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"When he smiles,his light is so bright he could replace the sun "
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"I looked into your eyes, and it felt like home for I have never been homesick as much as I was when you looked away "
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"And it was then that I discovered that I could not look at anyone else the way I looked at him "
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"Anyone in their right mind would have gone mad for you."
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"And how not to fall in love if you have everything I like?" @harrystyles
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"You fit perfectly in my heart,your smile worth every attempt,your sighs are my motivation " @harrystyles #harryfeels #harrystyles #onedirection #harrystylespic

I wish I could show up at your doorstep right now and spend the whole day with you.. @harrystyles #harryfeels #harrystylespic

C.H.A.S.M is where it's at I STAN THEM SO MUCH~L

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“Good. I miss doing this. I'll protect you both at all costs.” The driver pulled up and parked. He opened the door for us. Harry stepped out and held his hand out. I took his hand and he guided me to the door. He unlocked it and I followed him in. He locked it behind him. I flopped down on the couch. Faye wasn't home yet. Harry lifted my legs up and sat down. He took off my shoes and massaged my feet. “Oohhh yeah right there.” I closed my eyes. I felt as Harry climbed up and squeezed beside me. He wrapped his arms around me. “I'm so happy you said yes.” “How could I not? You're so perfect Harry. And I meant it when I said I'm going to marry you some day.” “And we have a baby on the way. I can't wait until he or she arrives.” He placed his hand on my stomach. “I can feel a kick.” He smiled. “It's the best feeling ever.” I kissed Harry and rested my head on his chest. “I love you both.” “And we love you. So much.” I closed my eyes as Harry lowly sang Sweet Creature. #harrystyles #harry #darkharry #harrystylesimagines #harrystylesimagine #onedirection #niallhoran #niall #liampayne #liam #louistomlinson #louis #zaynmalik #zayn #darkharrystyles #1dimagines #onedirectionimagines #harrygirls #harryfeels #harryaf #bandlife #haloharry #angelharry #styles #mrperfect (THE END! I HOPE YOU GUYS LIKE IT! SORRY THIS IS SUPER LONG! I WAS INTO IT. THIS IS THE LONGEST STORY I'VE EVER MADE. I WENT BY MY FIVE RULES: THE BEGINNING, THE MIDDLE, THE PLOT, THE TWIST, AND THE ENDING. DID YOU GUYS LIKE IT? COMMENT BELOW 👇👇)

He pulled away. “She said yes!” He loudly said into the mic. There was a lot of cheers and applause. Harry wiped my tears and kissed all over my face. I gave him his award back and followed him off stage. We walked back to our seats and sat down. “That was the highlight of tonight. Congratulations on the baby and your new engagement. That was so unexpected. I swear that couple can't get anymore perfect. That's all we have. Congratulations to all the winners and nominees!” The host said. Everyone got up. Harry held my hand and placed his other arm protectively around my stomach. “You helicopter parent.” I joked. “So do you feel like going to the after party?” He asked. “Nah. Let's go home. My feet are killing me.” He lead me out and helped me inside of the limo. The driver drove off. I felt as Harry rubbed my stomach gently in circles. “That feels so good.” I smiled. #harrystyles #harry #darkharry #harrystylesimagines #harrystylesimagine #onedirection #niallhoran #niall #liampayne #liam #louistomlinson #louis #zaynmalik #zayn #darkharrystyles #1dimagines #onedirectionimagines #harrygirls #harryfeels #harryaf #bandlife #haloharry #angelharry #styles #mrperfect

And I would like to thank my beautiful girlfriend who was my cheerleader when I made my second album. We also have good news that I can't wait to share with the world. Y/N would you please come up here?” The cameras turned to me as I got up and walked to the stage. I walked up the steps. Harry gave me his award. He dropped down in front of me and kissed my tummy while pulling my dress back revealing my bump. He rested his head on my stomach. There were gasps followed by an applause. He got up and went to the mic. “She just told me today and she's five months.” He said. There was another round of applause. He waited before he spoke again. “Y/N’s been my rock since day one. We've been through a lot together. But I couldn't be more happier with her. She's the love of my life. She's the strongest woman that I know and I'm proud to witness her come out to the public and overcome our miscarriage. I love her more than anything and I'm happy she's the one carrying our baby. With that being said:” Harry turned to face me. He got down on one knee pulling out a box. “Y/N Y/L/N, will you do me the honour in becoming my wife?” He asked while opening the box. I nodded. “Yes!” I said. He slipped the ring on my finger. I brought his face up to mine and kissed him deeply. #harrystyles #harry #darkharry #harrystylesimagines #harrystylesimagine #onedirection #niallhoran #niall #liampayne #liam #louistomlinson #louis #zaynmalik #zayn #darkharrystyles #1dimagines #onedirectionimagines #harrygirls #harryfeels #harryaf #bandlife #haloharry #angelharry #styles #mrperfect (FINALLY!!)

“Awe you two are just the cutest thing ever. How are you two holding up since the miscarriage?” “We're hanging in there. Every night we look at the brightest star and believe it's our son watching over us.” He replied. Josephine fanned her eyes. “You're going to ruin my mascara Harry. That was so beautiful and heartwarming. You two are so strong and I salute you both. I wish you guys nothing but the best. Congrats on your Grammy award and congratulations on your nominations. Good luck.” Harry hugged us again and left. We interviewed a few more celebs before we headed inside. I sat down in my seat which was next to Harry. Eventually the seats were filled as people came in. The host walked on stage. Sometimes it's weird to be on the other side and watch someone else host. He was definitely funny. The performances were amazing. I listened to the nominees. “And the winner is... Harry Styles!” He announced. Harry kissed me and got up. “Whooo Harry!” I cheered. He walked onto the stage and grabbed the award after hugging the host. “First off, I want to say a massive thank you to my fans. You guys mean the world to me. I didn't expect to get any awards. I went through a rough patch in my life with my girlfriend and I had to cancel my tour. But you guys showed me that you guys are still here no matter what. And for that, I am truly grateful. I love you all with all my heart. Second I would like to thank my manager Jeff, and my band for being supportive and such incredible people. #harrystyles #harry #darkharry #harrystylesimagines #harrystylesimagine #onedirection #niallhoran #niall #liampayne #liam #louistomlinson #louis #zaynmalik #zayn #darkharrystyles #1dimagines #onedirectionimagines #harrygirls #harryfeels #harryaf #bandlife #haloharry #angelharry #styles #mrperfect

