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2 years ago I believed in myself enough to move to LA alone with no job & no place to live. There's really no risk in chasing a dream. You can always change your mind or switch careers but the biggest risk you can take is not doing what you love. SO ON THAT NOTE, do something today that you've been wanting to do but didn't think it was the "right time" for. #noragrets #happyanniversarytome

Justo a esta hora, hace exactamente un año estaba aquí! Abrazando a mis dos princesas y celebrando el amor!! #HappyAnniversaryToMe #ImSoFreakingLucky

So I want to understand its my birthday today and the kind of love I have received so far is Epic.. in fact birthday messages started rolling in from the first of December, I'll like to use this medium to say thank you to all who remembered me today, even though I didn't really send birthday messages to so many people this year, but you guys remembered me thanks and God bless you all.
Also thanking God for his mercies and love it could only be him.

But the issue now is I have decided to be 23 forever so it's my first 23rd anniversary today

#happybirthdaytome #happyanniversarytome #27thdecembergirl #thankingGodforanotheryear #hopingforabetternewyear

6 months of being a homeowner!! 😊🏡🍾#happyanniversarytome @mcdevitttownandcountry

The Sun ☀️ shone bright when I travelled by myself for the first time. Like ever 😎
#LittleGirlFeels #HappyAnniversaryToMe #CUcomplete9years #HalfBirthday #FinallyTakingTheBigStep ❣️

This is my big bowl of discarded drugs- honestly it's bigger than my head. These are just some of the drugs my dr has slowly weened me off of in the last two years. How fitting is it that on today- my two year anniversary of being admitted to the hospital, that I was taken off the last two drugs. I am drug free! No more leukemia medications!! #happyanniversarytome #cancerfree #riteaidwillmissme

#SWIPEFORGLOUP ➡️3 years ago today a freshly high school graduated 17 year old dumbass left to join the army now the dumbass is a SPC promotable and just reenlisted for 3 more years 🤦🏽‍♀️ #happyanniversarytome #lowkeyloveitthough

Is this real life?! I'm an engaged woman!! #doesthisringmakemelookengaged #babe #ikly #happyanniversarytome #engaged

Surfing 101 with my new board 🏄🏼‍♀️💖 Thanks babe!! @knowyourrootsco #happyanniversarytome


Allah's mercy has kept me this far.. 50 yrs old is major for me, My mother died at the age of 34. The things that I have experienced she will have nevered know.. Alhamdulillah for 50 yrs of age!!! #happyanniversarytome

3 years ago today I arrived in the USA. I've achieved a lot in that time however there is still so much more to go... I'm more aligned with my 'why' than ever before and can't wait to launch a little project I've been working on very very soon!!! #ausmerican #americandream #californialiving #entrepreneur #entrepreneurlife #makingithappen #girlboss #dreambig #eventplanner #events #event #womeninbusiness #career #happyanniversarytome #usa

Surfing 101 with my new board 🏄🏼‍♀️💖 Thanks babe!! @knowyourrootsco #happyanniversarytome

23 years ago today I married my best friend!

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