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हरेक विवाहित छोरीलाई सोध्नु बुवाप्रतिको माया र सम्मान त्यसदिन देखि झन् चुलिंएर कहाँ पुग्छ अाजीवन..
हरेक छोरीका पितालाई सोध्नु जन्मने बित्तिकै हातमा छोरी समाउँदा उनको पहिलो सोचाइ नै यही दिन..!! #happyfathersday

When we got married, they asked me what I loved most about u. My response was ur ability to keep me grounded & ur sense of humor. It is still both of those qualities that I love most about you. I’ll never forget the day I came home & I took ur hand, leading u into the bathroom where the positive pregnancy test lay on the counter. Your smile said more than any words could have & the first time we heard her little heartbeat, Priceless😍 On the day she was born, you couldn’t take ur eyes off of her. You became a father that day, & you’ve grown so much since then. I’ve loved every minute of watching u grow into that role & mold yourself into the type of parent I am lucky to have by my side.We’ve weathered our share of hard times as new parents. In the beginning, we were convinced Esme just would'nt stop crying😂Instead of letting it get to you, you would come home from work, take her off my hands, & insist that I take a few minutes to myself & When I doubted myself, when I thought we jumped into this parenthood journey too soon, & when I just didn’t think I could endure another day, you were there to keep Me motivated. Here we are, Nine months under our belts, with a happy, healthy baby girl. I just want to say that Im super proud of You & thankyou for always being there & working hard for Us💞 #Happyfathersday

Happy Father's Day 💜👨‍👧💙 School .
#belabagunca #papaibagunca #familiabagunca #happyfathersday @familiabagunca

मेरो profile मा हजुरको फोटो नभए पनि मनमा माया छ बुवा😊

Dia dos Pais na escola. Bagunça não tem hora, nem lugar kkkk
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#happyfathersday to all the dads ❤️

Atrasado só um pouquinho mas super valendo , vocês vão AGORA lá no canal da @capricho e assistam o vídeo que fiz com meu Pai para o dia dos Pais ,está super divertido e adivinhem quem ganhou ????? post @capricho
Será que seu pai sabe o que é OTP? Ou será que você entende o que "boco moco" significa? Convidamos a família da atriz Giulia Garcia para o desafio mais babado dos últimos tempos: a batalha das gírias! Dá o play aí #felizdiadospais #happyfathersday

Man, who always inspire, believe and pamper me .
#happyfathersday #baba💗
#ily_dheraie 😊 #tb


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