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You asked for another one, here you have!❤️ TYSM FOR 17K ILY
What's your name?

Goodmorning guys so please help me. I decided to try something new. I feel like my account is a but messy and all so i try to organize it. I will put my pics in this frame from now on. I don't want to put folters onto my pics cause i think unseen pics should be about original pics withouth any editing. So please telle what you guys think. Thank you ❤ should i keep the frame, should i choose another one or should i post the pics as they are?

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Harry and Alan beeing adorable
Sorry for not posting as much I wanted to
Have a great Wednesday angels💎
#shadowhunters #harryshrumjr #magnusbane #shadowhunterstv #alanvansprang -
I wish gif had sound bc harry's laughs was pure😍

i love my lane.

ac: rxjaudios
we all know who's got the best fashion sense😏

Magnus Fights One Of Valentine's Helpers
#Shadowhunters #magnusbane #harryshrumjr I have many more scenes made ♡


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