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Memory Palace - V&A Museum London - 2013 #mariowagner #harikunzru #victoriaandalbertmuseum #v&;a

We were so enchanted by Katie Kitamura on Valentine's day, we're excited to also host her husband, fellow author Hari Kunzru! Joining us for WHITE TEARS (a bookseller recommended title), Kunzru will be here March 27TH at 7PM! It's Molly M's weekend but she left us with some really beautiful thoughts on WHITE TEARS--she says "Through unique form and pointed, straightforward language, author Hari Kunzru manages to explore heady topics like appropriation, privilege, identity, the weight of history, and personal/national identity while also telling a compulsively readable mystery." Part-time bookseller Will is a huge fan of music-infused lit and loved that "what starts as an account of Blues music history through the lens of two very different young white men quickly spirals into a surreal mystery that keeps you guessing as to the nature of what REALLY happened." #booksellersrecommend #atxevents #whitetears #harikunzru

"What if there’s a subtle, hidden sound, a tone, or chord, a riff that can transcend time and space, communicating through music a key or gate to hidden truths?" -----------------------
Continue reading Jim Ewing's review on Hari Kunzru's novel WHITE TEARS by clicking the link in our profile!
HARI KUNZRU will be in TOMORROW, March 29th at 5:00
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It is our pleasure to introduce #ArticlesOfAffection, a series of short stories and essays by writers of note, centred on the complex workings of desire. Three physical objects have been chosen to illustrate each text and resonate with its complexities. ‘Articles of Affection’ is an extension of Aesop’s bi-monthly literary offering, The Fabulist. We kindly invite you to browse the complete literary series at aesop.com/articlesofaffection #AesopSkinCare #literature #shortstories #harikunzru

#bpbSpine: Hari Kunzru knows the blues, and much of his new novel, White Tears, sings. Read the full book review on brownpaperbag.in! #Review #books #HariKunzru #WhiteTears

Lincoln in the Bardo: George Saunders
We often get asked for fun/comic recommendations. Here’s a selection of books that will make you laugh out loud, even if they also bring tears to your eyes.
We couldn’t wait for Saunders’ first full novel and loved every page. Full of human pathos and vanity, the dialogue had us chuckling with the strangeness of it all. Acclaimed writer Hari Kunzru reviews it for the Guardian: “The polyphonic narrative of the spirits is interleaved with constellations of artfully arranged quotation from primary and secondary sources about Lincoln’s life, which Saunders uses to show that observers can be unreliable about the motivations and mental state of the president, and that even such questions as whether the moon shone or not on a particular night can be distorted by memory...Lincoln in the Bardo is a performance of great formal daring. It perhaps won’t be to everyone’s taste, but minor missteps aside it stands head and shoulders above most contemporary fiction, showing a writer who is expanding his universe outwards, and who clearly has many more pleasures to offer his readers.”
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The unclassifiable travel writer/ novelist/ essayist/ critic and 2015 Windam Campbell Prize winner Geoff Dyer is here tonight at 7! to talk with Hari Kunzru about White Sands, his latest dispatches from across the globe. #strandevents #geoffdyer #harikunzru #WhiteSands

Kunzru's brilliant murder mystery/ghost story hybrid is razor sharp fiction with a social conscience. This tale about two friends who are plunged into the underbelly of record collecting explores the exploitation of black culture by white profiteers. This is compulsively readable fiction and social commentary without being preachy or predictable. Much love!


Current bedside situation: having commitment issues even though these are all good. And actually I'm only re-reading Ladies Paradise because I posted about it the other day. #commitmentissues #bedtimebourbon #WhiteTears #futurehomeofthelivinggod #harikunzru #louiseerdrich #novels #literature #books #paperback #bookstagram #booksofinstagram

Eine wunderbare Lesung des Buches "White Tears" vom Autoren Hari Kunzru. Vielen Dank für die Zusammenarbeit an das Harbour Front Literatur Festival. #harikunzru #harbourfrontfestival #jerrykwarteng

Hari Kunzru mit Jerry Kwarteng und Daniel Haas auf der Cap San Diego mit "White Tears" #harbourfrontliteraturfestival #harikunzru #jerrykwarteng #danielhaas #liebeskindverlag #lesung #literatur #buch #hamburg

(C) Folio, (C)Piper, (c)Liebeskind, (c)Blanvalet
Der 4. Festivaltag hat heute schon früh begonnen: Am Morgen haben wir bereits aus "Die Geschichte der getrennten Wege" (Suhrkamp) von der geheimnisvollen #elenaferrante gehört. Gelesen von #carolinepeters in der wunderbaren St. Pauli Kirche. Und seid 12 Uhr widmen wir uns heute intensiv dem Thema der Meinungsfreiheit mit Fokus auf der Türkei. Danke für s Kommen #petrosmarkaris, #esmahanaykol, #gayeboralioglu, #safiyecan und für die Skypeschaltung #aslierdogan!

