I am on the lookout for 10 ladies who have the passion for helping others, motivated, and wouldn't mind getting PAID to workout && helping ladies live their best lives along the way! I am looking for the mommas, mommas to be, furmoms, wives, fulltime workers that are ready to make a change.
There is no experience needed!! All you need is the passion to help others, motivated, & wanting to help yourself get healthy while helping others! 💗

Email me at Kylagrassfitness@gmail.com or leave your email down below or in my DM! You can also go to my bio and click "Fit Fam & Coaching life" •Must be 18 & in the US/CAN/UK

Can’t take my happiness from me today #happygirl #happiestgirlsaretheprettiest

A beautifully layered "look" to give you great style without the bulk.  This top has lots of comfort and great shape thanks to the stretch soft fabric used for the silhouette. Style 2713🖤 #missfinchgirl #classic #happy #modest #fashion #professional #elegant #demure #modestfashion #clothingbrand #modestishottest #happiestgirlsaretheprettiest #missfinch #nyc #missfinchnyc

🎙I was listening to @msrachelhollis on @theskinnyconfidential Him & Her podcast last week and she said something that resonated with me in a *major* way. And I want to share it with all of you’🌟
Lauryn asked “what tips and tricks do you use when you find yourself playing the comparison game on instagram?”
Rachel responded “I know this sounds cheesy, BUT IT WORKS. When I find myself scrolling thru Instagram and I see someone and am jealous of what she has....if I feel like she’s gotten something that I really want...I stop in that very moment and pray for more success for her🙏🏼 I want to be the kind of person who is rooting for someone’s success, not someone who’s jealous of it. If you’re doing good, I’m doing good and we’re all doing good together”
I mean, wow. Small practices like this may seem silly in the moment, but these are the small changes you do that CHANGE YOUR MINDSET & ultimately your HAPPINESS.
We are all players in this game of life. Why play against each other when we can all be on the same team, helping each other along the way👭
I used to get jealous of people who had things I didnt have. I’d find myself aimlessly scrolling thru Instagram wishing for things I thought I wanted.
Now, I am MANIFESTING the things in my life I’ve always wanted, all while cheering on the bad ass people around me who are succeeding in their own journey🎉
Nothing makes me happier than seeing the people I love doing well✨✨✨ #manifest

Anzeige || #THROWBACK
Heute mal kein neues Foto, da ich den Tag über immer noch im Bett verbracht habe. 🛏 .
Ich bin allerdings auf dem Weg der Besserung!
Wünsche euch einen schönen Abend! 🌆
Wer schaut #BACHELORETTE an? 🌹

Okay Houston i’ve got a little problem !! 😳 that’s my story , : you go to bed with wet hair and wake up with bad hair “ 🙄 My hair is a mess !! So i’m pretty sure today will be a “bad hair day” 🤔... If you can excuse me but today No make up and No brushing hair...My motivation ? “You can’t look like a princess every day 🤷🏽‍♀️💆🏽‍♀️ ... So goodmorning anyway !! #badhairday #nomakeup #hopeidontmetmyprincetoday l#alwaybepositive #curls #selfiedisaster #indianhair #indianwomanstyle #terriblehair #neverbeashamed #itiswhatitis #hellohouston#smileanyway #acceptance #beautycomesfromwithin #livelovelaugh #behappy #happiestgirlsaretheprettiest #namaste🙏 🙃😜😅

Friendship shouldn't end in d environment it started, it should go beyond challenges, errors..... IMSU brought us together but,today we are regarded as Sisters. #friendsturnedsisters
#redwears Rock

Anzeige || In letzter Zeit läuft es nicht besonders rund für mich...
Erst bleibt mein Auto stehen, dann ist meine geliebte Heißluftfriteuse kurz nach der Garantie (#dejavu Waschmaschine) vollständig dahin und jetzt bin ich auch noch krank... Ich hoffe ihr seid besser in die neue Woche gestartet?!

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