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Off to potions class with some of my most precious pieces of merchandise, @alarmeighteen 's Harry Potter replica books 📚 Although they aren't available anymore you can support their personal project with @zentaurius , The Runes book. Check their page @lituuszentaurius and add your support :) I can't wait to learn more about Runes! And you, what's your favourite subject taught at Hogwarts?

Good morning! I think this is one of my favourite HBP scenes, I just love McGonagall😂

Buried in a Harry Potter book this evening. ❤️HP

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HP fact{n.1}
Your 2nd and 5th recent emoji is your reaction if you get kissed by Ron Weasley.
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@mikachu_the_shiba challenged me to find my doppelgänger!!! Even though I’m a princess, I do admit I look like Professor Snape here. Thanks @mikachu_the_shiba!!! I challenge some of my furfriends @ahuskyynamedsky @sebmeetsworld @california_the_husky @chop_theshiba @kiwiminniweenie @finleyelperrito @mooseinmotion @shadow_huskyworld @hi.arod to join us in this challenge!!😎💗

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