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We love social media! It is such a great tool to grow your business! ⠀

Here are some tips that we use on social media:⠀
- establish a strategy⠀
- determine your goals⠀
- be consistent⠀
- make sure that your content aligns with your message⠀
- engage with your customers⠀

Another a great tool to grow your business is Facebook Live. With Facebook Live, you are able to review Young living product and talk about the benefits. Some more great benefits of Facebook Live:⠀
- provides absolute unique content⠀
- creates more excitement around product releases⠀
- connects you directly with your audience⠀
- your audience will spend more time watching a live video compared to a pre-recorded/saved video⠀
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Attention business owners! Do you want to be in the know about ALL social media platforms? Get training, graphics, courses, community support? Come join the amazing Think Social Society!! This exclusive membership group will have online access through Teachable and a private Facebook group!! If you don't know who @desireegrose is, NOW is the time!! Come join me! There is a link in my bio for a special January price!! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
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dōTERRA foaming hand wash? Yes please! Something about washing your hands this way makes it more fun for kids! .
dōTERRA On Guard Foaming Hand Wash is a gentle, healthy alternative to harsh soaps that may dry and irritate sensitive skin. Fortified with the power of naturally safe dōTERRA CPTG Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade® essential oils, dōTERRA On Guard Foaming Hand Wash provides the protective benefits of one of the most popular proprietary dōTERRA essential oil blends. .
dōTERRA On Guard Foaming Hand Wash cleans and softens hands while providing an invigorating aroma of essential oils that leaves your hands smelling fresh and citrus clean.

Ingredients include 💧 wild orange 💧 clove
💧 cinnamon 💧 eucalyptus 💧 rosemary ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
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Here’s the truth... you can get oils almost anywhere- the grocery store, health food store, Amazon. So how do you decide where to get your oils? It is actually very important.
In the U.S, there are very little regulations as far as the purity of essential oils is concerned. In fact, an essential oil can be labeled as “pure” as long as it contains only 5% oil. The rest of the bottle can be filled with fillers, such as water and chemical additives. Which means that the oil that you are using is actually doing more harm than good.
This is why I love Young Living essential oils. I have to admit, before I tried Young Living’s oils, I was using cheap oils from the health food store and wasn’t getting the effects that I hoped for. Luckily, I didn’t give up on oils- I did my research and found that Young Living has their own farms, they use steam distillation (no chemicals involved) and they test their oils for purity and they’re also tested by a third party to make sure they are pure and contain all of the constituents that the oils should, so that I can receive ALL of the benefits for that oil. But the biggest testimony of their purity to me was the way that they worked. It blew me away!
So make sure you do your research. Choose an essential oil company that has rigorous standards.

When your 11 year old can whip up a dinner for you, that's a @hellofresh win!! Tonight Annie made us Maple Glazed Duck with Blood Orange Salad and Rosemary Fingerling Potatoes!!! If you have not tried their service yet, you need to!! I have a coupon over in my bio link! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
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Got my happy oils on and getting stuff done today!

Young Living Oils I'm using today ▪Frankincense ▪Motivation ▪Joy ▪Peace & Calming ▪White Angelina
I can't get enough of these happy oils!


Mamas need a little ammo in the back pocket 💥. Hats off to all mamas and the "unimportant" tasks that fill your day to day. May your day be filled with much laughter as you serve those around you with JOY ❤️ #sprinklejoy #mom #younglivingessentialoils #happyoils #laughter

PanAway® essential oil is a popular blend formulated by Young Living Founder D. Gary Young that has a refreshing, invigorating aroma and cooling sensation when applied to the skin. PanAway oil is a combination of Wintergreen, Helichrysum, Clove, and Peppermint essential oils. Popular PanAway® oil uses include applying it to tired muscles after exercise or to the neck and back any time of day to enjoy its soothing and stimulating aroma. ⠀

PanAway Oil Uses:⠀
- Rub a single drop of diluted PanAway essential oil into your temples when you are in heavy traffic or crowded, loud spaces such as an airport.⠀

- Apply diluted oil onto the bottoms of your feet for a relaxing foot massage.⠀

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Feeling tropical today! 🌴 What's in your diffuser? The sun outside made me think of warmer weather, so I'm diffusing to match my desire ☀️ ☀️ ☀️!!! *
More importantly...the white light (on)...does that mean the ionizer is on or off? Help rainstone loving friends!
#happyoils #moodbooster #happythoughts #tropicalvibes #summeronmymind

Petitgrain essential oil is my jam this week. Makes my skin happy, calms my nerves, brings me right back to warmer days🍊🙌🏻

Don't be green with envy....but I'm diffusing this awesome little pick me up today. My house smell deLIMEful! #younglivingessentialoils #teamyl #happyoils

Only good vibes allowed!
Lemongrass, Palo Santo, and Lemon💜#happyoils #yleo #yllemongrass #yllemon #ylpalosanto #clearingthemind #repellnegativity #innerpeace

Are you expecting snow? Annie is pretty excited that she might not have school tomorrow! Personally I would love to move to a warm climate!
#snowday2018 #snowsucks #bringonsummer #nomoresnow

Our morning got a little bit better with these two in the diffuser. I forgot how well they work together! #balance #happyoils #moodyboys

Relax! It's National Nothing Day! I'm not sure my boss will go along with it! 🤣
#nationalnothingday #donothing #tuesdaytips #dosomethingdifferent

Calling all mommas who need a Valentine gift 💝 for their child’s teacher! ! “orange you the sweetest teacher?” Message me if you need some orange 🍊 you happy 😊 oil!

This is how my cats spent the day, how about you? I'm in the middle of a Facebook event, but otherwise it was a day of news and reaching out to friends! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
#itsacatslife #keepyourheadup #mlkday2018 #mondayflow

Is it weird that I look forward to washing my face just because my face wash smells SO good? 🤷🏼‍♀️ Well, either way, my winter skin has been LOVING these two lately 😍 The face wash doesn’t contain soap, so your skin retains its natural oils and doesn’t feel as dried out and that satin scrub just gently buffs away all that dead dry skin...plus, you only need the tiniest amount of either one so they’re lasting me foreverrrr (always a bonus 👍🏻)

What are you diffusing today?? It's a snow day here in Missouri.. so to keep the mood happy.. we are using Joy and Lemon.. no negative Nellie's in this house!
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