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Happy Sunday and happy summer everyone! Join @rbermanus and I on a quick shopping excursion in this episode of #RealLifewithRachelZoe as we visit one of my favorite places to find treasures after an insanely crazy few months. The perfect way to kickstart our summer ❤️Watch on my IG story now XoRZ #vintageheaven #happywifehappylife

It took a Great Wife, and 26 years to capture this rare footage of that smile on my mans face! Although in person all he does is smile, he NEVER smiles in pictures. NEVER EVER EVER! ... Till now! 😏 the lady waiting in the picture line after us kept saying how cute we where and how little I was next to him so that made him laugh even more... Ugh I love this man and it's such a pleasure being the one to bring so much happiness and hope into his life. 💖 #ILookLikeMierda #ButIHadToShareThisFlick #MyFavoooooorite #LoveHim #MissHim #HappyWifeHappyLife 😊

Me & wifey 💑💙 #honeymoon #happywifehappylife

Transformation....Sunday??? 🤰🏼🤔 Picture on the left was taken a year ago today, just one short week before our baby girl entered this world! Picture on the right was taken this evening. WOW - is pregnancy an amazing thing or what?!? I remember being SO ready yet SO nervous this time last year. I was carrying a lot of water and couldn't even wear my wedding band. I was uncomfortable and trying every wives tale I knew of to try and jump start labor. I was devouring spicy foods, walking miles a day, and eating whole pineapples. 😂🤦🏼‍♀️ Little did I know baby girl needed one more week to cook!
At this point I had gained a little over 30 pounds - when I was checked into the hospital I had gained right at 34 pounds. Pregnancy is tough on your body and it's important to take time to allow yourself to recover. After delivering Kennedy I took A LONG time off from exercising. With breastfeeding and adjusting to motherhood it was just too much for me. But it's ok -- and I don't regret it a bit. Give yourself a little grace Mama and know it's never too late to start! I'm here when you're ready. 😘😍 Also- any future daddy's out there: nesting is REAL! I thought my husband would die when I insisted on doing a bathroom reno 1 week before I delivered. 😂😉 #happywifehappylife

Selamat hari raya idul fitri 1438H
Taqaballahu minna wa minkum 🙏

Lebaran tahun ini kita berlima 😍🙆
👪👫 #happyiedmubarak #idulfitri1438h #lebaran2017 #peach #babytwinsgirl #storyofgwengizie #mylove #myfamily #mylitlefamily #happyday #happymoment #instadailypic #happywifehappylife

he hates taking these cheesy pics but I always get my way. #happywifehappylife

5 years ago we said our "I do's" here at this church - it was our second time (and second country) to be married in. It was crazy to plan 2 weddings in a calendar year, but I'm thankful we did it for all the wonderful memories that remain. I love this human being more by each minute that passes! 💕Thanks dad for this cute pic!! ☺️#happyanniversarytous #lovehim #marriedlife #TCOtravels #sofia

When your hubby plans a staycation and you start taking too many pics! He is good for one or two pics, but by the third he is done...lmao🤷🏽‍♀️😂#grateful @bakarisellers @bakari_sellers #happywifehappylife #myhusbandrocks


The best thing to hold onto in life is each other #teambanks #oga #blessedlife #hemakeseverythingpossible #happywifehappylife

It's her dirty 30. Can we get some sand in our lives. #marriedlife #happywifehappylife #makeithappenhusband.

Colongan foto berdua dikala anak yg satu lg naik wahana..yg satunya lg molor 😍🤗😁
#suwholiday #staycation #happywifehappylife #happycouple #scientiapark

When she said, "You don't bring me flowers anymore..." Then I brought this... Her type of Flowers... #happywifehappylife

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