Happy Friday! 😊
I can’t believe this time a year ago I had just successfully fundraised for Gravity and was prepping to record. So nuts. Have you heard it? I just put the finals on SoundCloud, so you can go stream it there, too.
If you love it, do ya girl a solid and REVIEW it! ❤️
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Tonight was our last night of premarital counseling. 9 weeks of constant prayer, focus, and discussion of what we want our marriage to look like. But more importantly, what our marriage should look like. I think I speak for both of us when I say, we cannot wait to dive in and marry each other. My biggest blessing has been you, Cameron Emile. I can’t wait to be your wife. #WeAreTheChampions #TeaAndHoney #HannahHigginsPhotography

I didn’t say it yesterday but it’s true everyday. If I was meant for only one thing in life, loving you would be it. Happy Anniversary, mi amor. #WeAreTheChampions #TeaAndHoney #HannahHigginsPhotography

“One day when I grow up to be a beautiful bride...” @thistlespringsranch caught by @hannahhigginsphoto

Thanks to @hannahhigginsphoto for incredible shots of details of bridesmaids bouquets.. well,, unique shots of this entire beautiful wedding @thistlespringsranch!

As sweet as she is pretty! So loved creating for this Lagniappe bride @thistlespringsranch

“Trouble in Thistle Springs Ranch”!!! Shenanigans of the flower girl and ringbearers!! Caught by @hannahhigginsphoto!!

I can’t even begin to put into words how excited I am to share images from Saturday. I’ll probably be posting a photo a day of their perfect wedding until the end of the year, if we’re honest. After looking through them all today and beginning to edit a few of my faves, I’m super pumped to share Maddie + Austin’s wedding on the blog later this week! Get yourselves ready, people, because it was the most perfect day I’ve ever witnessed with my own two eyes! 😍

Last week’s gorgeous bride .. full of joy and beauty inside and out! @hannahhigginsphoto @lagniappe_designs

Could not agree more with message of Repost by @hannahhigginsphoto
“Private last dances are quickly becoming my favorite wedding trend. You simply can’t know what it’s like to plan your own wedding until you are in the middle of it. Before budgets become a reality, planning a wedding can sound like a dream. Once it’s happening, it can become incredibly stressful and distracting from the actual thing that you’re planning to do — commit the rest of your entire life to loving, encouraging, and serving another soul. After all the stress of planning and orchestrating a wedding and a reception, the private last dance brings it all back to the initial reason for all the commotion — the love that you have for that one other person in the world who you have chosen to spend each and every day with for the rest of your life, for better or worse. 💍”.

mountain lovin’ on a monday morning — all it takes to get me inspired to get back to the grind!
well, that and coffee and diffused essential oils and deadlines...😊

Walking towards this perfect fall weekend like... 🍂✨ I’ve got a totally work-free weekend planned for the first time in TEN WEEKS, and I get to spend it in one of my favorite places with perfect weather and some of my favorite women in the world!! @taramtho @triciamariebridges @emma_tittle @pagamble
I’m workin’ hard over here to tie up any loose ends before we take off for our restful getaway!
Happy Friday, y’all!✌🏻

It seems only fitting that after posting this morning's dapper groom portrait that I would post a picture of his STUNNING wife! Isn't Mikayla just a DREAM?!

In a world full of hate, it sure is nice to be in the business of love. 💕

Happy birthday to my FIANCÉ. 😍 I’m so in love with you. And I am the absolute luckiest to have you in my life. I’m so excited to to spend the rest of my life with you. You are my home. I have a feeling 25 will be a good year for you. 💕☕️ (Thank you SO much @hannahhigginsphoto for being so amazing at what you do.)#WeAreTheChampions #TeaAndHoney #MyCupOfTea #HannahHigginsPhotography

Happy Saturday night, y'all! Make it a good one. 🤘🏻

I'm sitting in my new hammock this morning drinking coffee as the sun peeks through the trees and Milo scampers around on a search to find the perfect stick.
I'm in the thick of the craziness that is the fall wedding season (my Falls are usually crazier than my Springs, yall!) and it's normal for me to be working 6-sometimes-7-days-a-week, 10-hours-a-day. I may be tired, but last night, I fell asleep so content. I made spaghetti for dinner, took a bubble bath, washed my hair, read the first chapter in our home group's new study (Generous Justice by Tim Keller), and fell asleep with a full tummy and shaved legs, snuggled up in clean sheets next to the man who loves me most.
Is there a better feeling in this world?! I'm feeling rested up and excited for the work I get to do this weekend! Let's go! 🤘🏻

...because every Monday could use a little extra sparkle ✨

Happy Sunday, friends!
I hope you're resting. This feels like the first day in about a month that I've really been able to slow down. I celebrated this morning with a bubble bath followed by breakfast in bed (coffee and honey nut cheerios, let's be real) and then we FINALLY watched Hidden Figures. Oh. My. Goodness. That movie needs to be played for kiddos in every history, math, and science class! What an incredible story for women everywhere, especially those who have faced and continue to face unimaginable challenges and discrimination because of the color of their skin. 🙌🏻 Enjoy these last hours of the weekend, y'all. ✌🏻

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