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I can't believe its been 3 Years @jamienotis since S01 of #marriedatfirstsight @fyi - It seems like just yesterday that we were newlywed strangers that went in separate rooms to change clothes, and 3 years later you leave the bathroom door wide open when you pee! All kidding aside, I can't tell you how much you mean to me, and how much I appreciate you. You make me a better person and you are the best teammate that I ever had. Year 3 is going to be the most special, stressful, craziest, memorable, amazing year of our lives between #babyhehner and buying our 1st HOUSE....I Can't imagine going through that with anyone else. Love you! #marriedlife #HappyAnniversary

Happy 3 year anniversary Hubby!!! Oh my goodness, I can't believe it's been THREE YEARS! Being #marriedatfirstsight feels like a life time ago! Our love story began with some of the ugliest tears I've ever cried while I was hunched over on the floor in my wedding dress.🙀 I wasn't exactly the happiest bride.🤦🏻‍♀️🙈 ..But that's only because you were a complete stranger and I was scared to my bones !!! Fast forward three years and here we are - happily married with our sweet #rainbowbaby on the way.👶🏼🌈It's funny to compare our #vowrenewal pics with our real #weddingday pics.😂 Ohhh, the journey we've been on together.😍 i wouldn't change any of it for the world. I love you more than I ever could have dreamed. You're the best man and I'm SO blessed to have you ... and our baby is SO lucky to have such a fun, caring, and loving man for a daddy!💞 I reminisce about our journey on my blog (link in bio).💕 Love you hubby wubby! I can't wait til you get home from work so we can celebrate over dinner and then hurry home to take our 18 week #babybump pic. We are finally on schedule with taking these weekly pics.🤗💕 LOVE YOU @doughehner!!! 🎉😘💕 #mafs #happyanniversary #weddingdress #threeyears #wedding #anniversary #weddedbliss

Glad to perform for the grand event of MHA 12th Anniversary Celebration last night🎉🎉, it was a fantastic and successful night! 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻Well done & congrats to the gorgeous @winnieloomh for your great effort to make the anniversary event a success. ❤Thanks for having me! 😘 #beautifulpeople #wonderfulnight #mha #anniversary #happyanniversary

Cheers to 30 years with this guy #johnmccook !! So nostalgic! Thank you John for being there with me from the beginning, supporting and encouraging and making me laugh and smile for so many years!! 🍾🥂😃👍💞🎉 #BoldandBeautiful #katherinekellylang #bold30 #cbsdaytime #cheers #happyanniversary #30years #malibu #brookelogan #ericforrester #celebrate

Celebrating another year with this man!❤


#happyanniversary to my very thoughtful hubby 💙 Jenga with a memory of our time together written on every block 😍 #traditional5thanniversarygiftwood #5yearsmarried #memories #thoughtful

ฉลองครบรอบแต่งงานพร้อมเด็กยักษ์นะปีนี้ This year's anniversary is more complete as a family of 3 #happyanniversary @matthew.deane1 @dylandeane_official

You been my person for eight years. The one I can't live without. Last year you decided to ask me to marry you and last month it happened.🤵🏻👰🏽 happy anniversary husband and thank you for always spoiling me with words and affection 😘 #sotowedding2017 #happyanniversary #iloveyou #winterwedding #weddingflowers #downtownlosangeles #keephatingbitches

One year ago today I married the most amazing man in the entire world! Scott Colvin I love you so so so much and I'm so happy that you are my husband! You came into my life and brightened it up immediately! Sure, we got married fast but when you find the ONE you just know! I am so happy you chose to spend your life with me and I'm so happy I get to spend the rest of my days with you! I love you to the moon and back! I can't wait for the many years to come and a lifetime of memories and adventures! I LOVE YOU! Happy anniversary love bug❤😘😘😍#happyanniversary #oneyear #truelove #foreverandalways





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#perlis #kedahan #newitem #cincinsempoa #rare #happybirthday #happyvalentinesday #happyanniversary

#HappyAnniversary to us! Celebrating 15 years in #SE16 . See our #blog page for more details. #canadawater #surreyquays

We made it! Happy Anniversary to my ❤ I would have never imagined spending our anniversary with you in Paris💑💏 Many more adventures and blessings together! #happyanniversary #5yearsmarried #19yearstogether #paris #eiffeltower

#happyanniversary #happyanniversarytous #datenight #lovelove #結婚式記念日 #やっぱテディやねん!
#金スマ #ドキドキドキドキ

[Taken: 3.17.17] 3.24.17 • "Every sunrise of a new day leads me into 24 hours where I get to fall in love with you, more so than I did the previous day. And then when night falls and the moon appears, I look up at her and within those seconds I feel your presence in my heart. In that moment I am not alone nor am I lonely, for you once told me to never forget that we were under the same sky." ✨#mine
Michael, my darling: in person and via the phone with you, peace always resides throughout my entire body, joy rests in my mind, gratitude dances around my soul, and oceans of unconditional love flows throughout my heart. ♥️ We all have our demons, but what I have come to learn over the last few years is that, if we fight hard enough, believe strongly in the power of hope, our eyes slowly open to the cluster of angels who has stood beside us from the very beginning. You're one of the many angels, Michael - by mine.
Being your girlfriend Michael has been everything a dream come true was made to be. A blessing. For a long while before you and I met, I almost gave up on love. Almost locked the door to my heart, in fear visitors I'd naively let in would only break everything in sight. But you came along and entered; every belonging I had stored became brand new. My heart...it felt like home, and remains to this day. ♥️
The little things that I have come to love about you, from your extraordinary laugh to how in embrace you wrap me in has the surrounding world become nonexistent for a few moments; the way you tickle my knuckles of my left hand with a kiss as you drive, to the scatter of individual freckles on your right forearm, whose pattern replicates a small constellation that I for one never mind getting lost in translation by - they all have me falling deeper in love with you, with every passing day. ♥️ The day cannot come fast enough where I say "yes" to forevermore.
Happy 8 month Anniversary. I love you, infinitely. XOXOX • #nofilterneeded #happiness #myeverything #inlove #hissmile #HappyAnniversary #candid #perfection #hestheone #soblessed #poetry #mywriting #noplacelikehome

#happyanniversary #oneyear Love you both loads. Enjoy your special day 😘😘😘

#Times change, people change, but memories remain. Wish you both a lifetime of happy memories. Have a fantastic anniversary.

#HappyAnniversary Mom and Dad❤❤

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