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Week 6: we conquered long car rides, growth spurts from hell, puking in the car seat, all sorts of poop blowouts, sleeping in his crib in his own room at night, and a much needed date night where the baby was a dreamboat. This week was a good one. #harrisweekbyweek I #harperryanharris

Took a quick little trip to Disneyland this morning along with every other human being in the United States. Heading home to snuggle Dylan and give all the moms in my life hugs. #harperryanharris

Mom guilt. It's a real thing. Especially when you're too tired to turn on the light and see why your baby is screaming bloody murder at 1am so you lull him back to sleep just to wake up at 6am to see that shiner. Sorry bud. At least you look like a badass. #harperryanharris

It's 90 degrees at 6pm- so yup... Still think this was our best idea. Family splash session was just what we needed. #harperandhismama I #harperryanharris I #stocktankpool

Week 5: #harperryanharris had mini surgery and whatever schedule we had going went right out the door. Baby got left at Abuelitas without mom and dad for the first time, he took a bottle like a champ, and in typical fashion he cried for our #harrisweekbyweek picture.

That hair and that butt ๐Ÿ˜#harperryanharris

Yesterday Ryan and I googled a stranger and returned his wallet to him at dinner. Today Harper has been keeping himself entertained peacefully for about two hours now. Karma is a real thing. Thank you, universe, for two hours of mama not having heart attacks and yelling 'no no no!' #harperryanharris

We spent two hours climbing, making noise, learning how to stack rings, hitting kids (sorry ๐Ÿ˜), and falling off the biggest slide ever that is questionably at a children's play space. Our Monday's are nothing to complain about. #harperryanharris

Pumpkin (Harper) painting was a success! #harperryanharris #puffyandbastian


Took a quick little trip to Disneyland this morning along with every other human being in the United States. Heading home to snuggle Dylan and give all the moms in my life hugs. #harperryanharris

If there's a kitchen or a house to be played in, that's where you'll find him. Sure, he'll also give your kids face a high five (true story- but we're working on understanding that's not how it works), but dang it if he's not the sweetest little thing otherwise. #harperryanharris

Today this fool:
- sprinkled a whole bottle of cinnamon sugar throughout the kitchen - dumped a bottle of veggie oil on all his brand new playdoh
- poured beer from the leftover keg all over the backyard
- dumped the new bottle of dish soap all over the kitchen
- brought a shovel full of gravel and dirt into the house and dumped it
And to anyone thinking 'why does she let her kid do that crap?'.... I bet you've never had a toddler. Because they're f*cking fast little creatures who do what they want. #harperryanharris

Currently in the middle of the tiniest party ever to celebrate this guy turning 2 and it is the best. No decorations, no theme, a donut cake, a mini keg (cause beer), a bunch of dump trucks and a puppy on the loose. He is loving and living life. #harperryanharris

Happy 2nd birthday my little tornado bean. Thank you for making me your mama- I thank my lucky stars every single day you're my baby love. You love lechita, mamas boobs, Mickey Mouse shirts, bubble guppies, being one with the dirt piles, poking deedee, tractors, singing, shovels and tools, and basically everything. Can't wait to sing you happy birthday 86 more times when mama and dada get home from work. We love you bubba. #harperryanharris

Took the bean to the playground and had a shit incident where from now on I'm gonna dedicate my motherhood to making sure my kid isn't an asshole bully, and in making sure I'm present enough as a mom to never let him get away with the crap some moms think is ok. #harperryanharris

I don't know how to write a caption to tell you guys how much I love him. Snaggle teeth and all. #harperryanharris

In case there's any hot chicks at the playground, the bean has to put all his cool gear on. ๐Ÿ˜Ž#harperryanharris

A slow rainy weekend at the river house. I'll be drinking coffee all morning and micheladas all afternoon and wine all night in between nursing and napping kids if you need me. #harperryanharris

This is his yawn face. I get pumped when I see this face cause it means nap time is upon us. And nap time is ๐Ÿ™Œ๐Ÿฝ. God bless nap time. Forever and ever. Amen. #harperryanharris

My boys (and i. And probs lil baby Dylan also...) take our cartoon watching very seriously. And yup. Everything hung on that wall is crooked- you try having a toddler who climbs things and touches stuff and wants all the bells on the shelves. Forget it... it's exhausting. Crooked they will stay. #harperandhisdad I #harperryanharris

Tuesday morning date with my first tiny love. #harperandhismama I #harperryanharris

Abuelita @delia_m_guzman_ came over just to hold Dylan for two hours so I could run around outside with this guy. He held that rose the entire time, laughed belly laughs at mom jumping into leaf piles, got to sit in the neighbors big jeep, and basically had the best time ever. Sweet guy. He's been semi neglected so those two hours were gold! #harperryanharris

He doesn't try to drink our beer, but he always steals our cases. #harperryanharris

This picture literally makes my heart hurt- he loves her so much. Like I can't say "baby" without him running to wherever she is, rubbing her head, nuzzling her cheeks, saying hi over and over, and pulling her fingers trying to make her fart (thanks poppa ๐Ÿ˜). He'll never know life without her in it. I changed my mind @little__shot, let's have 10 more! Jk. #asisterforhh ๐Ÿ“ธ: @chrischucks I #harperryanharris I #lilbabydylan

Sooooo where am I supposed to put the stuff I wanna buy? #asisterforhh I #harperryanharris

Took my tiny boyfriend to play- just him and I- and as soon as we walked in to the play place he was like "ok see ya mami.... I need to go rearrange this furniture, play the drums, and rip that little girls face off." It went well ๐Ÿ˜. #harperryanharris

Real life: let Harper play on his potty training chair in the living room to keep him from destroying the messy house even more. And also to keep him from ripping all the toes and fingers off his sister. #asisterforhh I #harperryanharris I #lilbabydylan

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