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If you guys can do this send me videos!

i cant #hannie

wtf do these hoes even know Annie...? Bitch they making fun of her Bc they’re jealous Bc they know damn well they’ll never be as successful as she is at 13 even when they’re adults LMFAO CANCELLED, EXIT, I DONT THINK THEY EVEN KNOW HER they’re the “mAryLaNd TwiStErs” thank god annies local high school isn’t their school (nvm its not school cheerleading anyways ) if she ever was to go to school bc she’s too nice for this shit 😤BYE IRRELEVANT 👋 like she hasn’t gone through enough they do this shit 🙃 #hannie #celebratelife #bratayley #jenzie #kannie

Happy 8 months to these two cuties. 8 months of smiling, 8 months of tickling, 8 months of traveling, 8 months of preforming, and most importantly, 8 months of love & support. I wish nothing but the best for your relationship, to many more months.💕 -This is the hardest I’ve ever worked on an edit, so I hope you like it-
Fc - 9,28 THANK YOU FOR 9K :)
Audio - MaLucia Inside
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I’ve never been to a church like that before ✝️ #bratayley #annieleblanc #hannie

Do you think kenzie will pick Johnny or Hayden? Or maybe even a twist, none of them?Comment your thoughts!!
This is just a story line so before anybody comments "fake", yes your right this isn't real this is a storyline:)
Plot: Kenzie has to pick between Johnny and Hayden, but she think she has an idea of who she wants to pick, but is it the right decision?What's going to happen? Find out on this journey!
#dancemoms #dancemoms1 #kenzieziegler #kayden #hannie #gainpost #followtrain #gaintrick #gainparty

YO HE WAS LISTENING TO PHOTOGRAPH FFHJNN #annieleblanc #haydensummerall #hannie #bratayley


Omg Caden😂😂 I definitely think you two go out😉💜😂 #madenisreal #madslewis #cadenconrique #maden #couple #cuteness #hannie

Bye 😂 #hannie

Chapter 42
Annie's Pov:

As we were all talking the door open and came on a girl and a boy the girl kinda felt like I seen her before they walked in and went to the teacher and then the teacher and the boy and girl came over here
T- will y'all guys let this two join your little gang over here
Everyone- yeah sure
J- hello I'm Johnny but call me Juan
K- don't call him that oh and I'm Kenzie
J- I'm Jayden and this Conner
B- I'm brooke nice to meet you
C- I'm Carson what are your names ???- well my name is Luke and she is Stacy
Then it hit me it's Stacy from the mall
How she changed from that day
A- Stacy??
St- Annie?? Hayden??
A- how you been
St- Great and you guys are y'all still the cute couple at Starbucks
H- You know it
St- oh Luke this are the two friends i made when you were busy
L-sorry about that and hey nice to meet you
A- are y'all a couple
K- omg if not y'all do make a good couple don't they
D- Yass
B- another couple to the group
St- we are not a couple but we are best friends
L- we aren't a couple yet
St- oh shut up
R- y'all reminded me of Annie and Hayden before we went Hawaii and became a couple
B- omg yess those memories
St- y'all went to Hawaii
D- only Brooke Rush and Hannie the rest of stayed here watching their Snapchats wishing we were there
Co- couldn't y'all extend the invitation
Jay- I had to be stuck with dufus everyday at dance
Co- shut up I know you love me
Jay- that I do
L-aww are y'all a couple
S- all of us are couples
St- really
Car- Kenzie with Juan Brooke with me Conner and Jayden Annie and Hayden Dylan and Rush Caleb with Syd
St- dang know I feel like I need a boyfriend
L- You got me
St- sadly I do hahaha jk I glad I have you
#hannie #hanniefanfic #hanniefanfiction #hanniefanfics #haydensummerall #annieleblanc

I want m&g tickets for Christmas 🤫 @jacobsartorius

The party was lit #hannie

shady harvey 💀 ? JDKDK #hannie #bratayley

I can’t 😂.. btw he was listening Photograph!👌🏻💜 #hannie @haydensummerall @annieleblanc @itssnowhimself @carsonlueders

an actual queen #hannie

I always end up with bruises on my legs from beam conditioning😂
comment “BEAM” letter by letter✨
adding featured gymnasts the caption after school :)

Love these pics #hannie

And now I need a Hannie picture from Annie’s bday partyy!!💜 #hannie#haydensummerall#annieleblanc

mood when i walk into school everyday #hannie

Should I post this today?

SHE IS FREAKING PERFECT I CAN'T OMG 😍😍#hannie #bratayley

who’s side are u on?
also i’m legit eating chocolate chip out of the bag rn
cc: @mkayeditz

awww she’s so cute aksbbgbd #hannie

dt: @ziegpeeps @maddieziegler @tigerziegs @kenzieziegler and anybody that loves pork chops
ac: sad.toons


Hey! I'm Bella! I'm a new fan account who ships two certain people.. Hehe. Feel free to follow me! Also, I have a slime account if you want to follow that. I'll be posting once a day (hopefully). Thanks for following me if you already did! Have an amazing day! :)

photo: @annieleblanc
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GUYS GO SUBSCRIBE TO MY YOUTUBE CHANNEL!! Link in my bio! Comment when done!

This is rEaL?!!!
You’re crazy flexible @flippinbrooke


#annieleblanc #hannie #jaynnie

A actual family I-

AWWW #hannie

She's sooo pretty😍💟 #hannie

Why is everyone dead like wtf comon be achtivee #hannie

aww she's so cute #hannie

#hannie #annieleblanc #teen #🔥 #bratayley #hanniegoals

i love her pics sm when she’s in la #hannie @annieleblanc

So excited for the vlog and she ain't flat#hannie #annieleblanc @annieleblanc @annieleblanc

Hayden did you get a tingling sensation?? 💀 #hannie #annieleblanc #haydensummerall #jenzie

🌼🌸 #hannie #jannie
do you have snapchat
~follow my other account @factxemma~
#annieleblanc #caleblogan #celebratelife #bratayley #iamabakedpotato

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