Money can't buy you happiness... but it can buy you yarn... and that's kinda the same thing 😂 so excited about the yarn I got today! The plan is to make a *gasp* sweater (shocking, I know) and Christmas stockings. So much potential in one box! #yarn #happyknitter #knittingaddict #knitpicksyarn

Thank you, lovely friends of the #yarnchixpodcast ✨❤️ the last post made me feel so proud, your words and thumbs up mean a lot to me!
Cannot wait to record my next Episode 💌🐓💡
The #ankerstrøje will def feature, as will more of this gorgeous @tulliveryarn my #yarnhaul from a wool Festival in Jyväskylä/ Finland and an update on all things #magic3mal :
Now, will I or won't I have a finished set of three?
Let's see :)
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{NEW PATTERN + DISCOUNT!} Sometimes, the most eye-catching results come from the simplest stitches. That's the case with the Concentra Cowl, which is based entirely on garter, stockinette, ribbing, and a few simple four-stitch repeats. Choose two yarns or an entire rainbow and let the stitches work their magic.⠀

Concentra is worked in the round from the bottom up. Decreases throughout create a gentle flare that’s easy to wear and can even be pulled down over your shoulders as needed. The pattern includes a note about increasing length as well as a link to a free planning worksheet to help you create your version. And as always, Concentra has been tech edited and test knit, so you can cast on with confidence.⠀

Curious about the name? Concentric shapes are those that share a central point, like ripples traveling outward from a stone dropped in a pond. Ever since high school geometry, I've found them somehow satisfying, the embodiment of order and balance. From the first round of Concentra’s colorwork, the name set up shop in my head and stuck.⠀

Use the code COLORFUL to take 20% off until the end of 7/22/18 EST. The link is in my profile!⠀

#remadebyhandknits #concentracowl #hypnoticyarn

What does one need more......#happyknitter #pompommag #talaveratop

#morningknitting with @skeindeer & #skeindeerpodcast and I still can’t share what I am knitting on but I can show there are beads involved 🤫😁
#happyknitter #giftknitting #surpriseknitting #knittingbeforework

How about a modeled FO?! I’m thrilled that Jordan loves her #wurmhat that I knit for her. ❤️ (Thank you for sharing your photos with me)

So excited this will soon be my new chapter stocking the fantastic #westyorkshirespinners yarns and solicitors permitting finalise on about 1 August. #happyknitter #fenknitwear

With every pattern, it’s getting harder and harder to think of silly photos to take. Thankfully, Concentra can double as a tank top, so this one was easy!⠀

You have a little more time to enter the giveaway (two back in my feed) and sign up for Looped In (link in profile) for an exclusive discount on pattern and yarn. Concentra will be out tomorrow!⠀

#remadebyhandknits #concentracowl #hypnoticyarn

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