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Happy Birthday you magnificent bastard! 🇬🇧 #Souness #Rangers #HardAsNails

After a 2-night stay at the vet, I'm back, and I'm stronger than ever baby! 💪😎
#arthurthelabradoodle #labradoodlesofinstagram #labradoodle #dogsofig #dogstagram #instadog #veterinary #hardasnails

#screamdream has always been my favorite #tednugent . My brother Jack had this on cassette when it first came out, and though I never remembered hearing him play it I always remembered he had it. So when I found it on CD all those years later, I snapped it up so I could finally hear it. And with an opener like "Wango Tango," I was immediately sucked in! And the rest of the album just stuck with me. Previously, I had only ever owned Cat Scratch Fever on cassette. And I hardly ever played it beyond the title-track and "Wang Dang Sweet Poontang." Not the case with this one. Every song kicks ass here! And the funny thing is, I eventually found out my brother bought it by mistake. He thought "Scream Dream" was a different song by some other band. Guess that's why he never played it. But something great definitely came out of his mistake. Cause I may not have ever bought it if not for him. And that would have been a damn shame! Disc no. 638 in #mycdcollection absolutely smokes from beginning to end! #80s #80srock #80smetal #rocknroll #rockandroll #hardrock #heavymetal #wangotango Scream Dream #hardasnails #igottamove #violentlove #fleshandblood #spititout #comeandgetit #terminuseldorado #dontcryillbebackbeforeyouknowitbaby

Our Hard as Nails strengthener ensures your nails are ready for anything. Just 2 or 3 coats protects against chipping, splitting and peeling! Spend £9.99 on Sally Hansen products at @BootsUK and get Hard as Nails free!
#HardAsNails #Nailcare

I've been a pain in this man's ass since I was 5! He's feeling better and of course watching the Yankees! #hardasnails

Mean muggin' with a brother from Sarnia #hardasnails

Клиника для ваших ногтей в одном флаконе — именно с такой концепцией в конце 50-х вышел легендарный лак Hard as Nails. А вы пробовали на себе действие суперзвезды Sally Hansen?
#SHCare #SallyHansen #HardasNails


Time spent manicuring my nails: 0 minutes. Time spent manicuring Leila's nails: 20 minutes. #bossbaby #newborn #hardasnails

This little boy is so poorly with his chicken pox. They are in his mouth, ears, eyes, toes. There isn't a patch on his body that doesn't have them. To top it off they're now infected. He cant even wear his glasses 😕 After a rush trip to the gp and a carrier bag of meds from the pharmacy he seems to be perking up a bit. He's still not sleeping well and eating the bare minimum but fingers crossed the meds kick in and he's better tomorrow!
#fingerscrossed #poorlyboy #boy #son #love #chickenpox #hurryupandgetbetter #hardasnails #notnuts

12 year today since Clare lost a fight with a 38 ton lorry on the A38 on way to Oakerthorpe one sunny Thursday evening. Clare and Hollie was passing a lorry who decided to change lanes without warning forcing Clare to make contact with the central reservation. Spinning and landing back in the middle of the road the wrong way in a cloud of fibreglass. The lorry just kept going totally oblivious of the carnage he'd just caused behind him. Luckily for Clare I was following with Chris just a few cars behind. I stopped and all Clare could shout was for me to chase down the Lorry. Exit me and Chris stage left, 350 Cosworth enraged horses on full pursuit mode. 2 miles down the road we caught up with the lorry and Chris was literally hanging out the window pointing and waving trying to get him to stop. Eventually the guy stopped and denied all knowledge. I sent Chris back up to Clare while I stayed with the guy who then admitted he didn't want to stop because Chris hanging out the window scared him. I don't disagree there. lol. Turned out Clare had sustained couple broke ribs, Hollie broke her collar bone (and her nipples fell out with each other). This accident was also the cause of Clare's few months rocking the electric scooter. She also was referred to anger management by the insurance company. I don't know why they thought she needed that. lol. It took a year for the case to go to court and the guy eventually got done for careless driving thanksto a couple independent witnesses backing up Clare's story. I can remember it like it was yesterday. #bigcab #hardasnails #downbutnotout #rieger #f40 #ford #escort #rsturbo #cabriolet #wideload

This guy @jim_lounsbury not only has superhero marks permanently on his face, but brings coffee infused beer to heighten the bromance. #keeper #thingsmatesdo #hardasnails #coffee #beer

Fortalecedor de unhas. Sally Hansen Hard as Nails sela e fortalece as unhas com um aspecto saudável em apenas 60 segundos.

Sally Hansen Hard as Nails age como fortalecedor e ajuda a prevenir contra quebras, descamações e rachaduras. . . .
#ndimportadosmiami #prontaentrega #hardasnails #sallyhansen #unhasfortes

My first ever attempt at the yoga pose Astavakrasana. Just chucked myself in there and gotta say I'm pretty dam proud! #bodyweight #bodyweighttraining #yoga #astavakrasana #hardasnails #strength #balance #rockhard #toned #fitchick #strongnotskinny #athletic #homeworkout #practise #notperfectbutreal #thesockstho

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