I think, for me, it is important to acknowledge our good days and our bad days. Today has been a hard day. I will just be open and forth right about that.
I know my triggers. Stress, feeling overwhelmed and without a plan, and lack of sleep are all things that make me vunerable to depressive episodes.
This afternoon I was swarmed with thoughts about my self worth. I felt so unbelievably sad and upset I could barebly stay awake.
I kept reminding myself "you can't believe everything you think." I just wanted to share this with you. Because depression and anxiety are difficult. We never know what our friends and family are going through. There are days I feel so overcome by unhealthy and hurtful thoughts and somedays I have none at all.
How do you combat your negative thoughts? Positive mantras? What do you say to yourself?
How do you keep from ruminating on destructive congnitive distortions?

You are all amazing. I know it. We all help each other out.

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Post op day 20– #keepingitreal read the hashtags on my photo 🙌🏻🤣🤯🙏🏼
First of all—what do you think of my cool bandanna?? My friend Colette was over today and helped me put it on, so I never took it off. 🤣 thank you Shae, I love it!! Today was a hard day and exhausting, but I made it through. I’ve been on the couch now since 7:00 because it was just too much. I don’t think my doctor would have approved. 🤔 It was a day of a lot of thinking, figuring out, planning, talking, organizing, etc, not to mention, over 2 hours of being over stimulated.
So this morning started with me just trying to be mom and help my three boys with their school reading
Projects/papers that are due on Wednesday. Just about 90 minutes of helping them, simultaneously (because I did that all the time as a homeschool mama) was so incredible exhausting and hard. My head was hurting and it was hard to think and process. Not to mention, having to deal with less that happy kids who were complaining about the assignments. I much note, Ethan worked very well on his paper without complaining at all and was just asking for help and guidance here and there. But even that task of trying to read through a paper and offer input is hard and makes my eyes hurt and head throb.
I had to rest. I went upstairs to the skate room for about an hour to try to nap. The next big task was to go through all of those school supplies we bought on Saturday and organize them for each boy to be able to take them to the schools tonight or have ready for Wednesday. That was draining.
Then we rushed out the door to try to get to the schools on time for Meet the Teachers and the Back to school BBQ. I was already feeling maxed out, but I wanted to go. I felt very strongly about that. My dear friend, Cherylee, who works at TOCS, was excited to see me, and offered to be my personal escort for the next 1.5 hours. She helped me find where we needed to go and made sure I was feeling ok. It was wonderful for the boys and me to meet the teachers and see the classrooms. It was very overwhelming though to do all that talking and walking throughout the building, up and down stairs, with some many other people there.

In two days this little one starts pre-K 3 and I keep thinking about how far she has come! She is by far one of my more challenging kids, partly due to trauma in her past, partly due to her personality (can u say #strongwilledchild 😩). But she is maturing, gaining self-control, and learning to identify her feelings. I want to encourage all you weary mamas out there who are raising foster kids, adopted kids, kids with special needs, or kids who just require a little more time, patience, and energy ... DO NOT GIVE UP!!! There will be hard days but there will also be some really sweet days. There will be lonely days but there will also be some days filled with community. There will be days filled with shouting and tears, but there will also be days filled with laughter and joy. God gives us ALL THE DAYS, and each one is a gift. #harddays #sweetdays #allthedays #twomoredaystillprek

Ahhh, Monday. I win again. Today was met with stress. I mean it... BUT I am not letting stress win. I had a million & one excuses I could’ve used to get out of pushing through today. •••
I feel like my posts are always going to include Valor. Some people like wine, but I like essential oils. Valor is a bravery potion that truly helps me get through the hard days. Sometimes we just need an extra push & that’s okay. Work is not always easy. School is not always easy. Life is not always easy. Butttt essential oils are always there for you & ready to pick you up when you’re feeling down. If you want to know more about any essential oil please message me- I love answering questions. •••
Today I was brave & I consider that a win.
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A witty, but positive, reminder for getting through the #harddays.

