Daima benim ışığım olan, en büyük idolüm. Sen her zaman var ol. 🌹 Otanjyobi omedetoo okasan, aishiteru❤️ #happybirthdaymommy

Her Laughter is infectious!
#mymom #myworld #myhappiness #happybirthdaymommy ❤️

Happy Birthday MOM 🎉🎈 you are a gift to me. Wishing you a wonderful day filled with all the things you love the most! God bless you! Love you!! 👸🏻👭 #happybirthdaymommy #itsherbirthday #iloveyoumom

Happy Birthday to the best mom in this entire universe! You have made me the person I am today and I wouldn’t be here right now if it weren’t for you and all of your love and support that you pour out to me each and every day! I love you infinitely Mommy and can’t wait to see you soon!💋#happybirthdaymommy#iloveyou#bestmomintheworld❤️

Happy Birthday Mommy 🎂❤️💖😘 😭
Kangen bgt udh 4 tahun ga ngerayain ultah nya mommy, gpp ya mum nanti kita pasti kumpul lagi di surga buat ngerayain ultah bareng🤗🤗 Kangen smua2nya dr si mommy, paling ga pernah marah/ngomelin anak, ga pernah nuntut anak macem2, ga pernah minta macem2 kecuali 1 hal anak2nya ga boleh lbh sayang ke bapaknya drpd ke dia 🤣🤣 Org paling lucu tp ga jayus, org paling baik tp ga sok baik, org paling ramah tp ga sok deket.
Masakannya paling enak dan smp skrg blm nemu yg bs nyamain, hmmm pdhl kl masak ukurannya kira2nya aja tp anehnya rasanya selalu sama persis. Sayangnya si mami ga pernah nulis resep jd ga ada yg bs diturunin dan skrg bnr2 nyesel dulu suka males bantuin masak 😥😥😥
Jd inget jg nasehat2 mami ke anak cucu nya yg kocak abis dan bikin ngakak mana ada nasehat kyk gitu mamm 🤣🤣🤣
Ah pokoknyaa kangen bgt sm tmn curhat paling asik ini...please visit me in my dream tonight ya mum, nanti diceritain deh France menang World Cup 2018 🇫🇷😎 jd deh ya kita nraktir Hj Nunung 🤣
#happybirthdaymommy #mommyinheaven #iloveyoumom #loveofmylife #loveyouforever #mymomisthebest #bestofthebest

I prepared a 7 course meal, complete with palate cleansers😊. My mom is so happy!💛 My job, here, is done!
#HappyBirthdayMommy 🕯️

Settle down..cover me up..cuddle me in..lie down with me..hold me in your arms..#babyiris🌺 #goodnight #cuddlewithmommy #celebrations #happybirthdaymommy #tiringday #thankyougodforeverything

I still get upset when I think about how you abruptly left. It still hurts at times. How could you be everything to everyone and yet the ones that need you most were stripped of your presence. I need you lady!!! Nothing has been right since your departure 27 years ago. It got to the point that I won’t celebrate your birthday to avoid reliving the days I expected you to come home because I just knew it was a fucking mistake. I’m upset I’m frustrated I’m hurt. I’m confused most of all because we were left with someone that til this day has no regard to how his fucked up decisions affected me and my siblings lives. Why is he still here? Yes this is really how I feel and I don’t feel wrong in feeling this way. If you have an issue with it kiss my ass. I grew without the love of a mother grandmother or a father. I busted my ass to be more then just what was expected of me. However, my heart hurts as if I lost her yesterday. This went left quick lol. This was supposed to be celebratory but as I write I can’t help but think of how undeserving it was for us to lose you and my uncle in a matter of seven days. I miss you Sylvia... #happybirthdaymommy #SylviasSon #somejustwontgetit #otherswillsaytheydo #buttheydont #venting

Congratulations to Mommy aka Chum on earning her MSN on Friday!!! Aaaaaand Happy Birthday today!! 🎉😍💃🏾💐😜🏆🎊🎂

Im never to old to show my Mom love and affection. 😘😘😘 I love you with all that I am. Thank you for being such an amazing mom. We are truly blessed. ♥️ #myworld #Shespecial #blessed #Mymomisbetterthenyours 😉 #herbirthday #happybirthdaymommy

Screaming 🔈 Hollering 🎂 HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO THE WOMEN THAT MEANS THE MOST TO ME! My mommy!!!!!!!! Jacqueline Jamaica Johndel Lane love you sugar bloom honey bun!!! I hope you have a chill relaxing day you work so hard you deserve it! LOVE YOU 😍 #happybirthdaymom #happybirthdaymommy

#happybirthdaymommy 61 yrs. 🎂

Happy 2yr birthday to my amazing son @actionjaxsongordon. Daddy loves you. Ty @stella923 for the amazing gift 2 years ago 7 days before my birthday -
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Feliz Aniversário Mãe!
Se eu for parar pra tentar colocar em palavras tudo que sinto pela senhora, seria impossível. Toda minha vida é sua, é por ti que eu vou trabalhar todos os dias, pra mais na frente ser eu quem cuide de ti como a senhora cuida de mim até hoje.
Mãe, a senhora é meu exemplo, minha força, meu alicerce, meu ombro amigo, minha paz, minha conselheira mais fiel, e quem NUNCA solta minha mão por nada.
Que seja apenas mais uma comemoração da maneira que a senhora mais ama, com seus dois filhos, seus 5 netos seu genro e sua nora, nossa família, e que todos os anos eu possa te ter aqui e expor ao mundo a MÃE maravilhosa que eu tenho!
Feliz aniversário, mulher da minha vida, 🎈 💚
#HappyBirthdayMommy #MamaeFaz61 #FelizAniversario #MinhaMae #DonaCarmen

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