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I love this little girl with all my heart, literally cried with joy the day she was born. I like to keep my family private for the most part but she's my happiness and pain and she means errrthang to me. I'm so proud of the pre-teen she's becoming from being a mini diva to basically a full-blown actress (snapchat would know) I love you @imkiarajade!! You're everything I'm not (great news) and I wouldn't trade you for the world 💘💘 #happynationalsisterday #youmakemebetter

#happynationalsisterday I love u so much i'll be sad to see you leave. Ps in the video I'm not the only one singing Amber is to

happy national sisters day from the alpha psi chapter! can't wait for all us to be back together in the fall 💕


One of the greatest gifts.. a baby sister. #happynationalsisterday 👯💕I love you @skinsacredbynataliebolton

Life would of been so boring with out yo bipolar ass I love you keep talking shit #happynationalsisterday 👯❤️

the best days are spent with them💗#happynationalsisterday

Happy National Sister Day. Truly blessed to have these two to call my sisters. @amychehebar @danielleazizo you are my everything i love you both unconditionally!! #nationalsisterday #happynationalsisterday

By chance, I've had the pleasure of being your big sister. To be able to watch the both of you grow from the moment you took your first breath is something I cherish. You both have grown into such beautiful people and I cannot wait to continue to watch you both blossom even more. No matter the miles, we always find ways to make our bond grow. I love you both. 👩🏽👩🏻👩🏼 #HappyNationalSisterDay


Ughhhh I just love this girl so much she means everything to meh even though she moved miles away from me and we're total in different time zones she always busy I still love her and think of her I glad she came into my life ilysmt ♥️♥️♥️👯👯😍 @howell_winter #bestfriend #happynationalsisterday #happynationalsibilingday #like4spam #like4like #likeforlike

#HappyNationalSisterDay #LATEButItStillCounts
Blood doesn't make you related, so happy national sister day to this beauty. Tiffany Rose I love you a lot! Your like the big sister I never had. Your always there for me no matter what! I have gave you so much hell in the years I have known you but not once have you left my side! Your my best friend and my big sister! Thank you for dealing with my bipolar mood swings, my crying over some stupid boy, my attitudes, my depression, and everything else you deal with when it comes to me! I love you sissy❤️💕💓 And I miss you a lots!!! You need to come back to North Carolina at least for another visit if anything!!!

Sorry it was so so late I got my phone taken but @theylovee.leelee @1way.taetae #happynationalsisterday

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