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What's different is actually what makes us beautiful❤️. Good morning!
📸: @zaaheir_moore

Кто нам скажет, мы похожи?😋
Федя родился абсолютной копией папы🙌🏼
Я даже по началу называла Федю микро-муж😅
А мужа называли ксерокс🤣
Но теперь я всё больше слышу, что зайчик то на меня стал походить😻💃🏻
Не знаю правда или нет, определить самой сложно, НО люди то говорят😄👌🏼
А ваши карапузы на кого похожи?
На маму👩🏼?
На папу 👨🏻?
Отмечайте в комментариях подходящий смайл😉

😲 Do you ever wish you never got out of bed in the morning....? 😲
I have a day with meetings so unsurprisingly a big red spot has appeared right on the tip of my nose. It's so brightly red, I'm thinking about giving Rudolph some competition to lead the sleigh this year 🍎🦌
I've also forgotten my belt so I'm currently revisiting my youth and lowriding my jeans like a desperately casted extra in a 1990s Puff Daddy video 😎 .
It's not all bad tho.... At least i have this shining star to come home to, but the way things are going i wouldn't be surprised if her nappy soaks through onto me, she's sick all down my back and she doesn't sleep a wink tonight... 😴💤😞
#wishmeluck #isitbedtimeyet #parentlife


S l e e p i n g t i m e
Oh! Gorgeous Evie 💚🌵 in her new bandana and minibow 💚 thank you @ktandbiddy for sharing 💚🌵

Selfie boleh, tapi makan jalan terus 😅😅 #babyariela #15monthsold #holiday #happybaby

I've never been into "baby talk," but with a niece as cute as her, it's a must. She thinks I'm hilarious. Being an aunt is hands down the coolest thing, EVER! Never imagined I could love something as much as her! 🎀🎀 #evaleajane #niece #aunt #happybaby #smiles

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