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Ready to turn heads 😯 Tonight we have The #CAPSTONErda 🔺Featuring a spring loaded pyramid build deck 🛠 This RDA also has its #SQUONK hole at the top of the deck, so your juice will always cover your cotton and coils 💦
From @vapehappy x @vandy_vape_official
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The Capstone RDA captured out in the wild! Sitting on that Pulse Squonk Mod! 😍
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Sunny day!!

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Matchy matchy!

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Disfrutando este Sábado con el Capstone RDA y Pulse 80w de @vandy_vape_official

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The Capstone RDA by @vapehappy -
Innovative without being pretentious, super easy to build and some of the best flavor I’ve ever experienced from a side airflow atty.

Full video on my YouTube channel
Link in bio.
@vandy_vape_official @7ssmokevapeshop

New video up on our YouTube channel! Check out the new Pyro V2 Squonk RTA by @vandy_vape_official at YouTube.com/VAPEHAPPY! 🤩 #PyroV2 #squonk #RTA

THAT EDIT LIFE! Sorry for delay! The videos are rollin! New face for our videos coming up... it’s going be smexual.... 😉#PyroV2 #VAPEHAPPY #youtuber

SOOO HARD!! 🔥🔥🔥🔥

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Fit for a Pharaoh 👌🏼 We have the #CAPSTONErda 🛠
From @vapehappy x @vandy_vape_official

Today’s the last day, let’s all stand up together as a community to let them know that we’re not backing down. .
Advocacy over everything! .
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It’s finally upon us, the last day. This is the time for everyone whose life has been improved, whose life has been extended, who has chosen to fight back against the purveyors of misery and death, big pharma and big tobacco.

Today is the day to engage with your families, your friends, and your coworkers and explain to them what this means to you and what it could mean to millions of others if these regulations are allowed to destroy a life-saving industry.
The fact is, you do not have to be vaper, you do not have to be a smoker, you just have to be someone who cares about the health and welfare of the people they love and have the generosity of heart to do
To make this world a better place.
There are now several ways that you or your family and friends can let your voices be heard. I have written my story, filled out countless surveys, and I even did the anecdote form.
I am working on a short 30 second video that you can show to anybody that you think is willing to listen, explaining each of these options and where to find them. It’s up to you to explain to them why it’s important to you.

How about that!?! 😮🤤🤭 #CapstoneRDA
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Ready to go

Keep on tagging us with your Capstone RDAs! ❤️🤩🙌🏼 #Repost @alexcv1971
It finally arrived 👍👍👍I can’t wait to try it out #vapelife #vapeallday #va

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The Gold Capstone RDA comes with an all gold plated deck! #gold #CapstoneRDA 🤩

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