Two types of couple in the world 👆 Can you tell the difference!!??
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- Today, Harry and Meghan have lunch at Dubbo's Victoria Park, there was a picnic organized with the locals and around to celebrate the community spirit of the area. The photos are beautiful, Meghan and Harry together under an umbrella, it gives very beautiful shots. I would like more pictures like this one! ☔️👫❤️
- Aujourd’hui, Harry et Meghan ont déjeuner au Parc Victoria de Dubbo, il y avait un pique-nique d’organisé avec les habitants de la ville et des alentours pour célébrer l’esprit communautaire de la région. Les photos sont magnifiques, Meghan et Harry ensemble sous un parapluie, cela donne de très beaux clichés. J’aimerais plus de photos comme celle-ci! ☔️👫❤️

- For the second day of the Royal Tour, Harry and Meghan were greeted at the Dubbo Airport in Australia by the local committee as well as by students from a Dubbo school! The welcome is always warm, Harry and Meghan are very close! The outfit of Meghan is frankly perfect for the occasion, a natural set and at the same time class! 🇦🇺🎓✨ - Pour le deuxième jour du Royal Tour, Harry et Meghan ont été accueilli à l’aéroport de Dubbo en Australie par le comité local ainsi que par des élèves d’une école de Dubbo! L’accueil est toujours aussi chaleureux, Harry et Meghan sont très proches! La tenue de Meghan est franchement parfaite pour l’occasion, un ensemble naturel et à la fois classe! 🇦🇺🎓✨

This is one of the most beautiful and thought provoking pictures have come across in my lifetime.
Always men are considered to hold the umbrella's when the storm of life hits the family because we are considered the head.
But this signifies the fact that in our generation we need women who will rise up and say "Chill Babe,I got this one!".
Women who are ready to change the systems on how we were taught to live as men and women.
Who are those saying this is slavery?
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- The last engagement of Harry and Meghan that took place yesterday at the Admiralty House in Sydney. The Governor General organized the reception. Meghan wore a khaki Brandon Maxwell dress and very beautiful pumps from Dior. It's a set that suits her perfectly! 👗👡✨
- Le dernier engagement d’Harry et Meghan qui s’est déroulé hier à eux lieu à l’Admiralty House de Sydney. C’est le gouverneur général qui a organisé la réception. Meghan portait une robe kaki Brandon Maxwell et de très beaux escarpins de chez Dior. C’est un ensemble qui lui va à ravi! 👗👡✨

¡Que romántico! Príncipe Harry y Meghan Marke. ¿Así o más linda esta pareja? #FreeNews #harrymeghan #principeharry #meghanmarkle

The Harry/Meghan picture that got internet boiling.
I 😍 this love!
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نظرات الحب تتكلم بين الأمير هاري وميغان في أستراليا.. .

خطفت النظرات الملتهبة المفعمة بالحب التي اشتعلت بين الأمير هاري وزوجته ميغان ماركل، الأنظار خلال إلقاء الأول خطابه بمدينة "دوبو" غربي ويلز الأسترالية، والتي حرصت خلالها ميغان على حمل المظلة لزوجها.
وبينما عرض عمدة المدينة حمل مظلة للأمير، أجابه هاري شاكراً أن زوجته تحملها عنه.
يأتي ذلك فيما شهدت جولة هاري وميغان إقبالاً ضخماً من أكثر من 15 ألف شخص التفوا حول الأميرين للحصول على لقطات حصرية لهما.
وكان الثنائي الملكي الأكثر شهرة في العالم حالياً، قد أعلن في وقت سابق من هذا الأسبوع حمل ميغان في طفلهما الأول بعد مضي 5 أشهر على زواجهما.. .
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A mother to be...

The Duke of #Sussex got stuck into the cake as he visited the Royal Flying Doctor Service and marked the organisation’s 90th #anniversary.

Harry and mother-to-be Meghan were introduced to health workers and those who have been helped by the #RFDS which provides healthcare across 7.69 million square #kilometres of #Australia.

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