------------------------ I was standing next to Josephine Baker on the red carpet shivering my skin off. I'm still not used to standing in the cold weather. The world didn't know that I was pregnant again yet. Tonight wasn't about me. It was about the artists. Erin dressed me in a large gown and no one suspected a thing since I always wore large clothing since my miscarriage. It always made me feel like I was pregnant. And this time, I am. “Wow the t-temperature has felt like it dropped even lower here.” Josephine's teeth chattered. I laughed. “I think so JoJo because I feel like my skin will peel off if I touch it.” I joked. “Well look who's coming over. It's Harry McSteamy Styles.” Josephine said. Harry came over and hugged us. He kissed me passionately. “Whooo it just got heated!” I heard Josephine say. Harry wrapped his arm around my shoulders careful not to reveal my stomach. He rubbed my arm. “There's the sexiest man alive. First time Grammy winner recently and now nominated for three Brits. How are you feeling Harry?” I said. “You know I'm still in shock that I won my first Grammy and being here is amazing as well. I'm surprised that people are still sticking by me after my tour was cancelled due to the miscarriage. I truly have the best fans in the world who are understanding and supportive. I'm blessed to have them. And I'm blessed to have you.” Harry kissed my cheek. “You're making me blush Harry.” #harrystyles #harry #darkharry #harrystylesimagines #harrystylesimagine #onedirection #niallhoran #niall #liampayne #liam #louistomlinson #louis #zaynmalik #zayn #darkharrystyles #1dimagines #onedirectionimagines #harrygirls #harryfeels #harryaf #bandlife #haloharry #angelharry #styles #mrperfect

(Y/N’s POV)

The past months have been rough. It's hard to get over a miscarriage. But we had each other's back as everyone supported us. They tried to make me take time off but I needed to keep myself busy. Harry went everywhere with me. Edeva was in prison which made us both happy. Harry's manager cancelled the rest of his tour and refunded everyone. Harry released a second album to make it up to the fans. Faye finally found herself a boyfriend and was happily in love which made me happy. She said she wasn't moving out until she was married and I was fine with that. Every night Harry and I looked at the stars and smile at the brightest one. We believe that one shiny star is our son. I was going to host the red carpet again for the Brit Awards. They found a new host who was super polite. “Y/N we need to talk.” Harry announced. “Yeah?” “Is everything alright? Did I do something wrong?” He asked. “No? Why?” “Because you've been acting weird. You won't let me touch you at all and when I try to, you quickly brush me off. Is there someone else? Please tell me and I'll let you go no questions asked.” “What? No! Don't be stupid Harry!” I yelled. “We haven't even have sex in months. You're always out and you come back giving me the cold shoulder. Are you cheating on me?” I threw my hands up. “I can't believe you right now. You're honestly accusing me of cheating?!” I winced in pain. “Ow ow! I can't do this right now.” Harry rushed over to me. I pushed him away before he touched me. “See?! That right there! That's why I asked if you're cheating on me. You won't even let me help you! Y/N just tell me that-” “I'm having your baby!” I blurted out, cutting him off. “What?” “It's none of your business!” #harrystyles #harry #darkharry #harrystylesimagines #harrystylesimagine #onedirection #niallhoran #niall #liampayne #liam #louistomlinson #louis #zaynmalik #zayn #darkharrystyles #1dimagines #onedirectionimagines #harrygirls #harryfeels #harryaf #bandlife #haloharry #angelharry #styles #mrperfect (😭😭😂😂)

“Stay right here.” I heard as she got up and left. A few minutes later she came back. “No peeking.” Y/N said while putting a blindfold over my eyes. I smiled. “I won't.” I felt as she put something in my mouth. “Name that fruit.” I started chewing. “Mm a grape.” “Yes it is.” I felt as something else was put into my mouth. I felt her lips on the other end. I kissed her. “Name that chocolate. Dark, white, milk or Belgian?” I felt her suck on my bottom lip. I smirked at chewed. “Is it?” I tasted it. “Dark?” I heard her laugh. “Correct.” She lowly said. Once again, Y/N put something in my mouth. “Name that fruit.” I chewed. “Is it pineapple?” I heard a giggle. ”Nope.” I felt as she kissed me. “Kiwi.” I kissed her back. “Awe man I was doing so well.” I laughed. “That's okay.” She took the blindfold off and handed me a glass of champagne. She clinked her champagne flute with mine. “To us and our beautiful relationship. And to our little angel.” She toasted. “To us and to our son.” I took a gulp of mine and gave it back to her. She put it away and I pulled her in the tub. She screamed. “Harry my clothes!” She pouted. I laughed and kissed her. #harrystyles #harry #darkharry #harrystylesimagines #harrystylesimagine #onedirection #niallhoran #niall #liampayne #liam #louistomlinson #louis #zaynmalik #zayn #darkharrystyles #1dimagines #onedirectionimagines #harrygirls #harryfeels #harryaf #bandlife #haloharry #angelharry #styles #mrperfect (JUST THE CUTEST!)

