Ahhh todays my wedding anniversary day lekin ibrahim ne eik bhe picture mani k saath proper mujey lene nae di #happy10yearsanniversary @manipakistani
Its all about ibrahim shaadi k 10 saal baad shayad yehe houta houga ❤️😍

10 Y E A R S
10 A N S
My family, my crew, I love you ❤️ 📸 by @misterfifou #happy10yearsanniversary

“ Just Because we lOve Oysters Yum - #Happy10YearsAnniversary 💍

10 years together and more...#happybirthdayhubby #happy10yearsanniversary
Càng già càng thích đơn giản, đơn giản cái anniversarh 10 năm là 3 dua ở nhà ăn uống cùng nhau. Thêm ông godfather của Táo làm chứng cho bữa tiệc thịnh soạn giàu ĐẠM VÀ ĐƯỜNG 🤪🤪🤪
Kết quả tiệc tàn thằng nhỏ #sugarhigh con mấy đứa lớn lazylevelmax 😬
Anyway, ko ồn ào nhà hàng sang chảnh hay xúng xính đầm váy . Chỉ cần đơn giản vậy thôi! Nhưng những sự bất ngờ luôn sẽ làm mới mối quan hệ ...🤗

1 year ago I’m the “ghost runner” for this signature standard chartered kl marathon run
1 year after I finally registered my spot in 10km run and having my own bib and medal! Yeah! 🥇

Alhamdulillah, dpt lepas rindu jmpe saing2 lame...semoga ukhuwah kita INTAKE 2008 kekal selamanya...panjang umo kita jmpe lg in next reunion, AL-FATIHAH utk skod2 yg dh kembali k rahmatullah......😟 #TBlastnight
#Lovelyintake2008 #HAPPY10yearsAnniversary #Kasturian
#Extendables #CivilEngineeringCourse

If a friendship lasts longer than 7 years, you are no longer friends. Is much more than this ! #happy10yearsanniversary #loveyou #friends #moments

#10YearsAgo today my favourite boy band and childhood idols got back together as a band. So #Thankful they did. Because of the mutual admiration, love and respect for these guys, it gave me some incredible experiences from making incredible friendships and memories to last a lifetime. @nkotb @donniewahlberg @dannywoodofficial @joeymcintyre @jonathanrknight @jordanknightofficial have been inspiring me since I was 12 years old. They, alongside, Tommy Page (RIPTommy), inspired me to start writing lyrics and poetry at age 12 and whom have continued to inspire and encourage me to follow through with my childhood dream of becoming a writer and for that, I am forever grateful. Some say, “they’re just a band”, but, no, not to me, they are so much more than that- they are my mentors, they are like family to me and how they have always treated me with every opportunity I’ve had to spend time with each of them individually or as a group. #happy10yearsanniversary #BHLoveForever

It means so much to me to be a part of someone’s special occasion. My client was celebrating her 10 years anniversary. Her husband had secretly arranged the appointment to get her hair done. He did a scavenge hunt for her throughout the day. Out of all the choices he could have, he chose me to do his wife’s hair. I am so thrilled & happy to be in the moment with them. Thank you! #lovewhatyoudo #lovetheirstories #happy10yearsanniversary 💕

Fave 🙌 Beyoncé how come other videos with ur songs dont get deleted and mines do 😒 copyrights dont only work outta the U.S ? JAYONCÉ #happy10yearsanniversary #flawlessqueenyonce2 #beyhive #baddiebey #bgkc #beyonce #giselle #knowles #carter #queen #queenofpop #iheartbeyonce #wesupportbey #iStandWithBeyoncé #Formation #Lemonade #GoliveBeyoncé vid cr @beyoncehungary

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