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Let this Vegas night begin! 😎 #VegasNights #HappyBirthdayMyDude #WeLockedUp

Happy to the GOAT on is big 1 8! Steven is hands down one of the most loyal, savage, fittest, and witty friends I have! Stay lit my dude

SCHOOL'S OUT AND IT'S R. HENDER'S 19TH BENDER 🤘🏻🎉 #happybirthdaymydude

Woah!! Happy birthday to the koolest guy I know! Here's to another year of vibing bro! You're changing the game bro. Keep at em and live it up @dantethatguy. #KoolrFam #HappyBirthdayMyDude

I only celebrated @domrodden17 bday with his siblings🤘🏻 #HappyBirthdayMyDude

It's this kids 10th birthday and the Denver Pioneers are kicking the Michigan Muskies butt. #ncaadivision1 #hockey #regionals #happybirthdaymydude

Don't fuck with Max's hat #HappyBirthdayMyDude

I mean just look at this dude..... Everyone should have A dude like this around! 💯 #HappyBirthdayMyDude #FleshLight #TheDude 😎 #NobodyCanPullThisLookOff


Happy birthday Lauren! I haven't known you for long, but you've been a great friend and someone to talk to about Voltron with! Jesus it's spooky knowing you're in adulthood now. Happy birthday! #digitalart #art #artist #digitalpainting #artistsoninstagram #happybirthday #HAPPYBIRTHDAYMYDUDE #lance #lancemcclain #bluepaladin #paladin #voltron #voltronlance #voltronlegendarydefender #cake

@wathen68 I'm stoked i get to celebrate your birthday with you. #happybirthdaymydude #time2go2oasis

Despite the constant #depression I have; MY #bestfriends including the #wonderful @adrian_aws would always cheer me up!!! ❤❤❤ #ecstatic that I got to meet you and the rest of @assumingwesurvive at #vanswarpedtour2016 last summer..😍💃 #HAPPYBIRTHDAYMYDUDE! 🤓🤗🤓🤘🤗🤓🤗

Story of 11 mile hike in flip-flops/sandals:
On our usual hiking trips, I pretty much take the initiative to pack things for hike. On our recent hiking trip, where one of us forgot to put the shoes bag in the car. We are at the trail head and 2 hours away from home and we realized that ‘WE’ forgot the shoes. We blamed each other for forgetting the shoes and it went on with good logical conversation (from 2 sides with their own logic's). It was never-ending argument for some time. So, we reached to a point where we have to decide whether to continue the hike or leave.

Finally, we decided to do the hike and see how it goes (Initially we thought it will be hard to do). People started noticing us and called us “Flip-Flops Couple”. As we pass different people, the word reached to other hikers and everyone started checking on how we are doing by asking different people they come across, ”how are the Flip-Flops Couple doing up/down there?" We had different conversation with different people because of our stardom as “Flip-Flop Couple”during our hike. We reached to the end of trail where the elevation is 3000 feet, we sat there for 45 mins, had our packed lunch,enjoyed the view and more over forgot everything about hiking in Flip-Flops :) altogether . It was so nice of some people who came by and started asking "Are you doing fine?How are your legs doing?". Cheers to them :) Writing this story on your birthday to let you know that we Argue, We Fight, We pamper each other, We Compliment each other,We don’t agree on same point etcetera, Yet ‘WE’ do it. No Matter what, we are doing crazy things together at the end and making memories. That’s all matters. Let’s not worry about the future. Let’s live one day at a time and keep it simple. Live the moment. :) Cheers and let the crazy PS Stories go on forever in our journey. Happy Birthday Boo.👫💑❤️
XoXo *Happy End of Flip-Flops 💑* #mylovebirthday #happybirthdaymydude #PSstories💑#hikingadventuresinflipflops #hikingcouple👫 #weareadventuroustogether #hikinglove #livelaughtravel🌎🌍🌏 #goingstrong #zillionlove #junebirthday

While I was at the beach today.......my new nephew decided to make his arrival! 👶 🍼 💙 (His name says Dean because that's the last thing we heard before today but his name is Lincoln Drew.)
Welcoming this little man into our crazy, loving family. Already love this boy to the moon and I know it's going to be all kisses when we finally meet! Congrats to my BIL AND SIL for champing thru another delivery! Way to go guys! He's PERFECT! 😘
#newkidsontheblock #newmaninthefam #lincolndrewgoodman #littleman #hisfirsthashtag #withhisname #bundleofjoy #bundleofboy #littlemanwiththeplan #happybirthdaymydude #loveyou #nephewofmine #welcometotheworld 🐥

Happy 17th to this amazing girl right here! She's so amazing, and kind, and beautiful, and I have really enjoyed talking to her these past few months. I hope you had an amazing day Mali!! 💙💙💙

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