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Happy President's Day from Dr. Carlos N Hornedo III Family Practice. We will be open for regular hours today.
#happypresidentsday #drhornedo #familymedicine

Happy international women’s day ❤️❤️❤️

Snow ❄️ day ! Stay cozy and be safe ☝🏻☝🏻☝🏻☝🏻

Our beautiful offices will have you feeling presidential every day of the year!  Try not to let it go to your head 😉 #HappyPresidentsDay

Happy Presidents’ Day!!!
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#happypresidentsday #presidentsday #fagshatetrump #fags #hatetrump

Feliz lunes #happypresidentsday Otra familia feliz con su nuevo Auto y todo gracias a @peoplepowerteam la manera inteligente de comprar tú nuevo Auto. !! ------------------------------------------------------------------------- #Llamanos : 786-529-8805 -------------------------------------------------------------------------
#Visita nuestra oficina 📍 1500 NW 89TH CT. SUITE 215. DORAL, FL 33172 ------------------------------------------------------------------------- #LAMANERAINTELIGENTEDECOMPRARTUNUEVOAUTO #PEOPLEPOWERTEAM #NUNCAMASPAGUEDEMAS

HONGKUN Hong Shopping Center ❤️

The state of our union is strong. Perhaps still hungover, but strong #happypresidentsday

Something to looking forward to #Beijing #hometown 2️⃣0️⃣2️⃣2️⃣ #winterolympics #winterolpympics2022

#LavaSwimmer #kingdevinjoseph #HappyPresidentsDay #HappyBlackHistoryMonth #BlackHistoryMonth #HappyBlackHistoryMonth2018 #BlackHistoryMonth2018
We had no idea that the core of our planet could sustain its own ecosystem...The Lava Swimmer is the apex hunter in the core of most earthlike planets. It hunts whale like creatures of pure light and energy to sustain it own internal core. The activity of the Lava Swimmers often triggers volcanic eruptions on the planets surface. No one knows how life can exist in such harsh conditions, but as Ian Malcom said in Jurassic Park..."Life will find a way." Man I suck at writing these things! Oh well just havin fun... What do you think I'm doing a good job I'm doing a bad job. If you say or think I'm doing a good job thank you. If you say or think I'm doing a bad job you try to write a story is very complicated you got you used your knowledge of reading novels and lots of books just to make up a great story. You have a 50-50 chance people will like your story or hate your story. All you need to know it it good to you you put in the effort you put in the work you maid your story your own never forget that. And one more thing always put yourself up you not put yourself down believe in your work believe in your art skills believe in your self and everything will work out.

#LavaSwimmer #HappyPresidentsDay #HappyBlackHistoryMonth #BlackHistoryMonth #HappyBlackHistoryMonth2018 #BlackHistoryMonth2018
The Lava Swimmer is a solitary beast of the deep. Far below active volcanos it slowly moves through the molten lava filtering clouds of tasty mineral from the burning rock with it's massive net like mouth. It's moves by way of a long undulating frill around it's body. It is bioluminescent but reverse to what we've seen in the trenches of the ocean, in that the brightest area is below it, so from above, it glows and blends in with it's surroundings. It uses it's long glowing 'lure' to attract a male of it's species, which is much slimmer and smaller in stature. Little is known of the Lava Swimmer's mating habits, young, or behaviour.
Undulating: move with a smooth wavelike motion. "her body undulated to the thumping rhythm of the music synonyms: rise and fall, surge, swell, heave, ripple, billow, flow, roll, wind, wobble, oscillate, fluctuate.

#LivingSpeicies #HappyPresidentsDay #HappyBlackHistoryMonth #BlackHistoryMonth #HappyBlackHistoryMonth2018 #BlackHistoryMonth2018
This is an ancient speicies of snake that has adapted to the harsh conditions of volcanic lava.......Living on an island created by underwater volcanoes this snake had experianced many eruptions and the constant flow of lava.....After many millions of years its scales evolved into a hard shell composed of a material much like your finger nail (just much larger, stronger, and heat resistant).....This shell moves up and down propelling it forward like the scales on a snaked stomach, making the motion of a squid as it jets along in the molten rock....Its inner skin changed into a soft foamy gell (like a jellyfish) that absorbs the heat into its body giving of a molten glow.......Its beak like mouth (similar to a scoop on a construction vehicle) is used to pick up smaller magma creatures hidden in the rocky volcanic floor.....

#BlushingAshRat #HappyPresidentsDay #HappyBlackHistoryMonth #BlackHistoryMonth #HappyBlackHistoryMonth2018 #BlackHistoryMonth2018
The "Blushing Ash Rat" is at home in rivers of molten lava. The majority of its life is spent on the top of dried volcanic rock scrounging for prey that has fallen to the intense heat of the area, but a few times a year they will dive into the hardened crust of a volcano basin to melt the crusty outer skin off of their beautiful bodies. This process sterilizes and beautifies their skin which is essential to mating.

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