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Loved making this video. Dating is such an exciting topic for me because im young, single and i have no idea who my soulmate could be. There's no image that comes to mind in terms of race for me as a hapa. I can only imagine the way i want to feel around this person; and that is to feel accepted, loved and secure. Yes i'm building a great relationship with myself and yes i'm semi ok with being alone...although at times i'm lonely AF. At the end of my life i want to look back and smile at all the chances i took and i want to be able to turn to my partner and be like hey thanks for bein there and making this life one hell of a run, i'm glad i got to share it with you. 😉 -HK xoxo

#thanksforthememories #trusthistiming #relationshipgoals #youtube #halfasian #mixedrace #dating #hapakoreana #hapa #asianguy #stereotypes

One of the very first pics i took in photo booth on my macbook and the one i used to start the Hapa Koreana youtube channel. 🤗 It still trips me out that anyone watches my videos so thank you sincerely for the love and support. 🌷🌺💖#hapakoreana #youtube #blogger #multicultural #mixedrace #halfasian #hapa

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