She turned the water off. I watched as Y/N undressed me. “Get in.” She instructed. I did what I was told. I felt as she started massaging my shoulders. I closed my eyes and smiled. “That feels good.” “Good.” She lowly said. “Tell me what happened.” “I told Jeff I wanted out. He asked why and I said Edeva attacked you. She quickly denied it. Jeff was saying I was accusing her of a serious crime so I gave him the folder and told him the results came back as her. She confessed. I told her she killed our son and she said she didn't mean for it to go that far and when she saw the blood she panicked and ran. I lost it. Jeff held me back before I did anything stupid. I can't really remember what happened next. I did hear he said he's getting her arrested and told me to go home. I was out of it.” I explained. “Well I'm glad it's all over. You did the right thing Harry.” Y/N said. “Y/N...I almost put my hands on a woman.” “But you didn't. And that's what matters more. Jeff stopped you and now you're here.” I nodded as she kissed my neck. “You are one hot man. You're an amazing person and would have been an amazing father to our son.” I smiled. “You're beautiful and would have been the perfect mum.” I pulled her hand close to my lips and pressed a kiss on the ring that also held some of our son's ashes on her finger. #harrystyles #harry #darkharry #harrystylesimagines #harrystylesimagine #onedirection #niallhoran #niall #liampayne #liam #louistomlinson #louis #zaynmalik #zayn #darkharrystyles #1dimagines #onedirectionimagines #harrygirls #harryfeels #harryaf #bandlife #haloharry #angelharry #styles #mrperfect (AWE)

“Whoa whoa hey hey hey hey hey! She's a female Harry!” Jeff yelled while jumping in front of me. He shoved me against the wall pinning me. I struggled to break free. My chest was heaving as I glared at Edeva. She looked frightened. “I'm pressing charges.” I stated. “No Harry please don't do that! I can't lose my career. Please I'll do anything you want. I'm sorry!” Edeva begged. “Sorry?! You weren't sorry when you attacked the love of my life and killed our unborn son! Sorry isn't going to bring him back! Sorry isn't going to heal the pain that we're going through! It's been two weeks and we're still hurting! Kiss your fuckin flop career goodbye!” My voice boomed. “Harry go home to Y/N. You need to calm down. We'll call the police for you and have her arrested. You're officially out of this contract no strings attached. We'll explain everything to the public. I'll even cancel the rest of your tour so you can be with Y/N and I'll handle all of the refunds. We're so sorry and if there's anything you and Y/N need just call me. Go Harry.” Jeff said while letting me go. “Thank you.” I said before walked out. I left the building and got into my car. I drove over to Y/N’s house. I pulled up and parked. I got out and unlocked her door. I slammed the door behind me. “Y/N?!” I called. She came out of the kitchen drying her hands. I stalked up to her and kissed her as I gripped her waist pulling her closer. My anger disappeared as she wrapped her arms around my neck. I kissed all over her face and neck. “Are you okay? How did it go?” She asked softly. “I almost lost it in there. But the contract is over and she's going to jail.” I calmly said. “Baby you look so tense. Come here.” She took my hand and guided me upstairs. She took me into the master bathroom and started running the bath water. She added bubbles. #harrystyles #harry #darkharry #harrystylesimagines #harrystylesimagine #onedirection #niallhoran #niall #liampayne #liam #louistomlinson #louis #zaynmalik #zayn #darkharrystyles #1dimagines #onedirectionimagines #harrygirls #harryfeels #harryaf #bandlife #haloharry #angelharry #styles #mrperfect

“I want out.” I demanded while rotating the ring that held some of my son's ashes on my finger. “What? Why?” Jeff asked. “Because she attacked my girlfriend.” I replied. “No I didn't! I don't even know who his girlfriend is.” Edeva lied. “Harry you know there will be consequences right?” Jeff said. “I don't care. I'm not doing this stupid stunt or any other stunts ever again.” “Hold on let's be rational here.” Edeva's manager Marc said. “How dare you accuse me of attacking someone I don't know?!” “Y/N was attacked and she said it was you.” I spat. “Okay we all heard about the incident but please think about what you're doing carefully. You're blaming Edeva for a serious crime. We're sorry that Y/N-” I took a folder out of my backpack and slammed it on the desk. Jeff grabbed it and opened it. "That's a photo of Y/N’s neck. The handprint is too small to be a male.” I said. “So it could be any female.” Edeva said. Jeff put the photo on the table. Marc picked it up. “They took the fingerprints off her neck and ran a test. Those are the results and came back belonging to Edeva Sodi. Y/N was choked and she struggled to breathe for her and the baby.” I continued. “Edeva how could you do this to Y/N? And her baby?” Jeff asked. “Fine I did it! Harry wasn't taking our little relationship seriously as all of his attention was to Y/N and I got jealous.” “She was six months pregnant.” “Harry we get that-” “With my baby.” I cut Marc off. “She was six months pregnant with our son and you choked her and pushed her to the ground killing our baby you sick fuck!!” I snapped loudly at Edeva. “I'm sorry Harry I didn't mean for it to go that far. When she fell I saw so much blood so I panicked and ran.” I jumped up. “You left her for dead?!” I screamed. Without thinking, my body leaped forward. #harrystyles #harry #darkharry #harrystylesimagines #harrystylesimagine #onedirection #niallhoran #niall #liampayne #liam #louistomlinson #louis #zaynmalik #zayn #darkharrystyles #1dimagines #onedirectionimagines #harrygirls #harryfeels #harryaf #bandlife #haloharry #angelharry #styles #mrperfect (WHOA HARRY CHILL!)

I hugged her tightly. “I'm so sorry this happened to you baby girl. But we'll get through this.” I cooed while rubbing her back. “This is all my fault. I should have called it off before it went this far.” “No Harry. Please don't blame yourself. You didn't know she would do this.” I kissed her forehead and climbed in bed next to her. I pulled her close to me. “I saw him. Our baby? He was a boy. I held him in my arms. He was so tiny and fragile when I birthed him. He looked like he was sleeping peacefully. I called his name hoping he'd wake up. But he couldn't. He couldn't wake up. Our little Harry Jr. didn't move. It was so hard to say goodbye.” She looked down at her flat stomach and cried. I tried my best to console her as my voice cracked, giving me away that I was crying too. #harrystyles #harry #darkharry #harrystylesimagines #harrystylesimagine #onedirection #niallhoran #niall #liampayne #liam #louistomlinson #louis #zaynmalik #zayn #darkharrystyles #1dimagines #onedirectionimagines #harrygirls #harryfeels #harryaf #bandlife #haloharry #angelharry #styles #mrperfect (AWE MAN! NO!)

