Cutest shit 💚💙

It's 420 y'all

LiAm iS tHe nOrMaL oNe

Lmao I love him. I saw so many people who didn't understand this, the 4/20 is smoking weed day let's say... if u smoke have a good one! If u don't then have a good day too! -Arabella

Jesus. Didn’t need to slam the camera up against the window. Sure I get it. He’s “famous” in your eyes and if you got shots of him, it would boost your views. But I mean Jesus, at least be respectful, he hadn’t even spent an hour out of the airport yet. Learn that he’s a human too, the least you can do is make him feel like one *starts to give out a whole lecture* -Skye

Some of y'all in my last post said you didn't see all that I'd seen, so here's niall with the rainbow flag :) Louis in London yesterday looking like a angel :) and new old pictures that came out of Harry :), plus Liam's song but I don't have a picture of that rn

I've woken up to have my weave snatched. New pictures of Louis and Harry, niall with a rainbow flag around his neck and now Liam's new song which sounds amazing, wow, life is truly great :')

Teletubbuie lmao

Only gonna listen to it because i love liam

If i had a face like niall horan my feed would be goals js

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