I like big climbs that keep you honest, friends that give it to you straight, and suspension... guess which two I had yesterday. 🤘🏻🤓 @hardscrabblehumper | #lovewhatyoudo #gravel #smallbutmighty #mixedterrain #eagleoutside #vailvalley

Here’s some motivation for your Monday! Remember when we traveled to Africa this year with the Liv Trail Squad? Did you know that these ladies had never done a stage race before, or that this amazing woman I’m hugging at the end of a tough stage has three kids and a job? Check the link in my bio to watch the first 2 episodes before the next one is released tomorrow to see just how tough they all are! I still think back to this week and just how amazing it was to watch all of them push themselves through a very difficult week on the mtb for pros much less for their first stage race ever!

Happy stomach happy head👌😜 pre race pancake ritual on point 🤓😋 Even if the race legs aren't quite at their sharpest yet, good energy is contagious so let the pancake power flow 😝

#onwardsandupwards #happyracersgofaster #allin #preraceritual #cyclocross #trustintheprocess #pancakepower @musclefooduk

Man, does it feel great to be home and surfing through the leaves 🍁 .
All I want to do lately is sleep in, drink copious amounts of coffee, and spend every last second on the trails before the snow flies! #leafpeeping #zoomzoom #lovestoride #mycanyon #limarhelmets #vailvalley #GoPro

Hey, Trek CX Cup Racers, remember what Ellen says, “Happy Racers Go Faster”
#happyracersgofaster #happywatts #happiness #cyclocross #cx #trekcxcup

Spot the 🚲 🎨 👀urban edition. Another lovely lunch ride.
River path > Waterfront > Woodland trails Holywell’s Park 🙅🏼‍♀️
#happyracersgofaster #graffiti #ipswich #spotthebike #focus #cx #crossishere #lunchtimemiles #urbanedition

The places my bike takes me! 🍂🍁🍂🍂🍂 #mtbgirls #happyracersgofaster #happinesswatts

*On this date 11 years ago I made the leap from chasing my own athletic ambitions to instead following my dream of becoming a sport psychologist. The move to CA was filled with many risks, changes, and challenges. But despite all the hard days it was also the best decision of my life and led me to places like this and getting to know and work with some of the most incredible human beings. So if you’re standing at the end of the diving board... take the leap, travel more, don’t put life off or on hold. #tbt
Diving boards

The leap at the swimming pool is obvious indeed.

Ten steps up the ladder.

The wait at the end of the board.

The moment in between not-diving and diving.

The leap is clear. We can see it and we can feel it.

In day to day life, we have worked to eliminate that feeling. Organizations and marketers and friends work hard to have it happen gradually instead. An incremental, almost invisible creep along a slippery slope, until the next thing we know we’re in a rut, or bored, or ill.

We’ve constructed a life where we rarely leap (new job!) and most of the time, we coast or fade or increment our way forward.

It might be worth investing the effort into turning some of your decisions back into leaps. @sethgodin
#keimperformanceconsulting #happyracersgofaster #taketheleap #womenbusinessowners #sportpsychology

You see, I never know when the post event glow will start to dim. A ticking time bomb in a way of confident athlete to not feeling like an athlete at all. But, just when I started to feel the motivation fade, @bokanev, a photographer who’s work I admire passed this along. A moment captured that reminds me all the work is worth it... to keep going and continue to pursue this feeling. A perfect blend of content, spent and elated. #momentum #rebeccasprivateidaho #BeGood #ridebikesbehappy

Heading to the Great Indoors today that is @interbike - crazy how life has evolved from my beginning in 2012. Most memorable moment of that first year was a scorpion 🦂 crash on a rock roll in St George en route to the show. Luckily, my lines have gotten a bit smoother since then. 🤪 #lovewhatyoudo #ridebikesbehappy #ohtheplacesyoullgo #interbike #ifyoucandreamityoucandoit

See the tree, be the tree! Always keep those eyes where you want to go 👀 #ridebikesbehappy #interbike #truckee #lovestoride 📷 @jeffkerkove

Hanging up the road kits and dusting off the CX kits. What an amazing spring/summer season with these rad babes. So much learning, and so much fun! Huge thanks to @bikereg @shareroasters @ccnsport @tw_metals_llc @serexpo @madalchemy @blackrabbitfarm @blindersoptics for making this season possible. Incredible 📸 by @jonnable @barn_wah and heartfelt thanks to @cc.reuter ❤️@mollyjhurford 🖤@kaylainaction 💚@mgawron 💜 @mirafowlerr 💙@emj_reynolds 🧡 for being the best #babesquad eva! 10/10 would shred again. #shredgirls #poweredbythebestcoffee #girlswhoride #moregirlsonbikes #whipitgood #happyracersgofaster #babesquad #squadgoals #mallorcatrainingcamp2019

Why so happy, KB?
1. Coffee on the porch with @rachelmmack and #davewilson.
2. Being so excited to be riding on MINGUS! mtn that the hardest interval workout I’ve ever done was just plain fun.
3. ARIZONA! 😍where you can climb 4,000’ from cacti to conifers, coast back down to do it again and then get in a red rock swimming hole. #justwow #gratitudeandstoke #arizona #illbeback #waterinthedesert #sidepony #happyracersgofaster #ultramtbconsulting

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