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So happy that working out finally feels like a healthy thing for me to do again and so I just wanted to share a few reminders in case anyone might need them:
- Working out should make you feel good, not stress you out.
- Being healthy doesn't equal low calorie.
- Your worth is not measured by the size of your glutes or waist.
- Exercise is NOT a punishment for what you eat.
- Not eating all day so you can fit ice cream into your macros is NOT fitness.
- You will not "lose your gains" by taking a rest day.
- You can be into eating pizza and still be into working out.
- Screw the damn scale.
-You need to eat regardless if you've worked out or not.
- Food is NOT the enemy. You need it for energy, to grow, to enjoy and to survive.
- You can't spot reduce or gain (genetics plays a big role in this).
- Healthy looks different on everybody!!!
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#throwback🔙 Philippinen 2016🌴✨ Dieses Land ist einfach so schön. Die Menschen sind sehr freundlich und die Strände fantastisch😍Ich möchte da unbedingt wieder hin😍 Und ich möchte wieder so braun sein😭 Welche Reise war für euch unvergesslich?Habt einen schönen Abend💗✨
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Jaaaaaa! Ellen is zwanger! Eindelijk kan ze het met jullie delen. En dat doet ze maar al te graag want ze kwam zichzelf toch echt wel tegen tijdens het eerste trimester van haar zwangerschap. Ze wilde namelijk zó graag blijven sporten, maar dat viel nog vies tegen. Je leest haar persoonlijke verhaal inclusief FAQ + antwoorden over sporten als je zwanger bent op followfitgirls.com. Gefeliciteerd Ellen & Willem!

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No Gym , no time , no excuse. 100 push ups and sit ups to start the day. I'll get my run in later. #happyandhealthy

(English below) Aquí os dejo el resultado de lo que preparé ayer… una riquísima pizza de crema de calabaza y shiitake! Una recetita muy saludable, con toque otoñal, que ya tenéis en el blog!!! Y que puede ser una fantástica idea para preparar este finde!!!! Qué paséis un feliz día!!!!


Here you have what I finally made with my spelt pizza dough… a delicious pizza with pumpkin cream and shiitake! A yummy recipe that you can make next weekend because.. it’s already on the blog!!! Have a wonderful day!!!
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Hey hey look - it’s Autumn on the first day of AUTUMN 🍂 🍁😏 Tried to take a pic with my dogs and they clearly weren’t as excited as I was about the change in season 😞🐶 Taking off this morning to head to Dallas for the third weekend of the #tiutour! #tiucheckin

Helloooo again! I’m currently in fig heaven. Got some really beautiful examples at my greengrocer's. He said he would give me a very special price if I take a whole crate, so I bought many!! Be prepared: I will spam you with some fig creations. I don’t like dried figs at all but I looooove fresh ones. What about you? Wish all of you a wonderful evening.
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I'm pretty sure anyone who says they don't like cats has never had a cat. Lexi is the most loving and cuddly kitty. She definitely prefers Scott and tries to get between us when I'm too close but she loves attention and love ❤️

Can you imagine... He Gained Weight on Plexus🤔 Yes he did and he needed to! It's all about balance and healing the body from the inside out!Sometimes healthy equals weight loss and sometimes it equals weight gain. #weightgain
Heidi shares her husband Clint Speer
journey: "Clint doesn't go a single day without his Triplex, Xfactor, and MegaX! He's come a long way from that little 162 lbs of unhealthy, and I'd say he looks much better at 235 lbs of healthy, wouldn't you? ***just FYI this is NOT in any way saying that if you weigh 162lbs that you are unhealthy. This is just one persons story. Clint was extremely unhealthy when he weighed 162 lbs. He had severe insomnia, depression, anxiety, PTSD, hyperthyroidism, and that's the tip of the iceberg. Seriously. Lol. And at 6'2" when you're muscles are deteriorating and you are in that state, then things start to shut down quickly. He actually was exhibiting signs of mental illness because of the major sleep deprivation at one point. This post is not to say that anyone that weighs 162 is unhealthy, but more so for Clint specifically, when he weighed 162 he was at his unhealthiest even though he may appear lean. He was actually quite emaciated (rib cage, spine and hip bones popped out everywhere). Many people get stuck on the fact that if you lose weight that you will be healthy and that's the greatest misconception of them all in my opinion. I never want to see Clint's health in the state he was in when he was in this photo."
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I am SO loving the fitness fun stops that #orlandofl has to offer! Legit passing through on a leisure walk as I came across an exercise station😄Being a #fitnessfreak myself you all know I have a deeper appreciation for hidden gems such as this that promote a healthier lifestyle ❤️☺️💪🏽💦
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5 reasons why today is a good day:
1) ITS FRIDAY!!!!!!!!
2) I made it to the gym and feel like a strong lil nugget!!!!!
3) Bought a bunch of cute things for my new condo and it's coming together so nicely!!!
4) I'm going to see the new Kingsman movie tonight aka movie theatre popcorn AYEEEE!!!
5) I just bought tickets to go see my girlfriend (lol I wish) Halsey in concert!!!
SO MUCH HAPPINESS THESE DAYS and I'm sending it all your way!!!!!! There's so much going on and I just feel really excited about life!!!!! Also Riverdale starts soon!!!!!!!! Ahhh, what a feeling. HAPPY FRIDAY MY LIL NUGGGGGGS 💕🌻
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Ok friends!!! For all of you who have been watching and thinking about trying Plexus NOW is the time!!! You can now get products at a wholesale price and 10% off!! You can't get a better deal than this and corporate RARELY runs these types of promotions!!! I am so excited!!! #nowisthetime #whatsstoppingyou #happyandhealthy

