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Do you ever look at Harry and realize he's so fucking weird cause same

True love. His voice was so soft and there was no harshness to it. His words were daddy (meant sassy but that works too) but not his tone 💞

Tag a larrie 💙💚

Does the fan think she has the auDACITY to touch and to hurt him. I'm mad😂-ruby

They both admiring art; in different ways

i'm on my way to a partyyyy - nina

STOUIS - nina

Snapchat 3317~ it's my birthday 🎉❤️ manip cred- @hazstylesmanip

Idk what to name Louis' son in my new fic. Which one do you like more? (If someone says Freddie I'm blocking your cheeky ass 🙄🖕) comment which one you like more? Sorry I'm bad with names

Jake (Jacob)

I already planned to name him Ethan but that was when I originally wrote this idea over a year ago and now i can't stop thinking of Ethan Dolan so that just won't work tbh. (So I was looking up baby names on yahoo answers cause let's be real we all go there lmao and someone listed names and all of 1ds names were on a list hahahaha same dude same)

Me if I was famous (idk if this is true but I wanna beLIEVE) -ruby


Someone write this please -ruby

Fate is a larrie -ruby

Kendall be looking like a boy in this pic

He's pouting because he's upset that him and Kendall broke up1!!1!1

Where's the fic??

Even the universe and fate are larry shippers I stg

But actually same I'm a harrie but I always post about Louis

Can banana and eleanope fight please like can we antagonize this and make it happen some how ? I need twitter shade unfollowing and everything else because thay would be so fun •
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I really wanna spam but everyone will prolly unfollow. Too bad

@ Larry's kid

@ Louis

@ Harry

It's literally just ot5 1D

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