brother Zachariah which I hope to see more off throughout the season. Maryse has been derunned as is trying to cope with a mundane with. Poor Ollie
Trouble in paradise?
I think so, so Magnus and Alec have talked about immortality, I think Magnus didn’t handle it right telling alec if you been in a relationship before this it will be less daunting, this is Alec’s first relationship so he has a right to be worried, he is sacred to become a burden to his immortal boyfriend. Both of them had an argument but have not came to an agreement on what to do, so I hope for future episodes we can see Magnus and Alec talk this out like mature adults they are.

Beauty and the beast ‘I keep hearing about this curse what is it about, what does it do to Magnus?’ Alec asked wanting to know more, maybe this was the reason why Magnus was so upset, ‘Is this the reason why he is so upset?’
Catrina sighed ‘I can’t tell you much, you will have to ask him yourself’ she spoke softly, Alec understood what she meant.
‘Do you know where I can find him then’ He asked wanting to know he felt bad that he didn’t stop Magnus and properly made sure he was ok, he seemed so sad yet angry
‘I’m sorry I know where he is but you can’t go there, he doesn’t like people going in there sorry’ Catrina spoke softly looking at Alec.
Alec looked as his stew poking around at ‘Ah okay if you see him can you tell him I’ve been looking for him’ Alec got up and walked back to his room he knew that Magnus doesn’t want people near him but couldn’t help feeling like he needed to see him.
He opened the door to his room and closed behind making sure he locked it and slide down the door covering his mouth trying to muffle the sounds of crying that came from him, he felt guilty is it because what he said to him? Was he the reason he was upset? Is it his fault? Questions filled his head, blaming himself for Magnus’ state. Tears hit the floor in pools streaming down his face.
Magnus walked back from the room wiping his face trying to get rid of any evidence that he had been crying for a long period of time. He walked along the corridor where Alec was staying and passed his door, he stopped at his door trying to decide whether to go in or not, he went to knock on his door but could hear muffled cries come from the other side or the door. Magnus sighed and knocked on the door.
‘Alexander? Are you ok?’ Magnus asked gently trying not to scare the boy any more than he did.
He could hear shuffling behind the door and the door unlocking and Alec standing in front of him red marks covered his face from where he had been crying.

This moment broke my heart 💔

I'll be posting more of my edits now!! 🤗 maybe people like it

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