HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO MY HANDSOME FIANCÉ! I gotta thank his momma and his dadda for making him come into this world. And of course thanking the lord for him as well! Another year to celebrate together and more to come! I love you so much hunny, I hope we always remind you of how special you are to us and how much we appreciate you ALL THE TIME. And if I ever forget to tell you just know I am always so thankful for you. 25 never looked soo gooooood 🤤😍❤️#happybirthdayfiance #soluckytohaveyou

Happy 26th birthday to my other half!! May everything that you wish to achieve this year comes true, while staying healthy & happy!!! ❤️ 🚀🌙 🔁 #happybirthdayfiance #keepsmiling #iloveyou

Happy birthday my husband to be! 😘💕
Stay annoying and funny. But, PUH - LEASE don't push me too far when u're getting stress with ur thesis or reasearch or whatever 😶, cos from the next month i'll stick with you baby for a thousand years 😎😏
Ps : metamorfosis vido sebelum naik 10 kg dan setelahnya #pipinya 😱
#birthdayman #happybirthdayfiance #loveya

Happy Birthday to a very special man who has become #daddy to my son. Such a special bond they have . #stepdad #stepdaddylove #pizzashirt #basketball #fatherandson #activefamily #playtherapy #myboys #happybirthdayfiance @childrensplace

HAPPY BIRTHDAY @tyrelljourdana
To the man that deserves it all.
Another year down a lifetime to go for a life well worth celebrating.
I know this year will be special 😉

I love you!!
😍😚😍😚 🍾🎂🍾🎂 #mcm #fiance lovery #foreverlove #anadeyemiaffair #happybirthdayfiance
#budhanomore #sexysexy #mine

Wishing you the happiest of birthdays @david1704 may your day be as relaxing as this one was, and may it be as happy as you make me every day 😘🎈🎁🎂🎉❤#happybirthdayfiance

My love. My life. My lover. My best friend. My laughter. My soulmate. My one and only. ❤️ @yosefaudy


happy birthday to my in-home male nurse. the one who helped me "eat", delivered my meds, washed my hair, made me "healthy" (gross) smoothies & placed those ice packs on me like his life depended on it. i love you. #HappyBirthdayFiance

Let’s go Muskees 🏒

Happy birthday to my one and only husband to be. Every day is an adventure with you and there are an awful lot more adventures to come. Love you to bits Kev ❤📷🎈 #happybirthdayfiance #loveyoumorethananything #snowdaywithyou #photography #snowphotography

Happy Saturday ❤️😘💕 Off to Ottawa Tom and I go for his birthday! #35 #happybirthdayfiance 🤗 #loveyousooooomuch

Celebrating this guys 32nd Birthday all day with church, lunch at HuHot with his parents and now to see a movie. I love you Jacob, Happy Birthday!

#55daystilMrandMrs #happybirthdayfiance

It’s not where you go, it’s who you travel with. 💑
#travelswithlove #Febibig #happybirthdayfiance

Happy birthday to my amazing handsome fiancé! You’re 19 today and holy fudge!! Today might not be your favorite day but today is the day we celebrate the day your mom pooped you out. I’m sooo grateful she did cause you make me sooo happy and you’re soooo speshal to me. You’re the person I talk to when things get hard. The person I look forward to seeing everyday from the moment I wake up. You’re the person who pushes me to do better and achieve my goals in life. You’re the person who I can just look at and you’ll automatically know something is up. You’re my other half. My parter. My soulmate. My fiancé... but most importantly you’re my best friend. You’re always by my side even when I’m being a pain in the ass and that makes you really special to me. You’ve seen me at my lowest point yet here we are almost 6 years of knowing each other...you’re my happy place and I will cherish you til my dying day...I love you to infinity and beyond mi Rey pollo...yes I still remember calling you that ... anywho I’ll just wait for you to text me something later like “gaaay” or “no shh” but you know you love meh cause I’m fuffing adorable and you can’t resist it! 😂😂😂#happybirthday #19 #happybirthdayfiance #iloveyou #fiance #toinfinityandbeyond #mine

Thank you for choosing me, thank you for making me laugh every day, and thank you for making me the happiest lady! I can not wait to see what this year brings for our little family! Happy birthday, Fiancé! I love you more than you could ever imagine ❤️😘 #happybirthdayfiance

H A P P Y B I R T H D A Y to...my love, my life, my best friend, my delight, my soulmate, my teacher, my equal, my confidant, my shoulder to cry on, my light, my laughter, my lover, my doctor, my handyman, my comedian, my honey, my guy.......my pending hubby! #happybirthdayfiance #wheremybabyhasabirthday #ifollowandbringhimfriedchicken #wheremybabygoigo

Happy Birthday to my best fiend! I couldn’t have asked for a better fiancé or daddy for Ella. I am so proud of you and how hard you work for our family! I can’t wait to marry you! We love you so much & hope you have the best day!❤️ if you see him today make sure you show him some love 😎 #34neverlookedsogood #happybirthdayfiance #ashleysommerphotography

28 at 28! You are the greatest gift from God. Everyday with you is special but today is extra special because it's not only your day but our day. With all of my love and kisses, just for you! HAPPY BIRTHDAY & HAPPY ENGAGEMENT MY ❤️!

Support Cake by @yeniyusinta 🎂👍🏼 #thankyou

Happy Birthday Benny! Today marks 27 trips around the sun and what a ride it has been☀️ You deserve nothing but the best - I hope this next trip around is your best one yet! Love you to infinity and beyond xo

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