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Which ship would you choose?
Left or Right?

Yaaay, feels so good to be back ☺️Like this bird in the photo I'm just about to land on Instagram again and don't worry I'm not disappearing soon 😅

I had some hard time with my university as my final project proved to be a bit more difficult than I thought but I managed to sort it all out and now everything is on the right track 👍🏻Just 2 more months and I will be a real badass architect 😄😃 But enough about me...I'm dying to know about you!!! How was your last few weeks? Tell me everything in the comments I'm so curious about all the ups and downs of your lives 😉☺️💕 P.s.: Thank you all for the patience and love you gave me during the last weeks it was so lovely to read messages that you missed me and you are waiting for me to come back😚 You are the BEST 💕💕💕

74 days, 19hrs and 35 minutes at sea...
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On Monday 15th May, @alex_thomson_racing will talk exclusively to @rorcracing members and guests at the @hugoboss Store on Regent Street about his @vendeeglobe2016 and other sailing experiences. Tickets & event info via the link in the RORC Racing Instagram bio >>>
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Photo Credit: Alex Thomson Racing ©

The harbour on a cloudy morning in Amersfoort. I love the clouds in The Netherlands. On the right you see Kroast it recently​ opened and it's on my need to visit list.

Go Meva. Yesterday afternoon this was the view across the harbour as the wedding took place on Polpier's front lawn. It's amazing how often our micro climate comes good for outdoor weddings. During the ceremony, this little garden fairy was hidden away trimming the vinca major. It was oh so lovely though to hear the sound of laughter, applause and music drifting down the hill.
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New street in Scalloway this morning


Fishing boats lined up at the harbour, ready to hit the open seas for some fresh & tasty fish 🐟 #morocco #fishingvillage #harbour

#harbour #side
#zeroedit #phonography
The same line viewed from different sides

What can only be described as an assault on the senses #freshfish #seafood #harbour #fishingvillage #morocco

Making friends with the locals #bbq #grilledfish #harbour #freshfish #lobster #seafood

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