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Hey everyone! I’m gearing up for today’s tempeh class, and can you tell I’m just a tad excited? ☝🏽Tune into our Insta story and see the magic of making tempeh. Starts at noon!

I freakin’ love this job. Some days are hard, not gonna lie. But over all, we literally are bringing life to food in the city of St. Pete. I couldn’t be more proud of everything we’ve done over the past year and a half. And it’s only the beginning! Yesterday, we prepped jars of raw ACV vinegar with mothers, something I’ve been fermenting since last fall. Feels amazing to pass these along to our workshop attendees. ❤️ 📷: @theurbancanningco

And sometimes my kombucha goes everywhere. This is day 6 of the second ferment. I laughed quite a bit when this happened! Pineapple ginger - I added more fruit than I usually do and clearly that made a difference on the fizz factor. The blueberry ginger that I made at the same time also had quite the fizz but I made sure to release it slowly! Yum. Love filling my fridge with gut health goodness.
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what do you like to put in your grilled cheeze? i mean other than the cheeze and the bread obviously! 💁‍♀️ #toasttuesday

after last week kimchi ingredients #flatlay, here's the #kimchi itself in all its glory! one of my favorite way to have kimchi is pretty simple : with plain rice and tofu lol #simpleaf 😂 my second fav combo is with cheeze #veganofcourse : with mac'n'chesse or, almost as tasty, in a grilled cheese (even better with hm sourdough hihi)! if you've never tried that, you're definitely missing something! the tangy taste and spiciness of the kimchi is incredible with the creamy and fat of the cheeze!👌 give it a try, you'll thank me later ;) and if you want more kimchi inspo, check what my friend @stuffontoast did today! #droolingmode 😋 🇨🇵 parlant de levain & kimchi, juste un petit rappel pour mes ateliers de fermentation au @esquina.baracafe plus tard ce mois-ci et en mars! le 1er atelier (28 février) sera sur le kimchi justement (!!!) mais aussi sur la choucroute, le 2e (7 mars) parlera de tepache et komucha et le dernier, mais non le moindre, (14 mars) sera consacré au levain! après les trois cours, vous pourrez apprécier votre grilled cheeze au kimchi avec un bon verre de tepache hehe 😉 je vous mets tous les détails pour les ateliers dans mes stories et le lien vers le premier cours dans ma bio!

PS : grilled cheeze featuring my homemade sourdough + kimchi, but also @gustafood americano cheeze and seitan roast. i know it's hard to see, but believe me, they both made my grilled cheeze incredible! 👌
PSS: tbig thank you to my girls at @crowded_kichen for reposting my pink chia parfaits otday, but also to @therawberry for making my porridge recipe & to @thezestylime for trying out my waffle recipe! love you girls! ❤️
PSSS: i'm sick all over again, so no grilled cheeze for me today, just lot of liquid and veggie broth! hope you're not sick my loves xxx

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Taught another friend how to make booch today. I love passing along recipes and sharing gut health goodness! Pineapple ginger and blueberry ginger - waiting is so hard!
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Kombucha mocktails 🍹!
Thank you so much to @redemptionbar and everyone who came to play with me and the germs on Thursday! And thank you to Andrea and the team for making some kickass vegan burgers 🍔 to go with my probiotic ketchup and various ferments. Yummmm! 😋 Looking forward to the next one! 💕
And THANK YOU for the amazing photos @carito.inspo 📷!

any KIMCHI LOVERS in the room? or maybe you never had some...yet? let's all be honest and share your kimchi experience with me below ⤵️, i want to read it all! ❤️ first time i made and had kimchi, almost 3 years ago, i didn't like it that much to be honest! it took me almost 6 months to finish the single jar i have made! and now? i make a jar and it doesn't last me longer than a month haha! it's what i call an acquired taste : your palate needs to adapt and get used to it, as it did with coffee, wine and most ferment foods. so if you answered to my question that you don't like kimchi, please give you (and your taste buds) some time and give it another chance. you might be surprised hihi!

gonna need to make a new batch of kimchi soon tho, so it'll be ready just in time for my fermentation workshop later this month at @esquina.baracafe, the first of three workshops! i'm gonna show you guys how to make kimchi (vegan obviously, cause traditional ones aren't), but also sauerkraut! gonna be in french this time, but who knows, i might give english ones someday soon too! je vous mets le lien pour vous inscrire dans ma bio! et n'hésitez pas à m'écrire en privé si vous avec des questions! les deux autres ateliers seront sur le tepache/kombucha et sur le levain!

talking of fermentation, i'm so proud of you all who gave my tepache a try and tagged me in your stories! and cheering up my girl @valises_et_gourmandises who just started making her own kombucha! you go girl!
special thanks to @thefeedfeed.vegan for sharing my smoothie trio today ;) have a lovely day my friends! much love from montréal, Odile xxx

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Attempting a new recipe today - Rosemary Rutabaga, from 'Ferment Your Vegetables' (@phicklefoods). Excited about this one! My kids were eating the raw rutabaga as I was shredding it! These are from my CSA, along with the garlic, and I had some fresh rosemary growing. Love keeping our food local and fresh. 😍🙏👍
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Beet kvass goin’ in. This fermented tonic is great for so many things. Our customers say it helps them with blood pressure, regularity, heart burn, acid reflux, as an aid before or after a workout, the list goes on. Come get some at the shop or this weekend at @indiemarket! ❤️

Big batch of SUPER MOON KIMCHI getting ready for my Fermeted Foods masterclass at @redemptionbar on Thursday🌝
Coincidentally (or not?) my last batch also ripened under a full moon... makes for extra special kimchi I find! 🌶
Still some spaces left for the workshop, come along for and extraordinary vegan dinner and learn a skill for life this coming week!

Settling quite nicely into our new space. We sincerely love our new home! Working alongside @theurbancanningco is crazy cool. Ultimate squad. Come see us M-F 9-5 and Saturdays 11-5.

Coconut yogurt is probably the probiotic I consume the most – AFTER kombucha that is! 🥥 So easy to make and lasts forever. Want to learn how to do it yourself? Then come along to my Fermented Foods workshop & VEGAN dinner at @redemptionbar on February 8th! Still some tickets left, grab them through the Facebook event link in my bio 🌝

Thank you @rawfestuk for having me – slightly impromptu – at your Detox and Meditation event yesterday! So lovely to meet you all and share a little bit of kombucha love with you🥃

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