Heute Abend freuen wir uns auf internationale Vielfalt mit #massimocarlotto (19 Uhr, Istituto Italiano di Cultura), #stennadolny (20 Uhr, St. Katharinen) #harikunzru (21 Uhr, Cap San Diego) und #sybillehein mit Band (20 Uhr, Imperial Theater).

Heute Abend um 21h auf dem Harbour Front Literatur Festival in Hamburg. White Tears. Spannung. #harbourfrontliteraturfestival2017 #jerrykwarteng #harikunzru #reading #actorslife #whitetears

holy shit, this book. #bookstagram #harikunzru

A little light reading for today's rainy commute ..apt title for the #mood..#bi773rsw337f001 #whitetears #harikunzru

For our discussion of #HariKunzru’s White Tears, we return to the question: can America overcome its sin of racism? Or will our collective inability to deal with the consequences of our actions win the day? If you have not read this novel, beware – this podcast it mostly spoilers! We dive into the themes Kunzru explores in this complex novel, relish the strong prose, and question the role of cultural memory and American identity.
Link in bio (bedrosian.usc.edu/bookclub)

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"Believe I bu-u-uy me a graveyard of my own..."
I had no idea what this novel was about when I began reading it, as I don't like to read plot synopses because a)spoilers and b)it's not so much the plot of a book that hooks me but the way that language is used and what it makes me feel as the plot unfolds. I saw White Tears on a list that said you should read this book if you liked the movie Get Out, so I picked it up assuming it would be both creepy and smart. All I will say, so I do not spoil the details for future readers, is that I am spellbound by the musical ghost story in these pages.
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'Novels are the partly constructed timber of wrong trees we've partly barked up', David Mitchell on Hari Kunzru's revision and reworking of his latest novel, White Tears. Also, yup, photo taken in the toilet because #alltheglamour .
. .
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#edbookfest thing one

'Believe I buy me a graveyard of my own' 🎧🎷🎼 ⠀

White Tears – Hari Kunzru ⠀

Ok YES I bought ten books for my holiday and YES I’ve already read two of them and onto a third, sue me and my long commutes. A couple of reviews up on recklessrubyreads.wordpress.com. 150-word summaries on here because Instagram won’t indulge my word-vomit: ⠀ ⠀ ⠀

‘Weird-kid’, ‘sonic-geologist’ Seth and best friend Carter Wallace, a dreadlocked white boy, spend their days (and Carter’s substantial trust fund) building up a music studio and searching for the ‘authentic’ sounds of interwar blues via rare vinyl records. When Seth inadvertently records a snippet of song from a faceless, nameless black chess player in Washington Square, the boys post it on the internet: collectors and aficionados clamour to get hold of the so-called Graveyard Blues by history’s forgotten ‘Charlie Shaw’. Their prank leads them down a malevolent, dangerous path, and Seth learns more about the seedy, sordid world of Chester Bly and the real Charlie Shaw – a world where greedy white collectors stake a claim to the products of black talent in the Jim-Crow era southern America. A decent ghost story and important commentary on the exploitation and appropriation of black culture.

A great premise. Starts with promise, drags insufferably in the middle, then a pretty decent finish. Reminiscent at times of Henry James' stream of consciousness style, for a large part of this novel I felt like I was on a train and never knew who was getting off and who is getting on, or where they got on or where they got off. #notmyfavorite #bookstagram #goodreads #bookreview #harikunzru #theblues

I only chose this book based on the title (for obvious reasons). I had no idea what it was about, and it turned out to be a great decision. Everyone should read it.
Hari Kunzru, White Tears
21/30 #aileensbookshelf #bookstagram #booksofinstagram #whitetears #harikunzru #libraryswag #librarylove #2017readingchallenge

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