The birthday girl and all of her presents from mommy and daddy! 🐢❀️🐾 #happybirthdaypupper #pupperdoodle #kya #birthdaygirl #lovehertopieces #lookingood @tperry3435

My brown eyed boy! happy birthday to my nightly snuggle buddy, my fierce protector that barks at all hours of the night, the dog who thinks he’s 10 pounds and loves to suffocate me with love ❀️ I love you and your fat self 😘 #happybirthdaypupper #woofers #lukeydog #adventuresofbarkleyandluke

This week is this little bunny's (guesstimated) birthday! Mine and @steve_capri's #furbaby is eight this year and we love her more than ever, truly. #happybirthdaypupper #hbdevie #evie #agirlsbestfriend #doglover #chi #chihuahua #papillon #mixedbreed #mutt #adopted #pittsburghpets #dogsofinstagram

Meet Ginger. Shes going on her 12th year of being a good girl. You go Ginger! #happybirthdaypupper 🐢

Our puppy turned 1 yesterday!!! πŸŽ‚πŸŽˆπŸŽ we threw him a birthday party as a joke but it was kind of the best thing ever. He loved his peanut butter birthday cake I made him and we had such a fun night with friends. #happybirthdaypupper

Happy 6th Birthday to my 1st True Love TONKA!!! I cannot believe my boy is 6! Like seriously it’s blowing my mind! Thank you for being my constant companion. For teaching your little brother to be as ornery as you and also not taking crap from no one!! The best thing I ever did was bring home this handsome little boy.
#happybirthdaypupper #loveofmylife❀️ #myboy #tonka #husky #germanshepherd #huskyshepardmix #oogieboogie #theoogster #notabookishpost

For my birthday I haz a fancy doughnut cookie + a toy that used to be as big as me! #doggobirthday #puppersnowdoggo #edietheweenie #happybirthdaypupper #ellendegeneresdogtoy #daschundsofinstagram #daschund

Happy 4th Birthday to our baby boy, Louie! You will always be that little black bean that was no bigger than your Papas shoe 😍😭😱 cant wait to see this little squishy in a few days πŸ–€ #puppy #happybirthdaypupper #birthdayboy #pug #puglife #blackpug #babyboy

Of course the most lovable pupper was born on the most love-filled day 😍🐢 HAPPY 11TH BIRTHDAY DUNKIN β—οΈπŸŽ‰ you are such a good boy, thank you for keeping my feet warm and sharing all my bagels πŸ’—πŸ’πŸŽ #happybirthdaypupper #hesagoodboy #mypupper

Happy Birthday/Gotcha Day to my sweet little man! πŸŽ‚πŸŽ‰πŸŽ Can you believe this handsome little puppy is 13?! 😱 ONE-THREE! Such a little sweetheart. 🐢

Christmas '08 my mom told dad, "I want a puppy or a grandbaby!" (Pointed look in my direction.) Dad had Rocky for us two months later. πŸ˜‚

The Tragic Backstory:
It wasn't such an easy journey for him though. My poor little love spent the first few years of his life in a crate with a female in a dark disgusting garage as part of a puppy mill. Thankfully the pups of that bullshit mill, including this cutie, were rescued. We got ahold of him immediately. Poor kiddo was in rough shape. Absolutely infested with fleas and grotesquely matted. He ended up requiring two blood transfusions first thing when we got him because of the blood loss from the fleas. His teeth were in such poor condition he couldn't be reliably aged and he had to be anesthetized for a cleaning. Unfortunately, he's been losing his teeth steadily since we got him. I think he has 4 or 5 left. He still has some anxiety issues surrounding loud noises and not knowing how to actually socialize with other dogs.
The Happily Ever After:
Rocky has made such strides with us that I never would have believed possible. He is my scruffy little soulmate and I adore him. So much personality! He thinks he's such a tough guy until the cat walks by 😹. He used to be afraid of socks. Now he shows those socks who's boss and plays with them more than anything because they're soft enough for his teeth. He loves lower back and belly scritches 🐢🐢, French fries 🍟 (which he does not get often anymore), strawberries πŸ“, being talked to πŸ—£, cat butts 😾, and his clothes πŸ‘•. Happy Birthday, Rocky Albert Martin! Sister loves you! πŸ˜˜πŸ’‹
πŸŽ‚πŸ’πŸŽ‚πŸ’πŸŽ‚πŸ’πŸŽ‚ #birthdaypuppy #minischnauzer #schnauzersofig #scruffybutt #happybirthdaypupper #seniorschnauzer #adoptdontshop #fuckpuppymills #rescuepup #puppylove

Happy 3rd Birthday to my favorite Cookie Monster! Don’t worry, I promise to bring you home a pupcake later πŸŽ‚ #spoiledmutt #cookiemonsterturnsthree #yellowlabsofinstagram #lablove #mycuddlebug #happybirthdaypupper #labradorretriever #lovethismonkey

Also.. it’s my dogs FIRST BIRTHDAY! (Cody tried to convince me otherwise but he was wrong) So we came home and I baked him a cake and the boys frosted/decorated it. Last night I told @sicls1 today was Mavericks birthday and I needed to bake him a cake and he looked at me said β€œare you fucking serious?” ...? Do you know me? The same lady that gets our animals their own Christmas stockings and valentines/Easter goodies. Am I serious?? ARE YOU SERIOUSLY ASKING ME THAT?!?? Of course I’m serious! #happybirthdaypupper #MavericktheGreat

Someone has a birthday today! Happy 7th Birthday to my furry kid!! She got her yummy birthday cookie from @treatsunleashed! And she of course got to hog the bed! She also got to run around the big school playground. I told her that all of her doggie friends’ parents must have been freezing their butts off at Mardi GrasπŸ˜†! I think she had a good day! Love her to pieces. #Dakota #itsadogslife #mykidhaspaws #furrykidsbirthday #happybirthdaypupper #treatsunleashed

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