My view of one side of @ginandtarnish’s booth at the @junkbonanza today🙌🏻

It was so hot coming out of New York state and as we drove by this huge body of water we realized it was Erie and had to stop and take a dip before Pennsylvania and Ohio. Had an absolute blast rock stacking/hunting and basking in the hot sun from the cool water. This day was magical. @bigwallpirate

🌅Sunset on Srd 📍Dubrovnik •
⛰Stone cities flower from the Adriatic into orange roofed hamlets, winding around pebble beaches and up steep cliff sides along the Dalmatian Coast. During the day, they appear as pearls, strung along the neck of mountains rising to the north; at night the cities become stars, burning in navy blue bays that bleed into sky. •
⛰The best place for panorama junkies to see the string of Croatia’s jewel-lined coast is Srd Hill. Rising 1,352 ft. above sea level, this vantage point above Dubrovnik’s Old Town offers sweeping views of the city below, mountains behind, and islands that dot the landscape crawling westward. •
⛰While you can choose to hike the rocky path that switchbacks up the hill, the best way to reach the top is via a 4 minute cable car ride (9AM-12AM). Visit dubrovnikcablecar.com for more info. •

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Thank you for a successful Central Iowa Junk Jaunt event this past weekend!
We had such happy & fun customers! And the vendors in the side yard of the shop...thank you for all of your hard work, grit & independent nature👊🏻
We are grateful to refresh the shop for the coming weekend! You guys made a big dent in the vintage at JB Knacker🙌🏻

Good morning my swetty friends wish you all the best with all my respect ...we always live with camels the best moment and the nomadiclife is verry beautfl
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Our fall vintage roadtrip has wrapped up and all 23 stops on the Central Iowa Junk Jaunt map are grateful for all of You!
It was a steamy weekend filled with vintage, handmade, food/drink, laughter & friends🍁
Word-of-mouth is the best promotion! So go home and talk about us (in a nice way 😁). And keep coming back to our small central Iowa towns and countryside shops...we loved having you!

A little video of the JB Knacker Flea Market...I love these guys🧡🍁

Get over to JB Knacker and the JB Knacker Flea Market on this last day of the @centraliowajunkjaunt! We are open 10-4!

Central Iowa Junk Jaunt’s fall vintage roadtrip is happening today (Sunday) in the small towns of Jewell, Story City, Randall & Gilbert...and the beautiful Iowa countryside in-between. It will be a great day to hit the 23 stops on the junkin’ map...all are open 10-4🍁🧡

Day 2 of Central Iowa Junk Jaunt’s fall vintage roadtrip starts tomorrow (Saturday) at 9am...don’t miss it!🧡🍁

Central Iowa Junk Jaunt’s fall vintage roadtrip is underway! All 23 stops are so excited to welcome you! This pic is of stop #4 on the map, @jbknacker Flea Market! Beautiful day🧡🍁

Since we left the house and moved into the camperlife, Joolz is struggling with finding “her” home and safe place. I try to do as much as possible but still i feel its not enough. Today she spent most of her time in the camper while i was doing landscaping and gardening. Right after i finished we drove straight to the beach as i know she loves that. I went for a dive and she just set down and watched. And when i got out she jumped, ran and played like a young puppy, happy to see me. This unconditional love only dogs can give you. Love you forever Miss Joolz ❤️
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Gather the troops, plan your route and let’s do this fall vintage roadtrip!
Central Iowa Junk Jaunt starts tomorrow, Friday!
Sept 14-16, Fri & Sat 9-5 and Sun 10-4
Get your map at centraliowajunkjaunt.com.

2 more days until the start of the @centraliowajunkjaunt!
JB Knacker and our side yard flea market (stops 3 & 4 on the map) will be ready for you!
Central Iowa Junk Jaunt...Fri & Sat 9-5 and Sun 10-4...go to centraliowajunkjaunt.com to print a map🍁

The winner of the $50 gift certificate to any stop on the map is Nicole Peffers! Thank you for all of your shares, comments and tags on Instagram & Facebook! You truly are the best at getting the word out about this fun fall roadtrip in just 2 days🍁🧡

Just a picture of before the side yard fills up with vendors and a bunch of afters!
Our fall vintage roadtrip is this weekend...Fri & Sat 9-5 and Sun 10-4!🍁
Gilbert is a great place to be during the @centraliowajunkjaunt !

Requests have been made to post the map again...so here it is!
Best way to print it...go to our website at centraliowajunkjaunt.com and easily download & print a version you can make notes on.
And remember we have added a stop🤗 Stop #23, The General Store is popping up on Broad Street in Story City!
Slide to the next picture and you will see #23 added in the Story City area. For those of you who need order...I know, it’s totally out of order😱...but we’re gonna roll with it, because it’s a darn good addition!
Elin has been working for The General Store (Clear Lake) for many years...and this organization does great things for people living with disabilities.
The General Store will have plenty of vintage, plants and maybe even some pastries (crossing our fingers that their on-site bakery will make extra for the Story City pop-up)! You can’t go wrong with that combination🙌🏻

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