Yessssss 💖


I went to bed at 1am after talking and crafting ✂️ the night away with my Close To My Heart Team. Today I woke up to the sun ☀️ shining in at 7:45. I was wide awake with TONS of energy and jumped on my phone to stay quiet and not wake my sister up.
I seriously love mornings now. No grogginess. No fogginess. No crabbiness. Just a happy attitude. A smile on my face. 😊 And happiness in my heart. ❤️ Seriously you guys...I have not felt this good in YEARS!! I'm getting amazing sleep 😴 and my blood sugars are stabilized making for the perfect morning outcome. 😎

I now have energy throughout the entire day!! Not just the morning after my Pink Drink, but after lunch when you are full. I don't get the afternoon crash. I don't get "hangry" anymore when we have to wait until 8pm to eat dinner together as a family as Nathan doesn't get done with football practice 🏈 until then.
My life has been blessed in soooooo many ways because of Plexus. Not only do I have better health, am more happy and energetic, but I have made awesome new friends, have helped at least 17 new people start their own healthy journey within a month and made enough to cover my own monthly journey plus extra money!! I will never go back to feeling sluggish, crabby and hangry. I'm taking care of me!! ❤️ Life is too short to not enjoy it...not be in pain...not do something about it. Yes, it costs you money each month...but aren't you worth it?!?! No one else can do it for you. Make YOU a priority. I have an AMAZING deal for you thru September 30!! Let's Chat!! 💕

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Happy official first day of Fall! 🍁🍁🍁

This four legged child of mine got up super early and knocked out a killer workout. He did more lounging.. I did more lifting.. we balance each other out 😂 🤷‍♀️

Coming up with new workouts for my upcoming {free} health and fitness group is so exciting! Thinking of taking a few moves from this mornings workouts as my legs are already sore 😳❤️

Let me tell you!

I did not want to workout at all today! I am sore and I felt like hey I had been doing so well, why not skip today! WHAT!!! 😧😧😧 So instead of using it as an excuse to skip today I used that as a reason to press play and push even harder today!
I have goals and I will crush them! 👊

#killinit #pineapplelife #excuseorreason #goalsbaby

Tuna fish melt on cheddar garlic. We love to see your receration tag us in your photos so we can see then. #happyandhealthy

And-I'm-BACK!! 🙌🏼 First workout after being sick and it felt AMAZING!!! Nothing like a little lifting to make you feel like a #Badass! 👊🏼 Oh, and I'm sure the new workout outfit had something to do with it!!🤣
Getting super excited, because today I get to meet the trainer from the New program #ShiftShop That I've been doin!g! @chrisdowningfitness You seriously changed my life and are getting me in the BEST shape EVER!!! Feeling overwhelmed with excitement!!! 🎉🤗
Wishing everyone a fabulous FRIYAY! 💋

These are two of my reasons why I dream BIG dreams of creating a super successful online business! (The other 2 are in school😉). When I started I was jobless, tired, unmotivated, and felt like I had no purpose because working had always been the centre of everything I did. So when I lost my job I was lost. I never even considered online work, not because I was adverse to it, but because nobody ever presented me with the opportunity.
I seriously believe in fate and I think it was fate that kept bringing up an ad, of all things, on my FB newsfeed. It was for hot mess mamas and I 100% fit the bill. I had zero experience, only a love for fitness and desire to be healthy. But I believed that it was up to me to take control of my life and CREATE the life I desired! Becoming an online health and fitness coach was the best decision I have ever made.
You don't need experience, a fitness background, or to even be anywhere near your goal weight. All you need is a dream, the desire to help others while working on yourself, and the drive to work hard. I can help you learn the rest. DM me for details. 😊
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Slow day at work so I got my coffee and brought in some management books to help me be the best I can be! Loving this position so far 😄 #bosslady

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