My favorite running spot on campus, Picnic Point!
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🌷Sea lo que sea que hagas, asegúrate que te haga feliz, es lo mínimo que te debes!

Happiness radiates like the fragrance from a flower and draws all good things towards you." #Blessed #HappyAndHealthy #Beauty #Fierce #GRRRLARMY #BOPO #Glam #HighBun #ChurchFlow #EffYouBeautyStanfards #MomsSlayToo #CuteOrWhatevs #GracedForThis #HerbaQueen

Got back into running today! Something I fell in love with after college. After not running for over 9 months, todays 3 mile run was a very humbling experience. Cannot wait to keep pushing and I see another half marathon in my future this year!

I just want you both 💕 stay my littles forever. #missingmycubs

Our kids you guys😭😍 So many new beginnings this coming school year! A sophomore, our Kody going into junior high, Karter starting a new public school in 2nd grade and our sweet Jordan going into Kindergarten!
I just can’t 🙁😭 so proud but yet so sad at how fast these guys grow. I love each of you SO much! @rp23_ovo_xo

I just spent the last 3 hours pretending like I was on a blind date with this man, cool thing is I literally felt like I was on a first date. The way he looked at me with infatuation, all the “you are so pretty’s” and wanting to touch lips so bad but didn’t❤️ when you know, you know. I know. I’m so in love with this man💕 thank you for dating me every single day. @rp23_ovo_xo


1 year ago today I was dancing on the dance floor when this beautiful man asked me to dance❤️ I have NEVER been happier. Thankful for your courage & your sweet moves! The best 365 days of my life. I love you. @rp23_ovo_xo

Pretty pink roses growing in my garden 🌸 Happy Sunday!

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Pictures 🙊

Especially family pictures have been one of my biggest reasons amd motivators for loosing weight 💛

Cannot wait for our family holiday to capture all our amazing memories ☉

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Sunday’s = Breakfast for two! Day 6 of my #breakfastchallenge this morning! Same as yesterday with the avocado, black kale, poached eggs, mushrooms coriander and chilli - but with a cheeky side of crispy bacon 😝 #sundaybrunch at its finest!! 🙌🏼

Keeping the bugs away like a boss. A must have when out in the woods. A safe, toxin free way to share the natural habitat of our little friends. 🙌🏽
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JUST WOW!! That’s me inspired, happy and excited travelling home from a two day holistic conference at Stef’s Pet Pantry organised by @stef_peel
The weekend kicked off with my @benyfitnatural colleague @dr_isla_fishburn presenting her ‘canine wellness wheel.’ A truly holistic overview and tool for canine health.

We were then treated to a wonderful fresh food demonstration by Emma Rutherford of @queeniechicaninekitchen who shared her passion and knowledge of fresh feeding
Today we were all wowed by the force that is Dr Jean Dodds who presented talks on canine thyroid disease, vaccination and nutrition.
I have been lucky to gain this knowledge and tools and can not wait to implement these at Vet Crèche to improve the holistic health of Scotland’s pets!! Over the next few months we will be launching hemopet’s thyroid testing and nutriscan from the practice as well as our own specially developed Holistic Health Plan!! Stay tuned!
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(TW exercise)
Went to the gym for approximately 10 minutes today. I used to force myself to the gym or outside for running for multiple hours a day, no rest days. Today I thought I wanted to work out, so I went@to the gym. I started, and lost all drive@to continue. I switched up the workout a few times and nothing was working, so I just decided not to beat myself up about it and I went home. There are other things to do today, and I wasn’t having fun (unpopular opinion: working out should be enjoyable for the most part), so I decided to go home, shower, eat lunch, and get some other things off my to-do list.
If I hate what I’m doing (in the case of working out, today), it makes it so much harder to work out in the future. If I enjoy what I’m doing, I’m going to want to move my body more in the future. So today I’m resting and not compensating through what I choose to feed myself or other actions.

It’s weird to think I was once an exercise addict to now not even pretending to beat myself up over skipping the gym. Progress is cool. Recovery is great.

Fun food find today for lunch! I don’t avoid dairy or meat—as in, I don’t label my eating (vegan, vegetarian, etc.), but I do swap out some things for others for ethical reasons when I’m doing well in my recovery.

Happy Sunday!

This year has been...hard. I don’t like to talk about my professional or personal life on social media but I think it’s important to hear the affects they can have on our bodies. ———————————————————————
My job this year did not fit me one bit. It was extremely hard to balance my work life with my home life. I was surrounded by negativity and when I got home my husband was busy at his new job(which is not his fault). It was extremely hard. I’ve met friends here in Memphis way more quickly then Reno which has helped me a lot and I’m so very thankful for, but when you’re surrounded by so much negativity at work it will take the life out of you. ———————————————————————
My resting heart rate was 72-76 and I felt tired EVERY day this winter. Even though I worked out and still ate healthy. My RHR is now back to 50-55 and I am feeling so much better with a new job approaching with two of my good friends from the University of South Carolina. (Go Cocks!)The moment I found out I got this new job I could feel the weight of the world fall off of my shoulders. ———————————————————————
I’ve always weighed between 125-130 and I’m holding 131-133 right now. I was pushing 136 in March when I was interviewing for jobs even though I was working out more AND training for a 1/2 marathon. Stress. Is. Bad. ————————————————————————
I love my body. This photo is from this weekend on vacation and I know I have gained a few inches from a crazy year, but I love this amazing strong body. I know what I need to do to get myself back to be my strongest and healthiest. I am looking forward to having 8 full weeks in June and July to really focus on taking care of my body, relaxing, mini vacations, planning for my new job with sweet elementary babies and really focusing on BALANCE. #happyandhealthy

P R E P 💚 @nic_gayk and I have spent the afternoon food prepping. We have a BBQ with our lovely friends tomorrow [you know who you are 😉] so Nic has been baking loaves of bread and I have been prepping a roasted vegetable couscous. My first time making anything with giant wholewheat couscous so 🤞🏻 it’s a success! #sunday #bankholiday #foodprep #prep #bbq #foodoptimising #weightloss #slimmerme #slimmingworld #sw #swlife #swinsta #swuk #slimmerme #slimming #slimmers #weightloss #newme #goodchoices #happy #healthy #bodymagic #swfriends #motivation #determination #healthyeating #happyandhealthy

We have been loving scandal while recovering on the couch. This flu has been kicking my ass for a week now and I’m finally starting to feel normal. Hopefully a final day of rest will finally kick the flu out!

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