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@SelenaGomez: "I want to thank each and every one of my wonderful selenators for giving me their best wishes and making my 25 years one of the best. I want to take this opportunity to thank someone very special to me, MY HUSBAND !! @HarryStyles thanks my love for A year full of love, faith, blessings and a lot of patience, I love you as you do not have an idea. I remember a year ago I was saying 'Yes, I accept' the best husband of all but not only that, seven years ago, I said 'Hell Yeah 'to a band that I love and admire so much. Happy anniversary to my husband Harry, and happy 7 years @OneDirection, see you in the next tour! #Blessed"
Selena Gomez is certainly a sunshine for all of us. Happy first anniversary to Harlena and happy 7 years to 1D! :) .
In fact, Harry commented on Selena's post saying: .
@HarryStyles: "I thought this photo would be for the two of us but I must say that you are sexy my wife!" Happy first anniversary my life! " .
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Nothing much to say that I'm so in love with this edit.. Can they be real please? I feel so happy every time when you my cupcakes send me DMS or commented on my post saying that I inspired you to make harlena manips this made my life! I love you guys so much! .
You guys are everything to me. Please never leave me alone cause I'm here for you always! :) I'm just far away from a DM so do it. :) .
Update about mommy heart: I saw today my crush and he talking to me and I think we flirt but he's taken. Sooo. :/ what should I do? Still talking to him and see what happens or... You know... Let him alone haha! I don't know if his girlfriend is a thing or is a ex idk! But well. Enjoy this one! Byeeee x

E! News: As Harry Styles and the rest of the 'Dunkirk' cast wrap up their last premiere, Harry's one and only surprised him just before the red carpet, and it was AMAZING. ------
I'm back! Like I said y'all, too much stuff was happening with Harry, Harlena needed a revival right after he had said 'Bad Liar' was his favorite song at the moment 😩👏🏻❤️. I have not seen Dunkirk yet, but lord I cannot wait. Everybody looked so good at the premieres. — @selenagomez @harrystyles #harlenamanip #selenagomez #harrystyles #harlena

-Radio Promo-
{swipe for "Harry's post"}
ED: So Harry, we saw your post about Selena this morning for her 25th birthday! It had everyone in here in tears. I kid you not.
Harry: Oh god.
Selena: It's okay, me too. Look at him, he's blushing.
Harry: I hate all of you. ----------------------------------------------------- HAPPY BIRTHDAYYYY TO MY QUEEN 💓 I love you and I can't wait for this happy, healthy era! Thank you for being such an inspiration. (I put the last photo in because I had made it before hand I just liked it LMAO)

ok yas i agreeeee #harlena

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Hoy es el cumpleaños No. 25 @selenagomez ❤🎉y el Fans Club Oficial de @HarryStyles aquí en Panamá (@harrypanamaofc) le desea un hermoso HBD a Selena Gómez. Y desde que Harry ayer dijo que su canción favorita es Bad Liar de Selena Gomez han salido estos edits🤗#Harlena
. #HarryStylesPanama #HarryStylesPTY 🇵🇦
Happy Birthday Selena Gomez wishes you the Harry Styles FCO in Panama. Blessings and continue to reap many more successes! we love you.

Happy Valentines Day to all you lovely people who deserve to be loved!
Collab with the amazing Gabby @revivalstyles 💝

عاشقه این عکسم
تا یه ماه میزارم پروفایل ناموسن😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍
عاقا نکته: اهنگ بدلایر به سبک قدیمی ساخته شده و خوده سلنام تایید کرده و از اونجاییه که هری اینجور سبکا دوست داره گفته. اوکی؟
من توی عمرم یبار میخواستم اسم سلنا رو از دهنه هری بشنوم 😭😭😭😭😍عررررررز
نکته ۲: هری هیجوقت نگفته از سلنا خوشش نمیاد. و حتی تاییدم کرد که هاته.

Harry Styles Says His Favorite Song At The Moment Is "Bad Liar" By Selena Gomez https://youtu.be/7AE6paEW4TY #selenagomez #badliar #harrystyles #harlena (link in bio)


E! News: We just cannot get enough of these two. 😍👏🏻❤️ (2/3) - * -
Y'all I suck ass at posting but whateva. One Direction's 7th anniversary is today, and I am still proud to this day that I had sold my soul to the devil himself stanning these boys and not once did I ever think of leaving. I'm literally in love with every single that has been put out by them as solo artists. I'm a proud mom. 😭❤️
@selenagomez @harrystyles #harlenamanip #harrystyles #selenagomez #edit #harlena

@selenagomez: happy #7yearsofonedirection to this weirdo and the rest of the boys!!! I'm so proud of where you all have gotten and hope you all keep doing what you love every day ❤️❤️

------ Hey!! 💚 Finally a new manip, I was tired of the others, my God. Although I have enough years of experience in manips and edits, this is well below what I imagined 😩 But it will be anyway haha, I have tumblr that is aimed at Selena and One Direction, I hope you like it there (it's not organized, does anyone help me?) Kisses!
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@selenagomez: when you surprise your boyfriend on Ellen!❤️❤️

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