“I'm here to see Y/N Y/L/N.” I told the nurse. She typed on the computer. “She's upstairs on third floor in room 105B. Please take the elevator down the hall to your left.” I nodded. “Thank you.” I took the visitor sticker and walked. I got on the elevator and pressed the button. I got off and looked at the numbers. I stopped by the door. “Y/N?” She looked at me. She looked so drained and heartbroken. My heart shattered. I walked in. I bent over and kissed her forehead. I took her hand and sat down. I saw a handprint around her neck. “Y/N honey sweetie, who did this to you?” I asked as anger washed over me. “It was Edeva Sodi. She knew about us and the baby. Edeva said she wasn't going let me ruin her career and you were slipping up by looking less affectionate towards her in public and you had to pay. She choked me… and when I pressed my thumbs against her eyes she released me and pushed me to the ground when my back was turned a-and I was bleeding there was so much blood!” Y/N wailed. #harrystyles #harry #darkharry #harrystylesimagines #harrystylesimagine #onedirection #niallhoran #niall #liampayne #liam #louistomlinson #louis #zaynmalik #zayn #darkharrystyles #1dimagines #onedirectionimagines #harrygirls #harryfeels #harryaf #bandlife #haloharry #angelharry #styles #mrperfect

I got off and headed into my suite. I quickly started packing. I stopped to call Faye back. “How is she? How's the baby? What the hell happened?” I questioned as I packed. “I don't know! But… Harry. The, the baby didn't make it.” I dropped to my knees and sobbed uncontrollably. “H-How’s Y/N?” I finally asked. “She's devastated but she's sleeping.” “I'll be there as fast as I can.” I hung up and finished packing. I grabbed my bags and left out. I got on elevator. I got off and checked out. I walked out and got in the car. The driver drove off. It felt like forever before he pulled up and parked. I got out and headed inside of the airport and showed my boarding pass and visa. I left and boarded the jet. I sat down and closed my eyes. I immediately started thinking about our baby and how happy we were. I thought about the times I kissed her tummy, rubbed it and rested my head gently on it feeling little kicks. I fought back tears as I reminisced. #harrystyles #harry #darkharry #harrystylesimagines #harrystylesimagine #onedirection #niallhoran #niall #liampayne #liam #louistomlinson #louis #zaynmalik #zayn #darkharrystyles #1dimagines #onedirectionimagines #harrygirls #harryfeels #harryaf #bandlife #haloharry #angelharry #styles #mrperfect (NOOOOOOOOOOO!)

(Harry's POV) “How's everyone doing tonight?” The crowd cheered. “It's always great to be in Sydney. I want you to be whoever you want to be tonight. Feel free to sing along if you're familiar with this next song.” My band started playing the introduction to Woman. “I'm selfish, I know. But I don't ever want to see you with him. I'm selfish, I know I told you, but I know you never listen I hope you can see the shape that I'm in. While he's touching your skin He's right where I should, where I should be. But you're making me bleed Woman. Woman. La la la la la la la la W-Woman. Woman. Woman. Woman La la la la la la la la. W-Woman. Woman.” I sang. “Tempted, you know.” I felt a tap on my shoulder. I looked to see a panicked expression on Lou Teasdale's face. “Faye just called you. Y/N’s in the hospital and she doesn't think the baby's going to make it.” She whispered in my ear. I dropped my microphone shocked. I took off towards backstage. I grabbed my phone. “I'm so sorry everyone for the sudden change. Harry has a family emergency. I'll make sure everyone will have their refunds.” I heard Lou apologise. I ran out of the building. I called for a ride to meet me at the hotel. I ran as fast as possible to the hotel. By the time I got there, I was out of breath and cramping. I headed inside and got on the elevator. I pressed the button repeatedly and caught my breath. #harrystyles #harry #darkharry #harrystylesimagines #harrystylesimagine #onedirection #niallhoran #niall #liampayne #liam #louistomlinson #louis #zaynmalik #zayn #darkharrystyles #1dimagines #onedirectionimagines #harrygirls #harryfeels #harryaf #bandlife #haloharry #angelharry #styles #mrperfect (GO HARRY GO!)

(Faye’s POV)

I heard muffled noises on the other end of the phone. “Y/N?” I called. Nothing. Panicking, I grabbed my keys and rushed out. I locked up and hopped into my car, speeding off. I pulled up to the grocery store and jumped out. Y/N’s car trunk was still open. “Y/N?!” I called. I ran inside and looked for her. I asked people if they saw her but only when she shopped and that's it. I ran out and ran up and down the street. I finally ran behind the building and saw her lying lifeless on ground. “No!” I screamed. I ran to her side. “Y/N! Please please answer me!” I took out my phone and called an ambulance. A few minutes later, they came and rushed her into the bus. I got in as the EMT sped off. We arrived to the hospital and I got out. I followed them inside as they wheeled her away. I waited in the waiting room and paced. I took out my phone and called Harry. “Harry!” I screamed when he answered. I started crying hysterically. “This is Lou Teasdale. Harry's on stage right now.” She said. “Lou please tell Harry that Y/N's in the hospital! And I don't think the baby will make it.” “Okay okay I'll tell him right now.” I thanked her and hung up. #harrystyles #harry #darkharry #harrystylesimagines #harrystylesimagine #onedirection #niallhoran #niall #liampayne #liam #louistomlinson #louis #zaynmalik #zayn #darkharrystyles #1dimagines #onedirectionimagines #harrygirls #harryfeels #harryaf #bandlife #haloharry #angelharry #styles #mrperfect (OH SHIT!)

