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I just need to go on record and say that I followed my own advice finally and took two servings of milk a day away from the bean and he's 'miraculously' eating like a damn champ again (not miraculous at all-we were just in a stupid rut). Just wanted to throw that out there that sometimes I'm a feeding therapist but also sometimes I'm lazy. #momlife I #harperryanharris

Mom guilt. It's a real thing. Especially when you're too tired to turn on the light and see why your baby is screaming bloody murder at 1am so you lull him back to sleep just to wake up at 6am to see that shiner. Sorry bud. At least you look like a badass. #harperryanharris

That hair and that butt ๐Ÿ˜#harperryanharris

We spent two hours climbing, making noise, learning how to stack rings, hitting kids (sorry ๐Ÿ˜), and falling off the biggest slide ever that is questionably at a children's play space. Our Monday's are nothing to complain about. #harperryanharris

Yesterday Ryan and I googled a stranger and returned his wallet to him at dinner. Today Harper has been keeping himself entertained peacefully for about two hours now. Karma is a real thing. Thank you, universe, for two hours of mama not having heart attacks and yelling 'no no no!' #harperryanharris

Real life: what having a baby in a 1000 square foot tiny home really looks like ๐Ÿ˜• #harperryanharris

Indescribable love and joy! #harperryanharris #harperandhisdad #yosemite2015

Week 19: Harper survived his 4 month shots, mom survived her first week at work, dad survived living through little to no sleep (see bags and dark circles under my eyeballs- don't care- that's life as a mama). #harrisweekbyweek I #harperryanharris P.S. This is dad and Harper bean cracking up ๐Ÿ˜

Pumpkin (Harper) painting was a success! #harperryanharris #puffyandbastian


I just need to go on record and say that I followed my own advice finally and took two servings of milk a day away from the bean and he's 'miraculously' eating like a damn champ again (not miraculous at all-we were just in a stupid rut). Just wanted to throw that out there that sometimes I'm a feeding therapist but also sometimes I'm lazy. #momlife I #harperryanharris

"Mama hold me" (heart melt).... followed by something not so heart melty like hitting his sister or screaming or something. Because- 2 year old boy. #harperryanharris I #harperandhismama

My number one and my other number one. (Dylan is my third number one, I don't do favorites). #harrisdlanddays I #harperandhisdad I #harperryanharris

Things I do lately with no dada at home:
1. Give the babies sink baths
2. Put Cheerios all over the (clean) floor in the kitchen to keep Dylan entertained while I bathe the bean/cook anything
3. Forget to eat breakfast/lunch/dinner
4. Give Harper lollipops in his high chair at 830pm while I put Dylan to bed so he won't scream at me
5. Shower approximately 1.75 times per week
#harperryanharris (ps I also drink a lot of coffee. Anyone wanna come over and have some with me? We'll be up at 5ish tomorrow morning ๐Ÿ˜ฉ๐Ÿ˜)

This morning he told me 'I no want mama, I want dada come home.' I don't even blame him- this is day 6. Anyone want to come over tonight and bring some wine? The kids are totally over me. #harrisdlanddays I #harperandhismama I #harperryanharris

We're running on fumes with no dada at home. So let's just get extra exhausted and go to dland! #asisterforhh I #harrisdlanddays #lilbabydylan I #harperryanharris

I tend to be the most left leaning in my immediate little circle- and the topic of gun control is one that gets me real worked up (and this conversation comes up quite often). I don't know why anyone would need an assault rifle in their home (that's not protection- that's small penis syndrome), and I don't know that gun safety has much to do with anything, and yes I understand that gun laws won't solve everything- and don't even start with me with the terrorist talk (hello Americans killing Americans)... but I do have these two little people and a few other little humans I care for daily, and so I'll keep shoving in your face my thoughts that something has to change because I want a world where I get to grow old and see who they become. And I want a world where they grow old and see the change their parents fought for. #asisterforhh I #guncontrol #lilbabydylan I #harperryanharris

My Tio said Harper "tiene Guzman en la sangre" (has the Guzman blood) and it makes me the happiest. #harperryanharris I #harperandhisdad I #harperesunguzman (click on that last hashtag for a little bean)

We bought him his first kids 'hot toto' today and he sipped it and licked his lips every single time and had a permanent smile on his face until it was gone. It was the cutest. Until the looney was bouncing off the walls and trying to pick up Dylan by her neck. So- lesson learned. He has the same reaction to sugar free lollipops.... we'll stick to those instead. #harperryanharris (also- that stick straight hair ๐Ÿ™„)

Convinced dada he didn't wanna work today. I'm really good at finding literally anything better than going to work. #harperandhisdad I #harrisdlanddays I #harperryanharris

It's either take them to Disneyland by myself all morning long and then my kid poops out around 2pm and we go home to a guaranteed nap, or don't go to Disneyland and 6pm rolls around and we're still trying to get the two year old zombie tornado down. Look how effective option 1 is. #harperryanharris I #disneyland I #harrisdlanddays

Turns out- he had a great day all together. He made Abuelo make all these play-doh donuts, ran around screaming 'dona tiiiiiiinneeee!!', then made dad and me look up the hashtag #donuts while we laid in bed and he said cool things like 'oooooh lossa spwrinkos!' or 'oh das a big one!' and 'mmmm I eat it!'. #harperryanharris

This morning he said "I go school, see ya later mom. Bye. I haf my batpat (backpack)." And when I told him I'd miss him and he shouldn't go, he said he was ok. So basically he's 12. #harperryanharris I #harperandhismama

Hi. We need your help. These two turkey nuggets need a pseudo-babysitter twice a week starting at the end of the month ๐Ÿ˜ฌ. Grandma is healing up from a major surgery and we basically just need someone to hang out at grandmas with the babies while me and dad work and make sure Harper doesn't destroy things, hold Dylan and change some diapers, and just keep them occupied and alive. We'll pay you in hard cold cash and baby snuggles. Know of anyone? Send them my way please!!! #asisterforhh #lilbabydylan I #harperryanharris

Ran around barefoot, took pretend naps in the grass, named his pony 'Tony'... kid knows how to make the most out of his park dates. #harperryanharris

"Dirrin butt eew mama, das gwoss (makes fart sound)". #asisterforhh I #harperloveattack #lilbabydylan I #harperryanharris

I'm never going to sleep again- I mean- this kid is 2 and there's no end in sight to his crap sleep every single night. Then he wakes up all damn night asking for "chita" (milk)... but look at his silly hair, and stupid obsession with tractors and waffles, and his crooked little teeth that will for sure cost me thousands in braces.... I forgive you for my perma-tired ass mom face, little bean. #harperryanharris

Dad's camping this weekend so it's just me and these fools. Currently: Harper eating a popsicle and popcorn in his high chair watching paw patrol so I can get Dylan down. We're off to a mediocre start and it's better than I planned so let's hope it lasts. #asisterforhh I #harperloveattack #lilbabydylan I #harperryanharris

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