Harriet Lake is so ridiculously clear ❄️ & at the same time, it’s one of the coldest lakes I have ever been to 🤦🏻‍♂️ even when it’s 95° we didn’t dare going past our ankles 🤷🏻‍♂️ The dogs barely wanted to get in 😂 #illstayontheshore #gadsdengardens #harrietlake

#minneapolis @abenakwartemah @suztach @kubach_d #harrietlake We clearly had the best picnic.

R.I.P. #HarrietLake
I had the opportunity of meeting and speaking to her numerous times, when I use to volunteer for #ParkAvenueFashionWeek.

We are heartbroken to learn that a Central Florida Legend has passed. Harriet Lake was a beautiful soul and a champion for the Arts and Fashion. It was an honor and privilege to have known you. I remember the first time I met Mrs. Lake, She was wearing a beautiful fur coat that I complemented her on how fabulous she was. She in return complemented me on the many brooches I wore clustered together on my jacket lapel. “What a fabulous collection you have there! I love to see a young man with such unique style!" She taught us to be fearless and fabulous, unapologetically unique in our pursuit of fashion and art.💔 #harrietlake Rest In Fashion our sweet Harriet. 😢

Orlando has lost one of its brightest Stars. So blessed that I was able to meet the incredible Harriet Lake. She was truly a beautiful lady and will be missed greatly🍊❤️

We at Rogue Stage are “dimming our lights” in memoriam for the wonderful and generous Harriet Lake who did so much for the arts in Central Florida. For our Theatre Winter Haven friends, think of her as the Eunie of Orlando. Godspeed Harriet and thank you. ❤️ #harrietlake #orlandotheatre

Goodbye to Orlando's patron saint of the arts, philanthropist Harriet Lake. From Orlando's Gay Chorus to Orlando's Museum of Art, Lake shared her wealth with the local arts community, allowing people to experience--and create--art of all shapes and mediums. When asked why she constantly gave away her considerable fortune she explained that some people with wealth buy several homes, boats, cars--and she just wasn't wired that way. She WAS style personified; if you were putting together an outfit to shine, you were outshone if Harriet Lake showed up. Her love for fashion and her own style was adored throughout the region and she was no stranger to being a one-of-a-kind "Cover Lady" on any of Orlando's various magazines. Her spirit and generosity and her uniqueness will be missed. Much love to Harriet Lake, who died today at the young age of 96. Rest in Fashion and Peace, Great Lady!#harrietlake #orlando #orlandofl #orlandoflorida #style

Yesterday was a good day of exploring and showing the kids some of our old stomping grounds! 🎣

Took the kitchen outdoors this weekend out to Harriet Lake for some trout fishing. Pulled these beauties out, watched bald eagles feed, and enjoyed the first camping trip of the season.
Supporting local farmers is our jam, but foraging and catching our own is high on the list as well.
What kind of foraged foods would you like to see on our menu?

Out fishing small lakes. Was a cool day caught a couple!
#lake #fishing #outdoors #adventure #exploring #pnw #harrietlake #mthoodnationforest

Trees are prettier with #snow.

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