Start lines can be so nerve racking. I try to keep my nerves at bay by following the same routine for every line.
•1️⃣ Starts with a glance over my left shoulder.
•2️⃣ consumes 1 @clifbar energy gel + water.
•3️⃣ with 3 minutes to go my cozy @dnacycling zip off pants 👖 come off.
•4️⃣ with 2 minutes to go my thermal jacket comes off.
•5️⃣ with 1 minute to go I adjust my pedal and situate myself on my @sdgcomponents saddle.
•6️⃣ eyes ahead, visualize the start and listen (or look) for the whistle, the gun, or the green light.
•7️⃣ crush it.

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📸 @bruce_buckley

Plastic bags and gold nails: the trick to catching rainbows in 24 hours of rain. 🌈 Listen in to @mtnbikeradio podcast (link in bio) for my story of racing in Scotland at 24-hr Worlds AND learn what the 2018 4th (& last) edition of sparkle gold nails will be
N E X T W E E K! ✨(& 2nd edition of bags-in-shoes, cause it’s gonna be a cold one!) #sidepony #mountainbikeradio #happyracersgofaster #graceandgratitude #teamriftinganddrifting #dreambig #youareunlimited

Think about where you were last year. Think about the things that used to worry you so much that no longer consume your mind and time: the relationship that wasn’t healthy, the stress of what this year would be like, the things you never thought you would accomplish, but did...all of those things taught you something, and are grace-filled reminders that after everything that happened, there is room for you to learn, to grow, and to be okay! - Morgan Harper Nichols 🙌❤️•

It’s easy to get wrapped up in all the worry and anxiety the world throws at us, but a lot of my best opportunities and accomplishments come out of just trusting and hoping that all those pains will take me to where I need to be. I’m never snooty to opportunity and give everything 100%. A lot of 2018 was off a whim of hope and lots of hard work. Races where I thought was going to do well, many of times, ended with frustrations and lessons learned. Races I thought were going to be too difficult ended up being where I shined the most. As my teammate Serena says,”Keep showing up!” ... even when you don’t want to! Look back and think about all those hard times and how they have shaped your successes today! 📷 @jeffclarkphotographs ❤️

First tracks! Oops! Seems as though I accidentally rode up into the snow...you see, I just kept thinking about that first big race I’m excited for and before I knew it...there I was, and then it got squirrelly 🐿🥜 ...just how I like it! #cantfeelmyface #lovestoride #squirrely #eagleoutside #lovewhatyoudo

Stay Positive, Work Hard, Make it Happen!! ⚡️

A lot on my mind...an understatement in its purest form. I’ve slowed down in the past couple weeks, which for me...brings up everything I try not to deal with. The real nitty gritty that makes me want to just ride my bike for hours and hours to desensitize all those sharp, pointy emotions. The harder I go, the less I have to feel. In many ways, I owe this coping mechanism to where I’ve gotten so far, but what I’m learning is that it only works for so long... and in order to approach my full potential, I need to put in some real work. It’s a process, and a process I’ve never been too sure about sharing... but, here’s to being vulnerable 🙋🏼‍♀️ ...or, at the very least, here’s a pretty picture of a great place to go ride your bike. #mondaymotivation #bekind #happyracersgofaster #vulnerability 📷 @natalierstarr

Time to tango 💃🏼.
Back to the consistent flow of bike, gym, work, and chill. I love this feeling, even when that means I can’t feel my face. 🥶 #lovestoride #lovewhatyoudo #ridebikesbehappy

Wait, the UCI rule changes didn't include "call-ups by pull-up count?" Well, there's always next year. 🤣🤣I used to be a #nordicskier #stillgotit #pullups #gymday #happyracersgofaster

Do you believe in magic? 💫 The more I travel, explore and dive deep into this passion driven life...the more I’m being reminded that there is something bigger in this world than what’s tangible. It’s universal. The longer I ignore it, the louder it becomes. So, yes... I do believe in magic & spirituality, because when you take a moment to look around at this beautifully complicated life, why not believe in a little pixie dust? #magic #spirituality #tunein #believeinsomething #woowoo

🔥 is starting to burn again! Time to start putting some work in again for 2019 📷 @bricycles

My life looks a bit different than I imagined it would 10 years ago... I mean, whose doesn’t!?!...but, funny how things work out. In college, I studied sports medicine, psychology and corporate and community fitness...but I was never quite content. I wanted to be both the professional helping along the sideline and the athlete playing in the field. In a funny way, I feel like I’m now able to be both - I’m able to connect with our community as both an industry professional and athlete. I’m able to compete at an elite level and have a say in industry decisions. The lines are constantly blurring, but it’s what lights me up...so, I think I might be doing something right. #passiondriven #lovewhatyoudo #ergonwomen #roamfest #womeninsport #womeninbusiness #writeyourownstory

Rounding the off-season corner to a full @trainingpeaks schedule delicately sewn together by @lwcoaching - this marks my 5th year working with Lynda! 🌟 She’s been at the helm of helping me through numerous hurdles and set backs - each year presenting itself with a new one 😬, but together she’s helped me continue to move forward. What a wild ride it’s been! I’m so grateful for the guidance, belief, and friendship we’ve built over the years. Here’s to the next season, and all the gratitude to the village who supports me and my squirrelly ways. #thankscoach #ittakesavillage #happyracersgofaster #controlthecontrollables 📷 @natalierstarr

Chasing sunny smiles through gloomy skies. #eagleoutside #herodirt #lovewhatyoudo #writeyourownstory #chasingsmiles #1111

I had a far more meaningful post prepared for #motivationmonday but liked this one so much better...
#trainhard #setgoalsnotlimits #mtblife #torqfuelled #determination #2019startsnow

🧐Remember how I said when I came back I would be a new athlete? I’m not as race fit as the rest, but I’m learning to keep my fight strong and literally leave everything on course those last laps. @bruce_buckley captured this perfectly on Sunday.
Canada 🇨🇦 bound today for another weekend of leaving it all on course!

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