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#TheFirstLady #AfricanButter #CreativeEntrepreneur #Filmmaker #MD/CEO #BabyGirlForLife #TeamSweetSixteen Am I allowed to crush on myself a little? You can totally have it all! Beauty and brains! Monday meetings never looked better! Yes! I said it. Omoni you are too much! Chop kiss jare 😘 #Hardworker #Unstoppable #Unshakeable #ChildOfGrace
Still crushing on this braid wig by @candy_accessoriez
Off to meetings for @wivesonstrike #WivesOnStrikeTHEREVOLUTION #InCinemasFromDec29
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Don’t watch the clock, Do what it does. Keep going.
Should I start competing again or nah?

Cease in somebody's shadow to rest and cool down, and you are lost. Go confidently in the direction of your dreams. Live the life you have imagined. #caliswagz

Simply a patient wolf 💯❌
Comment WOLF letter by letter below 🔥

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Keep your circle small and tight to help you stay focused. Stay determined to achieved your goals. Your tight circle will elevate everyone's performance to achieve the groups goals.
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Kindness makes you the most beautiful person in the world, no matter what you look like ☺
#absolute_success .
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Change of plans today was my first day & they needed someone & I drove over & I destroyed it!! 🤙💪#hebfood #hebpride #hebproud #hardworker #dedicated #heb #feelsgreat #freshstart #lovingmyjob #loving #readyforit #notgonnastop #motivated

Seuger bob.. Gantinya ngopi.. #kurangtidur

I just want to take a quick moment and pat this man on the back for doing so well with balancing so many things on his plate. He doesn’t give himself enough credit for the things he’s doing and accomplishing. For ex: Being an amazing Senate president at Weber State, graduation coming up, medical school interviews, exams, community service hours, hospice visits, family, and me, and so many more things. He’s always running around and putting in 60+ hours every week just to get things done and staying on top of his priorities. He brings his A-game to everything, making sure that he gives his best in everything he does and for everyone he serves and helps. He’s definitely a very busy man but I’m so so so proud of him for everything he does and achieves.
He doesn’t always feel like he’s doing well, but I can see that he’s such a great leader, friend, Student, President, etc. to everyone that’s in his life and everyone that he meets. 😊

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