Welcome to the teen years nephew! #HappyBirthdayChristopher

The day you learn you like wearing a shirt with your own photo on it. 🎉🤣🤷🏼‍♀️ #happybirthdaychristopher #nephews #playtime #auntkris

Happy birthday to this lil' guy @pepperoniorgy - who changed our lives forever 30 years ago today. Here are some pics from his first year, living in our sweet little one bedroom apt on an 8 lane street in Glendale, CA. @bedposties was amazing that day in a birthing unit at a nearby hospital. We worked together so well in the whole process (of course she did 98%), I said to her that day "this is the last thing we ever do completely alone." This kid has brought us much joy (and most of the other kid/parent messiness of life). #happybirthdaychristopher

Happy birthday big bro. Thanks for always taking care of me. 🐶👦🏻 #happybirthdaychristopher #brothers #love

And just like that, the baby is 18!
The olden folks used to say "time flies" and they were right.
When this little guy bopped his big head into my life, I had no manual and I had forgotten that I declared and decreed my first son would be "Christopher!" All I knew is that I would attempt to do better.
I wasn't always prepared for the fight and the struggle but the goal was to never give up, never run away, never place my own fleeting happiness before your well-being, understand my assignment in your life and never lose hope - parent in Victory!

My prayer is and was "GOD endow me to parent this boy!" I still peek in his room to make sure he's there and breathing. Idk how any man could leave his son to fend for himself in this world. I am clear that he frustrates me to no end and has fried every last nerve but what else would I do and who would I be without him? When life is not playing fair, I remember my greatest gift and gain, Chrissy Pooh.

Happy birthday. I pray that I've done right by you and that you have some tools to move you into the next chapter of your life. I pray that you are getting all of the subtle hints that God is dropping around you.

My goal is to see you UP, in success and clear about who you are in this life. The Kingdom is counting on you. L.I.V.E your best quality life Sun. #livellccoachingwithmySon #HappyBIRTHDAYChristopher #GODgiveyoupeaceandlongevity #GODgiveyouclarityofpurpose #GODcoverandkeepyou #MayYouLIVEinAbundance

Pre-work / morning stop @usqwines ... can’t wait to open some of these up tonight! 🤤

😍 #Happy22ndBirthday 🎂🎁🎈To My Big Little Bro ‼️ I Love You More Than You’ll Ever Know ❤️ Although You’re Growing Into A Young Man 👨🏽 You Will Forever Be My #BabyBro 👶🏽That I Got To Name 💁🏽‍♀️☺️#HappyBirthdayChristopher 😘🎉

Happy birthday to my strong brave boy who has never asked me for a thing ...I'll fight for you, protect you and be your voice forever. Love Mommy. Xo. #christophersvoice #loveneedsnowords #thisistwelve #happybirthdaychristopher.

Celebrated hubby's birthday by going to @rivertownbrew for the first time. Loved the food and he loved his flight of beer. #ohiocraft #happybirthdaychristopher

Hands up for my favorite nugget who turns 5 today!! #happybirthdaychristopher #BIGFIVE #weloveyou!🚂🚞🙋🏼‍♂️🎉🌟👏🏻🎂🏇🗽

Got to spend the morning celebrating our gorgeous godson's 2nd birthday! Can't believe he's already 2! #day101of365 #photoaday #godsonsbirthday #happybirthdayChristopher #specialday #godsoncuddles #moreinterestedinballonsthanpresents

Ward school Autism Awareness Day on Christopher's Birthday. #autismpatchchallenge #autismawareness #christophersvoice #loveneedsnowords #happybirthdaychristopher

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