Let's take a selfie 😁😁 #happytuesday #justsmile

Homemade Waffle ร้อนๆ พร้อมเสิร์ฟนะค้า 😉 #happytuesday #cafephom_kanomter

Happy Tuesday 😊 It’s easy to fill up your mind thinking about the tasks you have to do each day - I know I regularly do that, BUT I’m striving to let go of the busyness and focus on being more present. Mindfulness works. What do you do to be more present? #mindfulness #happytuesday #bemorepresent #progressnotperfection #mindset

brrrrrr ❄❄❄

Iba si mayora may pakain hahaha joke #happytuesday #busoglusog #20thofnovemberisLove #teamC

You have been criticising your self for years.

It's mad the things we say to ourselves when know one is listening.

Isn't it mad, that some of the crazy stuff we say to ourselves, that we wouldn't say to another.

Isn't mad that we think it acceptable to talk shit to ourselves when no one's listening.

If only we knew that the conversations we think we are having with ourselves, the universe can here and doesn't understand, it's just a thought.

What the universe hears, is what it will provide. Be mindful of this and be kind with yourself.

Your amazing, we are all amazing and we are doing amazingly well. Keep that shit up.

Happy Tuesday everyone xx

Lobito! 🐺 💕 #happytuesday #memories

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