I grabbed anything I could think of. I walked into the line and waited. The cashier ring up my groceries and bagged them. I put them in shopping cart after paying and pushed it to my car. I called Faye. “You're done already?” She asked. “The line wasn't that long today. I was practically in and out.” I replied still putting the bags in the trunk. Suddenly, I felt someone cover my mouth. I tried to scream as I was being dragged behind the grocery store. “I know you're in a relationship with Harry and I know you're carrying his baby. I see the way he looks at you.” A female voice said. They walked in front of me. “Who are you?!” I demanded. She pulled her mask off. “Edeva?!” I gasped. “Yeah and I'm not going to let some bitch ruin my career. You know, I never liked you. You think you're all that because you're carrying a celebrity's baby huh?” I backed up. “I know you don't like me but we can compromise. The media doesn't know it's his baby.” I pleaded. “Harry's slipping up. He should be that affectionate towards me. So now he's going to pay.” She grabbed me by the throat and I gasped for air. I felt as her knee connect to my stomach. I pressed my thumbs against her eyes and she freed me. I walked away gasping for air as she was blinking to see. Then my body lurched forward as I was shoved into my stomach. “Ow!” I rolled over and saw blood. “No no no no no! Edeva. Yo-you have to help me.” I didn't get a response. And just like that, I was alone. #harrystyles #harry #darkharry #harrystylesimagines #harrystylesimagine #onedirection #niallhoran #niall #liampayne #liam #louistomlinson #louis #zaynmalik #zayn #darkharrystyles #1dimagines #onedirectionimagines #harrygirls #harryfeels #harryaf #bandlife #haloharry #angelharry #styles #mrperfect (SHIT SHIT SHIT!)

She gasped. “I felt a kick.” “So did I. Not a pretty feeling from this side.” I groaned. “What are you craving for?” I shrugged. “Everything.” Faye laughed and got up. “I still can't believe you're pregnant by Harry Styles.” She called while heading into the kitchen. I got up and wobbled over. “Yeah well it happened.” I went in the fridge and grabbed a bottle of water. “I could have gotten that for you.” I shrugged. “I'm tired of being waited on hand and foot. You and Harry watch over me like a hawk. He's on other side of the world at god knows where and he still makes sure I'm off my feet.” “Well I think it's cute.” Faye handed me a cupcake. “So what's going to happen when he or she arrives? Because the world thinks you're a surrogate for an imaginary couple.” I ate the cupcake. “I don't know. We haven't thought about that yet. We definitely don't want him or her in the public eye. Harry thinks the PR stunt will end soon. She might be rising to the top. So I guess they'll break up and a while later we announce our relationship. I don't know.” I finished the cupcake and water. “Well we're practically out of food. Again.” Faye announced. “I'll go shopping.” “No you stay here and rest. I'll go.” “No I'm going. I need some fresh air.” I walked out and grabbed my keys and phone. I left and got in my car. I drove off. I finally pulled up and parked. I got out and headed inside. I grabbed shopping cart and browsed through the aisles. #harrystyles #harry #darkharry #harrystylesimagines #harrystylesimagine #onedirection #niallhoran #niall #liampayne #liam #louistomlinson #louis #zaynmalik #zayn #darkharrystyles #1dimagines #onedirectionimagines #harrygirls #harryfeels #harryaf #bandlife #haloharry #angelharry #styles #mrperfect

(Y/N’s POV) *One year later.* Harry and I kept our relationship under wraps and we were very good at it. I didn't see him as much but when I did, he always made sure I'll miss him when he leaves. We did patch up our friendship publicly and I was no longer 'mad at him.’ It made things a lot easier because he didn't have to sneak around to see me. If the paps spotted him it was no biggy. He was just visiting his two friends for a day or the weekend. Well that's how it was in their eyes. And we definitely went on dates publicly too. Sometimes Faye went along. Again the media saw it as friends hanging out. Our schedules did get busy as he was on tour. He expanded his tour last year for a second lag because it was sold out quickly and people really wanted to see him. Faye and I did go to a few of his concerts. He's so talented and passionate when he performs on stage. I couldn't be a more prouder girlfriend. Hosting was fun. Especially like the Oscars. A lot of iconic actors were there. It was so hard to keep it professional. But I mean when Leonardo DiCaprio, Johnny Depp and Brad Pitt is in front of you, how do you keep your cool? I was sitting in the living room with Faye watching Rumor Has It on E! when my stomach growled. “Someone's hungry.” Faye commented. “I'm always hungry.” I complained. “Well it's time to feed the baby.” Faye leaned over and kissed my tummy. #harrystyles #harry #darkharry #harrystylesimagines #harrystylesimagine #onedirection #niallhoran #niall #liampayne #liam #louistomlinson #louis #zaynmalik #zayn #darkharrystyles #1dimagines #onedirectionimagines #harrygirls #harryfeels #harryaf #bandlife #haloharry #angelharry #styles #mrperfect (👶)

“Awe this is so romantic.” Faye squealed. Y/N rolled her eyes and walked away. “Her room is that way if you're wondering. No funny business mister. I'm right next door.” Faye pointed and scolded. I chuckled. “Yes ma'am.” I headed into Y/N’s room and sat on her bed. About an hour or so later, the shower stopped and Y/N came out. I watched as she dried herself off and put on another pair of pajamas. She got in bed and climbed on top of me. She kissed me. “Y/N…” I trailed off. “Yes?” She asked while I held her waist. She grinded harder and I moaned. “Faye's in the other room. She'll kill me.” Y/N laughed. “We're not doing anything.” She kissed my cheek and got off laughing still. “You tease.” I pouted. She turned the TV on and scooted closer to me. I wrapped my arms around her as she rested her head on my chest. #harrystyles #harry #darkharry #harrystylesimagines #harrystylesimagine #onedirection #niallhoran #niall #liampayne #liam #louistomlinson #louis #zaynmalik #zayn #darkharrystyles #1dimagines #onedirectionimagines #harrygirls #harryfeels #harryaf #bandlife #haloharry #angelharry #styles #mrperfect

