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WHY DO YOU MAKE ME DO THIS *Woman playing in the background* -thirteen

lmao literally every goddamn time. -thirteen

this picture makes me so sad. there's also a video of Harry's reaction on Louis kissing Eleanor when told, and it's way way too sad for me to post it here. it's so not fair, shit. -thirteen

seen, unseen? -thirteen (video via youtube) (previous video was broken, sorry)

that's so cool wtf

to this day I wonder how James made it alive -thirteen

y'all remember how heartbroken was Louis right after Elounor break up, and how sad Harry was for him? lmao, iconic.
also Liam left the verses about bad break up & Harry cut out the verses about leaving, so that all they sang was about surviving no matter what. I love my sons.

me: I liked Danielle better cos she was at least nice and smiling, and had a job, but I still don't like the stunting
antis who somehow are still bored and decide on looking for Larries' blogs: you're delusional *insert an essay*

I have no caption. -thirteen


the 1d fandom uses the weirdest words to describe the boys i stg. noodle? what-

thank you for 2.5k πŸ’—πŸ’—

i don't make the rules .

what the f,,, -thirteen


Two ghosts is not about Louis because he has green eyes!!!1!1!1!1 oh I forgot it, SOULMATES CAN SWITCH EYE COLOR APPARENTLY

Daddy πŸ‘…

I miss the small, free larry

Okay listen: fem!larry au where a koala pees on Harry's shirt so she's stuck in the bathroom washing and blow-drying it and then Louis walks in on her pushing her boobs under the hot air to dry her bra and they're both laughing and flirting way too much for it to stay a random toilet story, so they end up asking for each others numbers and the rest is history πŸ’šπŸ¨πŸ’™πŸ˜‚
#MaybeIllStartWritingAgainAndDoThis #TheWorldNeedsKoalaFicsImSure Β°
#LarryIsReal #LarryProof #LarryStylinson #LouisTomlinson #Harry's #Tommo #1D #LouisTops #HarryBottoms #Larry #Boyfriends #IShipBullshit #Larents #BottomHarry

I love that Louis was all like "tattoos are not for me" and then went and got a dozen matching ones with his hubby. Sapβ„’ πŸ˜‚πŸ‘ Β°
#LarryIsReal #LarryProof #LarryStylinson #LouisTomlinson #Harry's #Tommo #1D #LouisTops #HarryBottoms #Larry #Boyfriends #IShipBullshit #Larents #BottomHarry

Petition for Curly floret to bring back that cute vest. Both are soft and lovely so it's a wonderful combo 🐏🌺
#LarryIsReal #LarryProof #LarryStylinson #LouisTomlinson #Harry's #Tommo #1D #LouisTops #HarryBottoms #Larry #Boyfriends #IShipBullshit #Larents #BottomHarry

pt. 8 louis to liam; what a budding relationship πŸ’—πŸ’— - olivia

that's so cool wtf

i only stan soft people and i love it

Is it just me or is IG dead? People used to be so much more active on here (I mean in general, not talking about my account specifically)

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