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Adopted Mr. Hank a year ago. He’s still a very happy guy

Happy 1st birthday and adoption day to my sweet Dolly Parton. I can’t believe we’ve already have had you for a year. It feels like you’ve just always been apart of our family. You are the biggest baby and whiniest pup I’ve ever met 😂 but momma loves you so much even if you are a little stinker. I’m glad Dana took to you like you were one of her own pups. You were a perfect addition to our family! Love you sweet pup. ❤️🐶

4 years of Bubba Watson! My little pup is now my grey bearded biggie. We love him so much ❤️ i don’t want him to get old 😭 #happyadoptionday #bubbawatson #adoptdontshop

This was me before adoption and while my ears were still floppy #happyadoptionday #floppyears #chunkypuppy #alabama #wafflehouse #carolinadogsofinstagram

If you want to have a good laugh buy your dog a party hat and try to get him to sit for a picture without eating it. The last picture shows his true feelings about it. 😂🐕 Can’t believe it was two years ago yesterday that we adopted this cutie! #happyadoptionday #roguethedog16 #dog #partyhat #imthatdogmom #dogmom #furbaby

If you told me a year ago Shaun and I would have adopted a dog I would have laughed in your face. And if you told me that a year later I would be trying to convince Shaun to get a second dog I would have laughed even harder. A year ago today @dogtalesrescue introduced us to this handsome guy, and now we can't imagine life without him. I totally get it now when people say their pets are their family. Solo has definitely been a perfect addition the Schwartz clan ❤️👩🏾👨🏻🐶//Let's point out the obvious, I'm totally holding the balloon backwards, but y'all get the point 🙈 #happyadoptionday #family #love

When Ky realizes he is now my cousin 😳 #happyadoptionday 🎉

A year ago today I found my forever home. I'm so thankful for my fur mom and all the antics she has to put up with over this past year. I'll love you forever mom ❤ #happyadoptionday

A year ago today you entered my life and filled it with joy. I have no idea how old you are but I hope you live for another 50 years. Happy adoption day Marbles ❤ #happyadoptionday #proudfurmom

After 6 very long months and amazingly dedicated foster parents George’s bilateral, horrifically infected ears are finally infection free!!!!! AND the Nelson family has also officially ADOPTED him!!! Happy Adoption Day & Congrats!!!! Here is more about his journey from his foster to adopt family: “Oh those eyes won us over!  A picture that popped up on Facebook because I started following Rescue4All after the big puppy mill fiasco in Stevens County. Our girls had been begging us for another dog and we told them the perfect one would find us when it was time and he did!  George is a sweet boy with the nastiest ears I had ever seen or smelled but those eyes!  We applied to adopt him and agreed to do a foster to adopt. We have had bumps along the way to figure out what works best for him and for us but we wouldn't change it for anything. Healing his ears has been labor intensive but now our once quite boy barks (cause you wouldn't want to make any noise if your ears were hurting) and let's you pet his ears without flinching.  He is ravenously hungry and thirsty and has taught our whole family about paying attention to where your food is all the time. Hopefully as he doesn't need steroids and he remembers that he will never have to be hungry again that will get better too!  The road to healing his ears has been long but Rescue4All put in so much effort to find him the right veterinarian for the job!  Special food, steroids, antibiotic ear flushes and ear ointment have stopped the green pus, hematomas and swelling. He has normal ears again!! We love him and love that he and our yellow lab have bonded so easily. He also has fit right in with all of the rest of the dogs in our extended families pack. He's an all around great guy who just needed Rescue4All to see his potential and give him a second chance at life!  We are blessed to get to be a part of a great thing for George and for all the animals that come into the Rescue4All family.” #rescue4all #rescuedog #lab #happyadoptionday

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My fortunate or unfortunate (depending how you look at it) tango with #IVF has given me some hard-earned #lifelessons ... and the number one lesson is to politely accept advice then make your own decisions! ➡️ http://bit.ly/2FOFd0b

Two years ago today, this amazing non human came into our lives and made us a family. He loves to lay on us and his love for his dad is borderline obsessive. Can’t wait till we all have the same last name in two and a half days!! We love you our little honey bunches of oats! #hurley #germanshepherdpuppy #lab #mix #twoyearsold #happyadoptionday #herecomethecornelisons

This couch potato has been with us for a whole year! Adopting him was one of the best decisions I've ever made. Thanks for choosing our family 💕#adoptdontshop#gsd#gsdofinstagram#rescuedog#happyadoptionday#dog#dogsofinstagram#dogmom

ya, it’s that kinda afternoon...hung out with the spectrum guy earlier...now it’s nap time.

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