“So it's just like that and you're all forgiven?!” “Yes. I did. I can't get mad at someone who is willing to help another person's failed career. He dragged me out at 4:30 in the morning to explain everything to me. And made me breakfast in bed.” Y/N said. “Yeah that was kind of romantic.” Faye mumbled. “Okay you're forgiven. But only because she did. And you went out of your way to tell her everything." Faye narrowed her eyes. “You two had sex didn't you?” I knew I was blushing. Y/N buried her face in my chest. I wrapped my arm around her. “Ew Ew Ewww! That's so gross and obvious. You're not going to get pregnant are you?” “No noooo! We were safe.” Y/N answered. “So now what?” Faye asked. “Nothing. We keep everything secret and tell no one. I'm still publicly mad at him and he is still with Edeva publicly.” “Well this stinks. You two could be couple goals. And how long is this whole PR stunt thing lasting?” “Until Edeva is booked with modeling gigs. So I'm not sure how long. Maybe not too long since we announced our relationship. She is leaving today well she should be gone by now to do a fashion show.” I spoke up. “I’m going to shower.” Y/N took off my trench coat and handed it to me. I grabbed her waist with one arm and kissed her. #harrystyles #harry #darkharry #harrystylesimagines #harrystylesimagine #onedirection #niallhoran #niall #liampayne #liam #louistomlinson #louis #zaynmalik #zayn #darkharrystyles #1dimagines #onedirectionimagines #harrygirls #harryfeels #harryaf #bandlife #haloharry #angelharry #styles #mrperfect (SKSKSKSKSKSKSKSK)

-------------------------- I got out of the limo and looked around. No paparazzi in sight. I held my hand out as Y/N stepped out. I guided her inside of the hotel. We got on the elevator. “I'm so nervous. What am I so nervous?” I asked. “Because Faye’s tiny self is intimidating.” I chuckled and wrapped my arm around her. We got off and walked down the hall. Y/N knocked on the door. “Faye? Let me in it's Y/N.” A few seconds later, the door swung open. She looked at me and lunged forward. Y/N grabbed her. “Faye stop! Stop stop!” “Why?! He hurt you and then you go missing?! I almost called 911!” Fayed yelled. “Actually it's 999 or 112 here in England.” I corrected her. “Don't you correct me you sick fuck!” “Faye stop it! He can explain. Everything!” Faye sighed and sat on the couch. She folded her arms. “Explain yourself.” She spat. I cleared my throat. “I'm not in a relationship with Edeva Sodi. Everything's a PR stunt. It's just to boost her career because she was struggling as a model. I was forced to announce the relationship because Y/N was getting all the attention from the media. Especially when I caught her and we snuck out of the after party. People assumed we were a thing and no one was talking about Edeva. So it was planned to announce it on TV but I didn't know that Y/N had feelings for me.” I explained. “But you announced it as soon as she said she liked you!” I nodded. “I know I know. If I didn't then our next move would have been an arranged engagement and then I would have to explain why I said she wasn't my girlfriend by saying it was all a lie so no one would suspect that I 'proposed’ to her.” I added while doing air quotes. Y/N rubbed my back. #harrystyles #harry #darkharry #harrystylesimagines #harrystylesimagine #onedirection #niallhoran #niall #liampayne #liam #louistomlinson #louis #zaynmalik #zayn #darkharrystyles #1dimagines #onedirectionimagines #harrygirls #harryfeels #harryaf #bandlife #haloharry #angelharry #styles #mrperfect (YAY MY 1,000TH POST!)

“Of course I did. I didn't want to purposely knock you up and make you feel trapped.” She smiled. “Good. God you're such a people pleaser. Always taking care of everyone. You're amazing Harry.” I shrugged. “I'm not perfect but I try my best.” She kissed me. “You lips are so kissable. Perfectly shaped. I could just kiss you again.” She kissed me again. “And again.” She kissed me. “And again.” I chuckled into the third kiss. “And again.” I deepened the kiss. “We could do this all day.” I told her. Y/N pouted. “What's wrong?” “You're starting tour soon. I won't see you.” “You can always come.” She shook her head. “I can't. I'm still mad at you. Well that's what the world thinks. And you're still with Edeva according to them. If I go they'll get suspicious on why we made up so fast. I can't blow your cover.” I nodded. “You're right.” I gushed out a sigh. “Good luck on your first solo tour. Call me whenever you can.” I nodded. “Of course I will.” Y/N Kissed me again and bit my bottom lip. A moan slipped out. Y/N raised an eyebrow. I picked her up and got up. I threw her over my shoulder as she laughed and walked upstairs. #harrystyles #harry #darkharry #harrystylesimagines #harrystylesimagine #onedirection #niallhoran #niall #liampayne #liam #louistomlinson #louis #zaynmalik #zayn #darkharrystyles #1dimagines #onedirectionimagines #harrygirls #harryfeels #harryaf #bandlife #haloharry #angelharry #styles #mrperfect

I headed into the kitchen and started washing the dishes. I felt as Y/N wrapped her arms around me from behind. I smiled. I finished washing dishes and dried my hands. I turned around and wrapped my arms around her. “I still can't believe this is happening.” I stroked her hair. “Believe it. I'm glad I did the right thing. And it feels good.” I bent down and kissed her. She smiled and giggled. She took my hand and lead me into the living room and pushed me down onto the sofa. I kicked my feet up as she got on top of me and rested her head on my chest. I rubbed her back. “You know we have to tell Faye right?” She announced. “Do we have to?” I whined. Y/N looked up at me. “She hates you Harry. She almost murdered you last night. You have to tell her that your relationship with Edeva is fake and a huge misunderstanding. It's the only way she won't attack you.” I nodded. “Alright fine. But do we have to now?” “Not yet. I just want to soak this in.” I smiled and kissed her forehead. “I hope you used protection last night.” I chuckled. #harrystyles #harry #darkharry #harrystylesimagines #harrystylesimagine #onedirection #niallhoran #niall #liampayne #liam #louistomlinson #louis #zaynmalik #zayn #darkharrystyles #1dimagines #onedirectionimagines #harrygirls #harryfeels #harryaf #bandlife #haloharry #angelharry #styles #mrperfect (SORRY THIS IS SO LONG! PLEASE BARE WITH ME.)

