10 years = 3.650 days.... I'm planning to have another 100 years with you.. Just do the math.. that's aloottt! 😂

Are you ready @rizkyriri ??
It's not gonna be easy.. off course!!
It's gonna be supeer crazyyy exciting! 💃💃💃 #happyanniversary

You and me. Till death do us part. #happy10yearsanniversary.

*What do God’s heroes look like?*
When we go to the movies or read stories, the heroes are always the ones who can do more. They have a special ability or a special story.
But God’s heroes are never those people. .
He never chooses the ones everyone else would choose
He looks for the disadvantaged, the small, the scared, the unlearned and he transforms them into testimonies for His glory!

Apart from God, David was never going to be more than a shepherd. He was never going to slay giants or conquer armies until God pointed at him and said, you are my chosen.

God has done the same to you
No matter the story you were born into or what struggles you have had, as soon as you let God take control of your life you become one of His chosen heroes
You become His anointed and He will take your life in a direction you could have never imagined

Culled from:
YouVersion Bible App
Devotionals: "Crowned with David: 7 days of Success"
Author: David Ramos and Faithspring

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#happy10yearsanniversary @encorebeachclub @monicaochoa9799 @singingfitnessmermaid @craig_lv @t_the_pirate awesome time with my amazing friends thank you for making this weekend so special







Me hicieron el día, el mes, el año.
I'M 🗣🗣🗣🗣 •

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I laugh at inappropriate things, loud chewer, short, have the superpower to annoy you at a drop of a dime, and the list goes on. One thing I can do right is love you with all I am. Young and in love, we married at 23. #10years later and look back at what we’ve done amazes me. We are #imperfectlyperfect for each other. #happy10yearsanniversary

Omg!!! Shout out to @hero.fit for this amazing photo!!!! I can't wait to see the others!
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