Mondays are the hardest days for me emotionally. Not sure why, but they have been for a long time. I am going to choose joy. So, essentially I will choose myself. Self-love is magic. Even when you feel your worst, hold onto that little bit of magic that makes you; beYOUtiful. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀
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Waking up is a bit of a gamble for me half the time. Some days it means motivation, excitement, and a zeal for life. ✨🙌🏼💃🏻 Too often, however, it ends up feeling like a battle to simply keep my eyelids open. With achy joints and a heavy weight pressing down from above it turns into a fight.🌪⛓⚔️ It’s days like that, days like today, that I realize how much of a difference this lifestyle is making for me. A couple of months ago, a day like today would have kept me down, even getting out of bed would have been too much of a struggle. 😫😢 I guess all that weight lifting on the good days has just been prepping me for handling the weight of this PMDD challenge. 🙌🏼🏋🏻‍♀️ The superfoods, building my body up, giving my brain the nutrients it needs to properly function. 🥑🥕🥝🧠 The community and the words of encouragement they have to offer. 👯‍♀️ It all makes a difference, it all changes a life. #pmdd #pmddsupport #pmddwarrior #pmddawareness #gooddays #harddays #mentalhealth #mentalhealthadvocate #mentalhealthawareness #goodvibes #goodvibetribe

Take me back a week , where I wasn’t setting my alarm for 5am instead I was drinking cocktails in 20 plus degrees at night . #CantHaveItAll #HardDays=GoodDays #RoughWithTheSmooth #WeGoAgain #OnToTheNextOne

The last couple of weeks I have not been feeling mentally strong. I think because I felt so physically strong I was able to sweep it under the rug and focus on feeling stronger physically while completely ignoring the mental aspect of my weakness. But today I woke up just feeling WEAK. Mentally, physically, emotionally I feel spent.
I feel tired, I feel angry, I feel short tempered, but most of all I feel like I’m failing. Failing to live with more purpose and grace, failing to get every single serving of veggies in, failing to smile at strangers when I pass by them.
But the truth is, I’m a human who wears a lot of hats and I’ve been slacking on my self care in a lot of ways lately. I’m trying to give myself grace, to tell myself the anxiety isn’t worth it but to be honest it’s just really hard right now. In this time of change in my life, I’m struggling to be the full me and it sucks to feel like I functioning at a less than optimal level. Unfortunately that’s my truth right now, I could tell you all the things I’m trying to do to keep the smile on my face, but just know that I’m trying and somedays that’s all you can do.

It has been 11 long years since you passed away, and a lot has happened in that time. I graduated high school, graduated with my associates, met and married my amazing husband, now I’m finishing my last semester of my undergrad, and starting to plan a family with James, plus every little thing in between. There was not a day or event that went by that I have not thought of you, missed you, and wished you were there with me in person. I made so many promises to you in the last conversation I had with you, and I am keeping every single one of them❤️ I know if you were here you would be proud of me, but not having you here makes it so much harder sometimes. I love and miss you so much mom❤️ you are and always will be my hero❤️ #mamasgirl #cancersucks #11years #timeflys #harddays #itsokaytonotbeokay #onedayatatime #imissyou #breastcancerawareness #selfcheck

Today is that day. The day where all the worries in the world are placed upon my shoulders. The day that everything starts to feel like it’s caving in. The day where I look around and wonder how long the people around me will actually stay in my life. The day that instead of waking up and being able to put my mask on, I wake up and the truth is revealed. To wake up and hold back tears of wondering why. To holding back the anger and mixed emotions that keep coming with it. I keep telling myself to “suck it up” or “things could’ve been a lot worse” or “you cant breakdown. Don’t let them see you at your weak point. Keep pressing forward.” Today, however, is the day that I’m going to let myself breakdown. I’m worn out from pretending I’m okay. Today is the day where I lay in bed all day until work calls my name. Because I deserve this day.
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