She’s an old dude #happy24th @jacintaclare

A little throw back to wish this girl the happiest of birthdays today. Love you @jessdoingit #Happy24th


It’s a celebration every time we link up 🍾🥂 #happy24th

Happiest of birthdays to this guy. Hope despite the travel day, your day was awesome. So glad we got to see this weekend. #happy24th #happybirthday

#happy24th the end of the celebration. Ice cream cake from Aunt Gretchen.

The birthday celebration continues! #happy24th

I was the 1st 2 tell u happy birthday rite as the clock struck midnight, stayed up jus so I cld b the very 1st 2 tell u😊 idk wut I did 2 b gifted a luv that is as great of a magnitude of wut u show me every single day, idk wut I did 2 find a soul who is so kind n so caring as u r, this picture was taken on the day of our wedding I start 2 well up in tears jus looking at it there u r getting ready 2 marry ur best friend n u clda chose any1 and u chose me(,: I can’t even believe wev already been married for 2 months now it’s like it was jus yesterday we stood up in front of all our luvd 1s n said I do!! Ya know idk wut I did but I will tell u this I am so very blessed and so thankful I get 2 hold ur hand through this journey that we have jus touched the tip of the iceberg called life and all the great things we will embark on together, I had the hardest time finding the words 2 write u this post bcuz there is really jus so much 2 say 2 u my luv but the last thing on this post I will say is HAPPY BIRTHDAY MY HUBBY!!!! 🔥😍😍❣️😍😍🔥 I luv u more then my words cld ever describe ❣️❣️🔥❣️❣️ #happybirthday #24looksgoodonyou #happy24th #myluver #myman #mysoulmate #mybestfriend #myeverything #ursimplysoamazing 😍😘

Rooftop nights for the twins! #Happy24th

Life should not only be lived,it should be celebrated 🎂 #happybirthdaytome 👑

#aboutlastnight #saturday #night #nightout #birthdaygirl #birthday #party #friends #sohappy #happy24th #24 🎉🎉 YOU @despoinats95 ❤️

Happy birthday to the most wonderful and loving man I’ve ever met in my life 💖 I love you to the moon and back, and infinity times infinity squared 😍🌙😘✨💕 #Happy24th

Happy 24th birthday, Tana. ❤️ For your fierce spirit, bold character, and endless humor you have my love and unending friendship. May we have many more years ahead of us, I love you. ❤️

#happybirthday #happy24th #girlswhowander #adventurousspirit #bozemanmontana #traveltheworld #halfkorean #hapa #halfasian

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