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Sich a big surprise! Thank you so much my dear! Ich freu mich schon auf den Planer-Kaffee-Klatsch mit dir 💖@pastelpaperplane 😘😘😘 #happymail #happymailday #bohoplanning #bohogoddess #bohostyle

To make up for the skirt trauma (see last post) at least it is a #happymailday with two of @paulineyalice newest patterns (due for release next week?) sent to me by the great lady herself as a thank you for testing one of the patterns - and I can tell you I love it! #patterntesting #sewists #sewmanju #sewcialists #sewistsofinstagram #sewingblogger #sewing #maker #diyfashion #paulinealice #indiepatterns

One of my lovely Woolswappers from Australia is definitely not feeling blue about this yummy parcel she received 😜😍🤗 ❇️ 📷by @appleknits ❇️ 🎁 by @sallykeeley ( well done for being so speedy 👍👏) #knittersoftheworld #woolswap #yarnswap #woolswaplove #woolswaptribe #happymailday #knitting_inspiration

Und....., Mira's sticker waren auch in der Post! Juhu- Samstag #happymailday is pretty good so far😍#blessed

This came in the mail today from dear @steffitera - thank you so, so much lovely, your letter brightened up my day and I can't believe I now have these lovely flowers all the way from the USA😍💕🌱 I'll be creating a happy spring-themed letter for you very very soon✨ // Happy Friday everyone, enjoy your weekend!😊

Reçus ❤💛💖 Ils sont encore plus beaux en vrai, ça va être trop trop beau !
#haleboppmkal #ambahobrien #happymailday #madelinetosh

My yummy order @fromkatrinwithlove 😍💕💖 thank you for all the goodies sweetheart! Miss you!😙🌹 ps. The flow paper I got was begging to be ephemerized😄 #happymail #happymailday #snailmail

#happymailday to me 😊 so so excited about this #blueraspberry color way in big sister from @yarnonthehouse You guys this yarn is amazing!!


I've got the best bestie...surprise happy mail in the post from my bestie @julesharky for Mothers Day. Thank you sweetie. Love it (and you!) 💕
#happymail #happymailday #snailmail #mothersdaycard #mailfrommybestie #hedgehogs #phoenixtradingcards #love #sign #woodensigns #lymy #bestfriends #geraldinelou

#happymailday 📦💌🖤

I love getting new oils to try and old favorites to replenish. And when the free sample included is a blend by the same name as your favorite girl, you know it will be a regular in the rotation.

You know it's a good day when you get home from work and have this waiting for you 😄 Thanks, @influenster! #charmvoxbox #influenster #sponsered #freegoodies #mail #happymailday #review #promote #products #free

Happy mail got my makeup brushes today and my glitter eyeliner and some fibro cream for pain #happymailday #samples #makeupbrushes

things i require in a pen pal:
yes i may seem a little demanding or strict, whatever you want to call it but i've been doing this for three years. i know the scammers and the ins and out of it all. these are just to protect me and my potential future pen pal.

1. if you do not have a snail mail incoming/outgoing account—i require you to send first. my reason: i have written so many three page front and back sided letters with goodies only to. never. get. a. reply. you know the feeling when you put all your artistic energy into a school assignment but only get a C or some other close grade on it? yeah, well that's how i feel.

2. i do not want short letter pen pals. no. my reason: i once had a pen pal who only wrote half a page of an A5 sheet of paper. where is the excitement in that? it was always the same things too: how are you, how she felt, then hope to hear from you soon. wth? i'm completely over it. i want pen pals who can write letters longer than 1 1/2 sheets of standard 11x8 paper. it costs a lot of money to send international for only half a small sheet of paper. let's make that full ounce worth it!

3. i only want female pen pals. my reason: sorry my male friends, there aren't many of you but i have found they usually only want internet pen pals (which actually are internet friends) or only write one letter then get bored with it. i'm not up for that. sorry, i just don't have the time to write out a nice full letter between my schoolwork, pen pals that come first, other activities, swaps, etc only to again, never get a reply or get one then write another and never hear from you again. i do have two male pals, but they are older and actually into fulfilling their pen pal duties.

4. i would like my pen pals to add their instagram user name/tumblr link/e-mail/some way to contact them in or on their letter someway. my reason: this is so i can keep track in my booklet i keep. this is for me to stay on track so i can keep our letters coming in and out running smoothly.

5. and lastly, a simple one: don't expect me to not ask questions (mail tag). (REST IN COMMENTS)

Happy mail - my fav magazine! I will try roll clips tonight 👍 #happymailday #happymail #lovequiltingmag #quilt #fabriclove #rollclips

Shipping this beauty out today. #happymailday #love #beautiful

I'm all about the minute details when it comes to creating an entire outfit and make up look! From the floral dress to the nude shoes and the nude lips! Yesterday, was #happymailday and I got my #renttherunway and #fabfitfun delivered just in time for my friend's wedding today!! Oh and of course my #youniqueproducts #lotd #staytuned #gettingready #busymom #lashesbyjovielyn

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