(Harry's POV) “Y/N? Y/N? Wake up beautiful.” I called and tapped her shoulder. She stirred and woke up. I smiled. “Good morning beautiful.” I leaned in and kissed her lips. She smiled. “So last night wasn't a dream.” I laughed and grabbed a tray. “I made you breakfast.” I announced as I set it around her waist when she sat up. “Breakfast in bed? Wow you really are Mr. Perfect. I'm marrying you some day.” She started eating and I smiled wide. “I hope so.” I watched as she ate. “I still can't believe everything you told me. I can't believe you did all of that for me.” “I had to. I knew how much I've hurt you. If I didn't act now I wouldn't get a chance to explain it to you then I never would and I would lose you forever and I couldn't let that happen. I don't know what I would do knowing you'd hate me forever.” “I wouldn't go that far as to say hating you but I definitely wouldn't be your friend anymore.” She said. “Still. I didn't want that either. And I wouldn't want anyone else to date you.” “You can't control who I date.” “I'm selfish I know.” “So you really were going to not let me date anyone?” I shrugged. “Harry!” “I'm selfish. I know. I told you but I know you never listen. But I wouldn't do anything to wreck your relationship. I would want you happy. Well I probably would but then I'd blow everything.” Y/N finished eating. I grabbed the tray and walked downstairs. #harrystyles #harry #darkharry #harrystylesimagines #harrystylesimagine #onedirection #niallhoran #niall #liampayne #liam #louistomlinson #louis #zaynmalik #zayn #darkharrystyles #1dimagines #onedirectionimagines #harrygirls #harryfeels #harryaf #bandlife #haloharry #angelharry #styles #mrperfect (WOMAN!)

The driver pulled up and parked. He opened the door for us. Harry got out and held his hand out. I took his hand and stepped out. I looked at the building. “Damn you live here?” I gawked. “Yes I do.” He took my hand and escorted me to the door. He unlocked the door and walked in. I followed looking around. He turned a light on. It was practically empty. No life to it. Just some furniture and a TV but you could hardly tell someone lived here. “It must be true. You are lonely. This place is so vacant. You must never invite anyone over.” I took off his trench coat and gave it back. It was so modern and sophisticated and yet so sad. “You're the first woman I've brought to my London home. It's special to me. Just like you.” “So Edeva’s never been in here?” “Nope. It was all staged.” I felt as Harry pressed kisses to my neck as he wrapped his arms around my waist. “Harry…” I trailed off. “I can't help it. I've been wanting to do this for a long time. You're the one that I want. Always.” He continued to kiss my neck. His hands travelled up to my breast and he squeezed it and pushed them together. “No bra? You naughty girl.” I moaned loudly as he rubbed my nipples making them hard. I breathed heavily as tingles rushed through my body. “H-Harry. I need you.” I breathed out. He lifted me up bridal style and carried me upstairs. #harrystyles #harry #darkharry #harrystylesimagines #harrystylesimagine #onedirection #niallhoran #niall #liampayne #liam #louistomlinson #louis #zaynmalik #zayn #darkharrystyles #1dimagines #onedirectionimagines #harrygirls #harryfeels #harryaf #bandlife #haloharry #angelharry #styles #mrperfect (OOOH 👀)

“God I'm such an idiot!” “Y/N don’t say that. No you're not. You didn't know and it's my fault for not telling you. And that's the whole truth. I'm still single but publicly I'm not. I know you'll probably say no and I don't blame you but Y/N will you be my girlfriend? I'll keep our relationship a secret and safe from the media. You mean a lot to me. And our first date was special to me. I said it wasn't a date but that's the only reason I could think of when I didn't want to go back to Café Habana with Edeva. It was special and romantic.” Harry babbled. I grabbed his face and kissed him. He kissed me back. “I taste alcohol on your lips. Have you been drinking?” “No Edeva was. She got drunk and I took her back to her hotel.” He answered. “Well I gotta wash my mouth out with soap.” I commented. “If you really mean everything you said about me, I'll be your undercover girlfriend. As long as no one finds out.” Harry smiled. “They won't.” He leaned in and kissed me again. He deepened the kiss leaning forward forcing me onto my back. “Not in a limo.” Harry chuckled. I sat up. I realised I didn't have my hotel key. “Damn I don't have my key. Or my phone.” I groaned. “That's okay. You can sleep with me.” “I bet you couldn't wait to say that.” He laughed. “Maybe.” #harrystyles #harry #darkharry #harrystylesimagines #harrystylesimagine #onedirection #niallhoran #niall #liampayne #liam #louistomlinson #louis #zaynmalik #zayn #darkharrystyles #1dimagines #onedirectionimagines #harrygirls #harryfeels #harryaf #bandlife #haloharry #angelharry #styles #mrperfect (BETTER THAN WORDS!)

