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I guess I don't know you anymore

How am I supposed to feel, when you abandoned my apologies

While I drown, you tell me it's all my fault

She was only doing what was done to her in hope that things would get better

One day you'll be fine.

All the chances he ever had, fall apart, fall apart beneath him

I obsess over how we could've been different

Please forgive me, my mother, as i tried, my hardest

How is this life real when I can no longer feel?

I'm the one with the ghosts in my bed but they only come alive at night

White lights are too bright. I just wanna see a trave or an outline

I'll face my fear of the evening once I get used to this feeling

Don't blame your death on the shit in your head that you claimed at you like a virus for days on end

It's hard to be what you need through a static screen

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