Not going to lie coaching two sports at the same time is tons of work but I get to hang with the coolest kids in the school. It’s all totally worth it. I would do it for free. Killer first distance run since my injury. 5 miles felt amazing. Def a step in the right direction for this half in October. #hardwork #workoutoftheday #bootywork #squats #lunges #onfire #fitmomma #dedication #determination #motivation #repsonreps #onerepatatime #HIIT #priorities #itssohot #hardworkingmomma #homegym #garagegym #itsalifestylenotadiet #70percentdiet30percentexercise #cleaneating #myhappyplace❤ #roadtojazzhalf18 #footballcoach #crosscountrycoach #powerliftingcoach #trackcoach

#WifeyWednesday I Love You Mommas😘 Thank You For All That You Do For The Boys And I! I Appreciate It All! #HardWorkingMomma #ThasssBabyMomma #ThasssMyWife #YouNeedSomeGlasses #Uffff 😘😍

I’m going to go on ahead and toot my own horn for a minute! 🎺
For the past month and a half I’ve been working super hard on creating the most perfect Instagram workshops for the fabulous ladies at @pastelplymouth . Today was my third and final day to sit along side these amazing business women and teach them all about using Instagram as a marketing tool. 📈
I left today’s workshop feeling proud, accomplished, and fulfilled. A huge thank you to Renee, the owner of @pastelplymouth, and to all the hard working ladies who were able to attend my workshops. 💗
Collaboration over competition always, in all ways. 👏🏼
#heatherhelmsconsulting #hardworkingmomma #hardworkingladies #sethighgoals #goalsetters #raisethebar #stayfocused #groupworkshops #instagramworkshop #instagramcoach #instagramguru #marketyourbusiness #marketyourbrand #growyourbusiness #improveeveryday #improveyourbusinessthroughsocialmedia #socialmediacanhelp #michiganbusiness #plymouthbusiness #plymouthmi #detroitentrepreneur

Laundry and hanging out with this little girl and dog were the highlights of my day yesterday! 🤩🤩🤩 I know right who likes doing laundry? When you get to hang them outside I DO!🤪 Call me crazy but I do! I will say I dispise cleaning the bathroom. Best part was playing in the homemade tree fort, even if the dog wanted to join. That was so much fun. It is the little things we have to slow down and take in.
So let me ask you what do you prefer doing; LAUNDRY or BATHROOM?

Tell me below👇

We are HONORED to be on this journey with this EXTRAordinary woman, Heather. When we were introduced 2 years ago I met a very different woman than you see before you today. She was a very tired but OUTSTANDING Veterinarian living out her calling by taking care of the animals she adores but missing out on some precious moments as a Mom that she wanted to get back. She needed to lose some weight, and needed more energy to keep up with her 2 adorable but NON-STOP boys, Miller & Maddox. She worked swing shift and weekends and mentioned she LOVED being a Dr but in an ideal world she dreamed of working weekdays so she could tuck her boys in at night & spend the weekends with her amazing husband Derek and their boys. When she got started, Heather added in bootcamp workouts & learned to fuel her body properly with her meals. Fast forward 2 years & a whole lot of work later, this Momma is now not only down over 50 lbs & 50 inches & has more energy than both of her boys combined but she also gets to tuck these sweet little fellas in bed each & every night & spend every weekend with her family since she has a work-from-home business. THIS is why we do what we do - everyone deserves to live the life they dream of and with this vehicle, her incredible work ethic and servant heart - Heather is living her dream both at work and at home. ~Ashley and Daniel #AdvoTakeover #LiveALifeYouLove

Personal testimonials reflect individual experiences and are not necessarily typical of the results you may obtain. Results vary with individual effort, consistency of use, body composition, eating patterns and exercise. Earnings depend on a number of factors, including your individual effort and the area in which you live. The median annual compensation paid by AdvoCare to Paid Distributors in 2017 was $125 ($1,402).

Transformation Tuesday

Meet Dawn

I think we are spirit animals💕

We meet in our virtual fitness club and have been getting to know each other through the group interaction. I think once we meet in person in will be like 2 friends reconnecting after a few years apart.
I need you all to give her some ❤️ and a shout out because she just absolutely killed her most recent program. I mean look at those abs, arms and a$$! She is down 10lbs and 11.75 inches.
She was the naysayer who was reluctant to “go all in” but by the end she was doing everything she said she wouldn’t because it was working. She saw the progress she had been looking for and now there is no going back.
She put in the consistent daily effort and the results show. She has now inspired her husband to join her along with some other beautiful ladies.
She’s a working mom, who like so many of us wants to be happy and healthy. I think her smile proves that goal is met.
Congratulations Dawn

#results #hardworkingmomma #fitjourney #transformationtueaday #workingmom #fitmom #overcomeandachieve #anyonecandothis #inspire

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