“Everything is fake. My relationship with Edeva, everything. It's all a PR stunt to help her career. She was struggling to get a modeling job so I volunteered to help her out. I only agreed to hang out with her. I was starting to like her until I met you. You were extremely different. The day after the AMA’s after party, Edeva invited me to lunch because her manager was mad that you were getting all of the attention from the media and that belonged to her. So he pushed everything forward and suggested we get into a relationship. All I could think about was you the entire time. It was the only way I could pull it off so no one would be skeptical. I was happy when you said you had feelings for me. But when I was asked about the rumours I had no choice but to confirm it or both our managers would be mad. Mainly hers. I saw how hurt you were. I felt so guilty. And I wasn't super hyped for the Brit Awards. I'm used to it. I was overwhelmed at how badly I hurt you and it kept replaying in my head. I couldn't sleep so I told her it was my nerves. When you blasted us on stage I realised I've hurt you worse than I imagined. I've been calling you trying to explain it but you never answered. And when you left the after party I knew I had to finally tell you the truth. I owe you that much. I never wanted to tell you because it wasn't a big deal in the beginning. I just wanted to help boost her career and keep my friendship with you. But it got out of hand as it was beginning to be too much. Y/N I've developed feelings for you over time. I wanted to kiss you the moment you told me but I was there with Edeva and we were supposed to announce our relationship. I was trying to make everyone happy and pleased.” Harry explained. I slapped my forehead. #harrystyles #harry #darkharry #harrystylesimagines #harrystylesimagine #onedirection #niallhoran #niall #liampayne #liam #louistomlinson #louis #zaynmalik #zayn #darkharrystyles #1dimagines #onedirectionimagines #harrygirls #harryfeels #harryaf #bandlife #haloharry #angelharry #styles #mrperfect (ANYONE SHOCKED? COMMENT BELOW 👇👇)

“I know he isn't talking to you like that! Who the hell does he think he is?!” I heard Faye's voice. “FAYE!” I yelled. Harry took my hands. I snatched them back. “You're in a relationship remember? Where is she anyway? In the limo ready to jump your bones?” “She's not my girlfriend. And she's asleep. She's leaving tomorrow morning.” I shook my head. “You can stop denying her now. I knew you were trouble when you walked in. So shame on me.” I recited. “Y/N listen to me. She's not my girlfriend.” I clapped my hands. “I may haven't saw Dunkirk but you're one hell of an actor. You're making Leonardo DiCaprio run for his money.” Harry pinched the bridge of his nose. “Y/N please hear me clearly. Edeva and I aren't in a relationship.” “Really? Because you sure as hell confirmed that on E! News. Shall I jog your memory?” “It's fake! It's all fake! Come take a ride with me. I'll explain everything.” Harry said. “I'd rather not.” “I wasn't asking.” He said while grabbing my hand and dragging me out. We got on the elevator. “I'm still in my pajamas.” I whined. “That's okay.” Harry took off his trench coat and wrapped it around me. I put my arms through and he buttoned it up. It smelled like cologne. I fought as a smile was trying to appear on my face as I felt warm and cosy. We got off the elevator and he escorted me out. I looked at the clock on the wall. “Harry it's 4:30 in the morning.” “I know.” The driver opened the door and Harry helped me in. He got in and the driver drove off. #harrystyles #harry #darkharry #harrystylesimagines #harrystylesimagine #onedirection #niallhoran #niall #liampayne #liam #louistomlinson #louis #zaynmalik #zayn #darkharrystyles #1dimagines #onedirectionimagines #harrygirls #harryfeels #harryaf #bandlife #haloharry #angelharry #styles #mrperfect (LOL I'M FAYE!)

I got off the elevator and walked down the hall. I grabbed my suite key and got in. I threw my purse on the couch and headed into my room. Faye was quiet so I presumed she was sleep. I took off my clothes in my room and changed into my pajamas. I climbed into bed and fought my way to sleep. I wasn't sure what time it was when I heard banging on the door? “What the hell?” I got up and rubbed my eyes finally realising that I was asleep. “You bastard! You have some nerve showing up here!” I heard Faye scream. I rushed out after sliding into my slippers and saw her hitting someone. “Hey hey hey!!” I yelled as I pulled her back. Harry was shielding himself. “Put me down! Nobody hurts my sister and gets away with it!” Faye yelled as her feet was kicking the air. I put her down and jumped in front of Harry. “Go to bed.” I demanded. “He doesn't deserve to be protected!” “Faye! Go to your room. Now!” I sternly said. She stomped her foot and stormed off. I breathed heavily. “Y/N…” “What do you want?” I asked not turning around. “Will you look at me? Please?” I turned around. “How did you find me?” “It doesn't matter. I came here because I need to talk to you. It's important.” “What that you're engaged now?” I sarcastically said. “No. Y/N-” “I don't want to hear it.” I said. “Will you just listen to me?!” Harry's deep voice boomed. I stood there shook. #harrystyles #harry #darkharry #harrystylesimagines #harrystylesimagine #onedirection #niallhoran #niall #liampayne #liam #louistomlinson #louis #zaynmalik #zayn #darkharrystyles #1dimagines #onedirectionimagines #harrygirls #harryfeels #harryaf #bandlife #haloharry #angelharry #styles #mrperfect (SHOOK!)

------------------------------ I was feeling a lot better talking to Kelly and jamming to the music when I saw them. Edeva grinding on Harry as his arms were wrapped around her waist. Harry wasn't necessarily dancing. “What's wrong?” Kelly asked when she noticed that I stopped dancing. She looked over. Edeva was facing him now with her arms around his neck. He looked right at me. Edeva followed his gaze and looked directly at me. She grabbed his face and kissed him. The glass dropped out of my hand and broke. He looked back at me. I turned and walked right out. “Y/N!” Kelly called me. I walked out and out of the building. I couldn't take it anymore. Everything was happening too fast. I knew he was never my boyfriend but it just plays in my head over and over how I was humiliated on TV. I got into the limo and he drove off. I leaned my head back as I fought back tears. I didn't want to cry over a guy I never had a chance with. I knew that. It's just reality hurt sometimes. Edeva Sodi was rubbing it in my face and she knew it. She enjoyed every minute of it. She didn't like me the moment I said she wasn't a supermodel. The driver pulled up to the hotel and parked. I quickly got out before he did and headed inside. It was extremely dark outside. I got on the elevator and sighed. #harrystyles #harry #darkharry #harrystylesimagines #harrystylesimagine #onedirection #niallhoran #niall #liampayne #liam #louistomlinson #louis #zaynmalik #zayn #darkharrystyles #1dimagines #onedirectionimagines #harrygirls #harryfeels #harryaf #bandlife #haloharry #angelharry #styles #mrperfect (YOOOO!)

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