Bebikinan kemarin subuh. Gara-gara beli pisang Ambon buat mpasi nya Keeve kebanyakan (da bayi mah makan nya cuma seuprit hihi) jadinya masih sisa banyak, daripada mubadzir keburu kematengan banget, langsung disulap aja jadi ini...
400gr pisang matang manis
50ml susu cair (kemarin sy kehabisan susu cair, jadi diganti 2sdm @fibercreme dilarutkan ke 50ml air matang hangat)
4 butir telur
150gr gula palm (bisa ganti gula pasir putih, di foto ini sy pakai pasir putih)
250gr terigu serbaguna
25gr tepung maizena
1sdt pasta vanila
1sdt baking powder (bisa skip)
1/4 sdt garam
150gr butter (mentega ya, bisa ganti margarine juga atau mix)
50ml minyak
Cara membuat :
1. Panaskan oven suhu ±180°
2. Lelehkan mentega (di tim) sampai mencair saja, masukan minyak. Sisihkan
4. Haluskan pisang (bisa dengan blender atau pakai garpu biasa sampai hancur) masukan 50ml susu cair, sisihkan.
5. Ayak terigu, maizena, garam & baking powder (jika pakai), sisihkan.
6. Kocok telur, gula dan pasta vanila sampai putih mengembang (±10 menit)
7. Masukan pisang yang sudah halus, aduk sampai rata
8. Masukan adonan kering (4) bertahap, aduk balik sampai rata
9. Masukan lelehan mentega-minyak bertahap, aduk balik sampai rata. Pastikan sudah tidak ada endapan minyak dibawah adonan.
10. Siapkan loyang, lapisi dengan margarine + terigu
11. Panggang sampai matang, ±50-60 menit (sesuaikan oven masing-masing)
Sajikan dengan teh atau kopi pahit 😋😋
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Today, I witnessed something that made my heart smile! (Can your heart smile? I don’t see why not ☺️). It’s not really a big deal, but I was out for a walk at lunch time and there was a man on a garbage truck who was seriously enjoying his job. He’d hop on, jump off, do a little jog over to the cans, and dump them all like he was lifting weights. He was totally making the most out of his day by turning his job into a workout.
It might seem silly, but this is literally what I mean when I say that happiness is a choice. The minutes and hours each day that you choose to spend positively will add up before you even realize it and define a large part of your life. Don’t just sit and wait for the big moments to make you happy. Those aren’t ultimately the moments that will matter, and when those big moments pass, fulfillment won’t be there. .
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It's been a little over a week with our newest addition 💕 our home couldn't be any happier!
P.s. My oldest now gets a break from the camera life.
#momtographer #happinessishomemade

So excited to share some exciting news with everyone!!! Any guesses?!?? #craftingmakesmehappy #happinessishomemade #downtownkeenenh #smallbusinessowner

Wonder Whip is a healthy breakfast option & an even better 3 PM munchie alternative 😉

1 Cup Plain Greek Yogurt⠀
2 Heeping Tablespoons Powdered PB⠀
2 Tablespooons Powdered Cocoa, Unsweetened ⠀
2 Packets Monk Fruit Sweetener⠀
1/2 Cup Fiber One Bran Cereal

Whip all ingredients together. Top it with fruit to add color & fiber filling goodness!

Dare to share your kiddos faces! I bet it will be a smile!

Oh my gosh; this is the tastiest and most quickest avocado dip that I've made.
With just a handful of simple ingredients such as: avocado, garlic powder, lime juice, and plain greek yogurt - you can enjoy this delicious and creamy dip with some of your favorite tortilla chips. .
Have a blessed day everyone 🙂

Nutella Cups making a come back ❤️ .
And more cookie surprises this October!🍪🍪🍪 #HappinessIsHomemade

Handmade Doggy Treats now @stcococafe pop by grab a coffee ☕️ or some breakfast with your fur friend 🐶 today!

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Wednesday Salvo Gold.
This may be one of the best shirts to date Ive found
#salvogold #happinessishomemade #loveyoutribe #darkcrystal @maddgrafix
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This almost didn’t happen this year because it’s been a pretty full summer and when we were finally ready, we couldn’t find the right tomatoes until last night! The smell of these freshly-cut tomatoes and passata (puréed and sieved) reminds me of all the delicious Italian dishes and fresh pizzas we made with last year’s batch! #sauce #delicious #happinessishomemade #family #tradition

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