When you volunteer to make your nephews cake and can’t just do a normal round one and cause yourself a lot of stress 😂😂😂 #HappyBirthdayTheo #LFC

Tic Toc Tic Toc It’s after midnight... Happy Birthday #Theodore🐶 We Love you soooo much! ❤️

My son is like water - he reflects back everything within the family - our moods, our upsets and our joy. He is mercurial in his changes of direction, flows in so many different ways and he is musical in a way that touches the heart and soul. What a lot of pleasure he brings to us and will bring to the lives of many, - we love you on your birthday and everyday and am so blessed to share this lifetime with you 🎼💕 #happybirthdaytheo

Bring on the terrible twos ✌🏼🐶❤️ #HappyBirthdayTheo

Army themed birthday cake for my godson’s 8th birthday #happybirthdaytheo #armybirthdaycake #homecooking #theydoliketochallengeme

Birthday dinner at Portillos#happybirthdayTheo

A year ago today, @bethstapled let me crash her first mother’s day to meet her new baby, Theo. No one knew it yet—not even me!—but Birdie was just settling in. Cut to yesterday, same sofa, in the aftermath of Theo’s first birthday party. This is their first album cover. 💗

After I found out I was pregnant, @zingleton told me he’d noticed a pattern: When visitors came to meet Theo, the moms always beelined for the sink to wash their hands before scooping him up, while other friends often needed a gentle reminder. I was the exception; I’d gone straight to wash my hands. #firstmothersday #happybirthdaytheo #theo+birdie

That one time theo wanted to take me for a tractor ride and wants to run into everything he sees lol #gooddriver #happybirthdayTheo #tractorrides #happynephew

Special thanks to all vendors, friends, and family that came and made Theo’s 1st birthday a “wild one.” #loveyouallsomuch #happybirthdaytheo #firstbirthday 💚 @bloomingblissdesign @fantasticdonuts

Thanks to @bloomingblissdesign for this awesome photo background and awesome center pieces!!! 💚. #amazing #happybirthdaytheo #firstbday Special thanks to @john.john_vu for making Theo’s Jeep! 💚

Thanks @fantasticdonuts for making Theo’s birthday extra special with customized donut holes to follow Theo’s “jungle” theme! 🍩 #happybirthdaytheo #firstbday #donuts.

Spidey sugar cookies! 🕷🕸#happybirthdaytheo #spider-man #turningtwo

7 and 9!!💜💙🎂🎊🎉 How is this possible? 😮 I'm so thankful God chose to bless our home with these two. I Love having the privilege of being their mom #happybirthdaytheo&;maddi

Today was Theo's 6th birthday. I can't believe how fast this whole parenting journey is going... 😭😭😭 he's not really a "little" kid anymore. He's a kid. And in a few years he will be a "big" kid. I love this boy so much and the young man he is becoming.
First, yesterday we got to go to the zoo with Grammie and then make homemade pizzas and have cake!
Today we got to go out for breakfast with grandma and beloved aunties and uncles, go shopping (he bought himself a Lego set with birthday money), and go visit the cousins and new baby. Busy day but he had so much fun! Now to prepare for the party next weekend 😥
Happy birthday Theo. #theo #theoturns6 #happybirthdaytheo

This cake was a winner! GF & DF & DELISH #happybirthdaytheo

Today is Theo’s birthday. He would’ve been 16 today. Here’s an assortment of birthday photos! Theo loved to celebrate. 🎉🎂🙌🏾 #happybirthdaytheo #theochangthepug #theochangforever #birthdayboy #oldpug

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