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“The grace of compassion will broaden your prayer life. It takes your eyes off yourself and onto others.” Glandion Carney #thewayofgrace #prayalways #hardplacescommunity

Yesterday morning we helped with the #HardPlacesCommunity Christmas party! They rented an entire soccer field complex and had a Christmas carnival and pageant. It was such a blessing and honor to be a part of giving some of these kids the ability to just be kids for a few hours. #ChristmasInCambodia

We were blessed to hear from our friends @thehardplacescommunity this morning! If you're interested in investing in, or learning more about this ministry, don't miss Dine Against Darkness on November 30th at 6:30PM at Hal & Mals.
#fondren #fondrenchurch #missions #partnerships #hardplacescommunity

The Pong are proud to be partnering with @thehardplacescommunity in 2018 to open a training restaurant that will help a generation of young men in Cambodia learn valuable skills and find meaningful employment in an environment that restores dignity and encourages dreams. #pongVslavery #pingpongathon #thepongAU #jointeampong #theunderdogwillrise #2017pong #pongon #500Ktarget #tabletennis #pingpong #serveupsomejustice #servejustice #justice #freedom #hope #thepong #hardplacescommunity

Our Hard Places team in Phnom Penh, Cambodia, helped to rescue thirteen children over the past eight weeks. Our night teams came to know about a six-year old boy, dirty, covered in scars, and showing signs of sexual abuse. They discovered he had never had a family, only owners. He was purchased as a baby, and sold from owner to owner his entire life, every few months for years. When our teams found him, he was being sold for $1,500 dollars to a foreign man. With the help of our team, local anti-trafficking police raided the riverfront area, rescuing this beautiful boy, along with six other children, the youngest a six-week old baby. Rescued from a life of horrific abuse, forced to work the streets every night, they are now safe and protected. Our team says, “they’ve got their smiles back.” @thehardplacescommunity @allimellon @stirringchurch #stirringfamily #phnompehn #hardplacescommunity #sonsanddaughters

Killin' it on the soccer pitch today! Punlok Thmey Kids vs. Punlok Thmey Men. PTK took it 5 to 3 but it was so much fun running with the wild Men of HPC.
#WildAndFree #PunlokThmeyMen #PunlokThmeyKids #HardPlacesCommunity #StirringTheNations #Cambodia

Our team in Phnom Penh received a call from their Swat team investigators who found and rescued two of our girls, arrested three pimps and put them in jail. After seven months of unrelenting prayer and work, thirty policemen moved on our behalf and stormed the streets to find these girls and bring these men to justice. We’ve known these girls for seven years, since they were just littles. Two of our girls are still missing - so pray, as the search continues. @stirringchurch @allimellon #hardplacescommunity #stirringthenations #phnompenh #stirringfamily

Today our Phnom Penh team held our first guitar lesson with the School of Worship kids from #HPC!! 2 of their students joined us in our railway community to teach 4 of our kids how to play. So excited to be partnering with HPC in this way - helping their kids branch out and try something new, while helping to enrich the lives of our kids with the gift of music! #iriscambodia #teamphnompenh #hardplacescommunity #sow #partnership #dreamconetrue

Happy Khmer New Year from our crew to yours!
#PunlokThmey #HardPlacesCommunity #StirringTheNations #Cambodia #KhmerNewYear

My father sent me this picture tonight from Phnom Penh, Cambodia. So beautiful. I miss our friends and the HPC crew. You're some of the most courageous people I know. Can't wait to visit again. @chefmlk86 @nphaas @following_my_redeemer @panha_yin @allimellon @veasnayin @savonvong @dalee777 #phnompenh #hardplacescommunity #stirringfamily #welove

'Twas a beautiful morning for a walk (or a run if you're super athletic, which I am NOT). We had an amazing turn out for this year's #PrizmRun! It's an honor to be part of a church + a city that can come together and raise awareness for a cause like human trafficking.

{this is where our stories collide} As if you need another reason to partake in this Saturday's #PrizmRun, there will be TONS of raffle prizes up for grabs including this gorgeous @tradesofhope necklace made in India. Pretty jewelry that empowers women around the globe + racing/donating to benefit two incredible organizations in the fight against human trafficking makes it a win-win-win kind of situation. Find out more on @prizmrun's page.

These slave badges were worn by those enslaved in the city of #Charleston. Each copper badge stated the slave's registration number + year issued and their specialized skills (servant, carpenter, etc.) Seeing artifacts like these brought tears to my eyes as we wandered through the @charlestonmuseum last week. History has a funny way of just "being" sometimes and we forget that HUMAN BEINGS actually experienced the things we read about in museums and books. As I learned more and more about the history of slaves here + at other sites, I thought about how I couldn't imagine living in a time when slavery was so prevalent... Except I DO. There are more slaves in the world now than any other time in history. Slavery in America didn't disappear when the Civil War ended - it has never stopped. If this realization is something that stirs your heart like mine, join me THIS SATURDAY for #FuelChurch's annual #PrizmRun. Check out @prizmrun's page or direct message me for info.

Ready? I'll be in Cambodia in 4 days #cambodia #creativesunite #hardplacescommunity #leadersofcambodia

{today} Explaining to six curious second graders that human slavery still exists + seeing them gasp at the very idea of it all reminded me what this day is about. No matter what age we are or culture we come from, the #EndItMovement gives us the power to speak out for those who aren't able to. Millions of slaves are in bondage around the world. Be aware. Stand up. Fight for freedom. || Join me on April 1st for @fuelchurch's annual #PrizmRun. All proceeds will assist #ThePorchLight and #HardPlacesCommunity in their efforts to end human trafficking. Find out more and register to run at the link in my bio.

What are you thankful for on this beautiful Thursday? We are thankful to be able to contribute to two organizations committed to ending human trafficking and caring for its victims both here in the states and abroad. ❤ #hardplacescommunity #theporchlight #humantrafficking #moderndayslavery

"Love is the light in which we see each thing in its true origin, nature, and destiny. If we could look at the world in a loving way, then the world would rise up before us full of invitation, possibility, and depth." John O'Donohue #anamcara #lovesight #hardplacescommunity

Glad to have papa @_jimbailey home from Cambodia. So honored to run with the beautiful HPC crew and our Stirring family in Phnom Penh. Looking forward to hearing all the stories! And can't wait to visit y'all again. #hardplacescommunity #stirringfamily #stirringthenations #welove

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